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  • You are able to find the effect match our needs

    Michelle P.
  • The thing i like most is that you come to my home and i have a very friendly tutor for my daughter :)

    Heather D.
  • The teacher comes to our house and she is very flexible. Carolyn is excellent!

    Corinne & Wayne K.
  • I really like our tutor. So far she is great

    Lisa & Todd A.
  • Tutors are very qualified/ office staff on top of everything

    Lesa & Julian I.
  • Your tutors are great!

    Monica & Chris T.
  • I like everything, my tutor is a Canadian person and his pronunciation is very nice and that is important for me. He tries to find the best ways of pedagogy according to my needs and constraints at learning. I am an adult person and my tutor has enough professionalism that make me feel comfortable to learn.

    Juan C.
  • Tutors are nice and knowledgeable

    Flormina & Severino S.
  • The tutor matching has worked out fabulously!

    Troy S.
  • Amanda enjoys working with Kezia at home because she's in her own relaxed environment, and she's working with someone suited to her personality! Helps a lot with the learning process. Couldn't be happier! Larina

    Larina & Mike E.
  • Reliable and professional. Always available. Very helpful.

    Yvette & Etienne (Liam) V.
  • very efficient, accommodating to kid's needs

    Tirath G.
  • The tutor we currently have is fantastic with our son.She goes above and beyond to ensure he understands and comprehends the task at hand. I love her!

    Raeleen & Roberta C.
  • We have had two tutors for our daughter, and both have clicked with her personality. She not only learns with them but also enjoys spending time with them.

    Yoriko & Bruce D.
  • Regular feedback after each session

    Vanessa L.
  • The consultation was great and tutor Doctor found a good match very quickly.

    Sonia & Rob B.
  • Thorough assessment of needs which are matched to a tutor Prompt attention to providing a tutor when needed

    Mary T.
  • Convenient, good selection of tutors, professional

    Miranda & Ben H.
  • Very positive reaults!

    Connie D.
  • I love how client oriented you are. You worked with our family and our needs, you came to our home for a consult, the tutor comes to our house, and there was just so much flexibility in terms of times the tutor was available that we were able to come up with a schedule that was perfect for our situation. and the tutor ended up being exactly what we dreamed of, her skills and personality meshed ...

    Elly M.
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  • While the cost is initially expensive, the convenience and relationship that develops were very beneficial

    Rachel & Bruce M.
  • Tutors come to clients home.

    Serena 2.
  • Organized - concientious - well managed - very easy and pleasant to deal with

    Mike & Krista D.
  • Good open communication, updates provided, prompt service

    Sukhi & Harp T.
  • Very good tudor

    Bob & Gail B.
  • It is very helpful and an improvement is definitely seen.

    Gurinder & Gurpreet K.
  • The personal matching service

    Kelly & Curtis T.
  • Great tutor match. We like the reports provided by the tutor.

    Yasmin & Travis C.
  • We love Megan

    Baeli & Cam S.
  • Tailored to our child's needs, comes to our house, flexible with times and changes

    Bal & Gary G.
  • When our first tutor wasn't working out like we hoped, another was found for my daughter quickly and without any problems. This tutor is fantastic!

    Michelle C.
  • The one on one tutoring with our daughter is helping her a lot.

    Maria S.
  • Efficient, takes child personality into consideration, great tutor

    Diann A.
  • great feed back and communications, Nav is a patient teacher that adjusts the speed of the lesson to the comprehension of my daughter.

    Janet & Sandy M.
  • The tutor we have through the service is perfect for our needs. Tutor Doctor goes above and beyond to nmake sure my child is learning the material.

    Elizabeth & Darcy G.
  • You really made an effort to work with our busy family schedule. All the guidelines were explained at out initial meeting, and were followed up on in a timely manner to ensure there were no misunderstandings. Lastly,the tutor himself is wonderful. He is patient,allows our son to learn St a challenging but achievable rate, and gives great feedback both during the lessons,as well as with follow up ...

