In the El Paso Community

Kinective Summer Market

We had an absolute blast participating in Kinective’s annual summer market. With vendors from all over El Paso, we had the opportunity to let the west side neighborhood know about the incredible benefits of tutoring. Thank you so much for inviting us, Kinective!

Homeschool Association Conference

We recently attended the Homeschool Association Conference in El Paso and had the pleasure of meeting some amazing families who practice homeschooling. We learned so much and just wanted to express our gratitude for being invited to such a wonderful event. Thanks again!

Teacher Appreciation Contest Winner

We recently had a teacher appreciation social media contest and we featured teachers from all over El Paso. Some of the participating teachers were from Don Haskins PK-8, Herrera Elementary, Lundy Elementary, and Hornedo Middle. We’re happy to announce that the contest winner was Ms. Balderrama from Herrera! Check out this photo of her receiving her prize.

Casa Nissan Event

We had the pleasure of being invited to the Casa Nissan Dia De los Ninos Event, where we got to celebrate the children of El Paso. It was so much fun! They had delicious food, fun games, live music, and even a mechanical bull.

Don Haskins Math Event

We had a blast at the math event hosted by the incredible teachers at Don Haskins PK-8th! It was a fun-filled day where students showcased their math skills and even won fantastic prizes. Thank you so much for inviting us. We honestly had a great time!

Orlando Tutor Doctor DBA

Raquel, the owner of Tutor Doctor El Paso, recently represented the franchise at a summit for Tutor Doctor franchisees. We want to extend our gratitude for all her hard work and for her unwavering dedication to helping students find the perfect tutor and achieve academic success.

Happy Holidays

Our team created holiday favors for most of the schools in EPISD, wishing them a happy holiday and thanking them for their hard work. We dropped off one of these favors at Mesita Elementary School.

Coffee with the Principal at Polk Elementary

We absolutely love coffee and doughnuts too! That’s why we were thrilled to sponsor Polk’s Coffee with the Principal. It’s such an excellent opportunity for parents and staff to connect with the principal and chat about all kinds of exciting topics related to their child’s education.

Lundy Fall Festival

This was our second year being part of the Lundy Fall Festival and it was great. Thank you for inviting us on such a fun day.

El Paso Farmers Market: Small Business Appreciation Extravaganza Event

We absolutely love visiting farmers’ markets! There’s always something new and exciting to discover. We got to try some fantastic homemade lemonade! It was such a fun and memorable evening. Thanks so much to the beautiful community in El Paso for making it so special.

Pizza at Ardovinos Celebrating our Graduating Tutors

There’s always room for pizza, especially if it’s from Ardovino’s! We recently had a get-together to celebrate our graduating tutors who are heading off to medical school. We want to thank you for all your hard work at school and for taking care of your tutoring students. We really appreciate you helping them with their math, chemistry, biology, physics, and anatomy classes.

Don Haskins Summer Fest

We had such a fantastic time at the summer fest! It was perfect for all ages, especially elementary and middle schoolers. Don Haskins did such a great job hosting it. We hope we get invited back next year!

Trick or Treat at YMCA West El Paso

We had such a blast attending this spooky yet fun event! The local businesses really came together to make Halloween memorable for the kids with games and prizes. And wow, the costumes were absolutely amazing! It was a joy to see everyone having such a great time.

Lundy Elementary Fall Festival

We were invited to attend Lundy’s Fall Festival and had a great time. The festival featured live music, games, tasty food and drinks, entertainment, and even a visit from the local police and fire departments.

Hornedo Middle School Book Fair

We had such a wonderful time attending Hornedo’s book fair! We are so grateful for the invitation to participate in such a fantastic event. It was a pleasure to contribute to making the middle schoolers’ book fair experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Thank you for having us!