    Andrew & Emma B.
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  • You aren't trying to fit my child into a cookie cutter mold of a student who only learns and thinks one way, Then trying to change who he is to fit the mold. You are meeting him where he is at and showing him and us how brilliant he already is!!! Such a gift! You have made subjects that my child labeled hard and I can't do that and made them easy and fun! Thank you!!!

    Megan & Nick V.
  • So far very good.

    Lily L.
  • The tutor is punctual, attentive and very helpful.

    Kristina K.
  • I like receiving feedback on the progress of my child. Andrew, the tutor is an excellent tutor. I would highly recommend him at any given time as long as he stays tutoring my child.

    Adriana & Pedro M.
  • I like how you try to match the personality of the student with the tutor. I like how you work hard to find a tutor that can work with my schedule and location.

    Wayne M.
  • Tutor Doctor has always responded quickly and efficiently to any concern! Tutor Doctor (on first go) found Alysha the perfect Tutor to match her learning style! We love that Braelyn (Lyn) Vandop has a great sense of humour, and has many different teaching techniques to draw from (i.e. if Alysha doesn't understand something Lyn can teach it in a different way until Alysha understands). Lyn is very ...

    Debra & Ed K.
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  • Someone coming to my home as my special needs son gets distracted easily and I can control the outside sources at my home.

    Barbara S.
  • Very professional and making sure to find the right tutor for the student needs.

    Celine H.
  • I really enjoyed having someone come to my home and interact with our family. The session reports are a great way to keep on top of what progress our child is making.

    Melaine & Dale M.
  • Finally you were able to provide me a best and appropriate tutor according to our needs. Thanks.

    Parminderjit & Swaran S.
  • We're really pleased with tutor doctor and have already recommended your services to a friend. Karan is an excellent teacher. He always arrives promptly and stays back to finish any work or answer questions. Braeden thinks highly of Karan and finds him very personable. His manner of teaching gives Braeden the best opportunity to understand the material.

    Melody & Bill C.
  • They were willing to work with us and our busy schedule! My son loves his teacher.

    Tania & Kevin S.
  • I like having the tutor come to my house. Also, they matched my daughter up perfectly. She has improved so much and has become so confident. Our tutor has been wonderful!

    Jamie J.
  • Very prompt service, very good at recognising the needs of student and matching it very adequately You can share my comments publicly but not my name if possible

    Tirath G.
  • I like there professional approach yet, very induvidual match. I like that they make sure to get a perfect match so the student feel comfortable. My daughter tells me to leave soon as Nicole comes because this is her yime. This is also gives me the oppertunity to learn how to approach my daughters difficulties in a different way. Which not only makes my daughter feel confident as well as makes me ...

    Jessie & Raj B.
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  • Tutors are very capable. Your company is quick to make arrangements to meets teh needs of the student

    Arlene & Jim R.
  • The availability and ease of setting up services that fit our hectic schedule. Sometimes we need a change on the date the tutor is working with our daughter. and the tutor had to make a change, too but we easily worked out another day to make up for it.

    Jeanette & Ken G.
  • Find the right person to complete the right job

    Grace D.
  • your service is excellent.. I wish my son had this service long time ago and even the way he improved his language and maths skills are implacable.Your tutor ms Manroop work really hard with him so my sons class teacher said he is getting better everyday . Thank you Aluth Fernando

    Aluth F.
  • everything is good

    Amar & Rapreet S.
  • reliable, courteous tutors who work hard to help out with my childG¦+s needs.

    Judy H.
  • great tutors!

    Kathleen & James G.
  • Very personal and designed to our needs. Our tutor is skilled in my kids needs.

    Nadine & Rob J.
  • We really appreciate the time taken to find a tutor whose teaching style matched our daughter's learning style. It has made a great difference from other tutors that we had randomly selected.

    Tina & Steve H.
  • Very courteous staff, helpful to my daughter, encouraging and accommodating for scheduled tutoring sessions .highly recommend to others for tutoring

    Linda T.
  • The desire to make sure the tutor and student are a good fit from the outset. We also like that the tutor comes to the home.

    Sandy & Trent R.
  • We have only had a few sessions but, I feel our tutor makes sure whatever my child is working on that she has a understanding before moving on to something new.

    Michelle P.
  • The tutor provided is quite knowledgeable in the field of my needs.

    Hayden K.
  • Our tutor is fantastic.

    Kelly C.
  • The tutor is very helpful and kind to my daughter

    Rob & Elen G.
  • Jeff is very organized, professional and Matthew's confidence has improved drastically.

    Gavin & Sonja T.
  • Personalize attention with student. improoves self esteem. increase motivation to succeed. encourages self direct learning .that is my perception .

    Gertie J.
  • Flexible, stability,tutor match, clarity on updates.

    Shirley & Robert B.
  • My son really liked the instructor. He is knowledgeable and knows how to teach. I would like to have same instructor Flavio for my daughter next year.

    Ravinder & Satinder G.
  • I like that you give on going feedback to us about our son's progress and we can see his information on line as well. Also my son's new tutor is excellent, we really like her. We feel she is he perfect fit for us. The tutor is very helpful, keep up the great work.

    Preet & Daljinder G.
  • Very nice, knowledgeable tutors that my kids can relate to and actually look forward to seeing. Teaching them in ways they can understand.

    Allan & Michele P.
  • I liked that you were able to find a male to work with my son, that he could connect with.

    Jackie & Damian B.
  • The skill at teaching special needs and the ability to get into my sons interests was paramount to his success.

    Pam & Peter A.
  • It was quick arrangement with the good tutor as my son had very short time. Brenden is very good teacher and thank you for his effort in very short time. I wish I had contacted sooner. Wai Wai Thinn ( Pierre Frigon's Mom )

    Wai T.
  • That you find the right fit of a tutor and the feed back that you supply. My son is now feeling more confident

    Sherri & Richard S.
  • My daughter' s tutor has an excellent Rarotonga with her . She looks forward to her lessons.. Her marks have gone from the mid 60's to 90 plus.

    Lizette & Greg L.
  • Tutor Doctor is very professional and completes a thorough analysis of each individual student, assessing their needs and responsiveness to instruction. I have two students who are being supported by Tutor Doctor, and both are benefiting immensely.

    Jennifer N.
  • The initial meeting was very professional. The lady took the time to listen to all we had to share. So far we are all very impressed and happy with the tutor that was matched with our son.

    Debbie & Mark K.
  • The teachers working from the bottom of their heart=â¦==â¦==â¦==â¦==â¦==â¦=

    Feda & Zakareya Y.
  • They are very professional and polite people , and matched my daughter with someone that is compatable and meets her needs! Thank You Tutor Doctor for preparing my child for success !! Thank You Maria Herrington

    Maria H.
  • I like that you met with us and recommended someone that you thought would work well with our daughter

    Shelley & Rick M.
  • very helpful and very approachable

    Beulah H.
  • Extraordinary, helpful and informative staff. Our tutor is extremely friendly with our son and provides a fun approach to his learning!

    Eleanor P.
  • In home and friendly.

    Rob & Theresa I.
  • Convenient and sufficient.great people

    Carey F.
  • So far, we notice that our tutor is very responsible, works well with our son and overall have had a good expereince contacting the office and placing other orders and concerns.

    Jaqui & Trevor C.
  • comes to our home, my daughter loves her tutor looks forward to the sessions, tutor is amazing and engaging complimenting and excited for my daughters accomplishments. To have my daughter go from crying , stomach aches and other fabricated symptoms to avoid going to the tutor. Now she gets ready for her sessions makes a snack of veggies and a cup of mint tea and looks forward to each session and ...

    Kathy & Kevin M.
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  • The service is really good I would give it a 10

    Gina & Inderjeet M.
  • Very very professional

    Sam C.
  • My tutor was an amazing person who showed me many different ways to tackle each math problem. He was patient, kind and very encouraging.

    Kristi K.
  • Perfectly matched tutor for our daughter's needs - skills, availability, location, experience. Could not have done it without Tutor Doctor.

    Elaine & Harry R.
  • The reports e-mailed to me after each session.

    Ramona W.
  • I like that somebody came to my home to discuss our needs and I felt like she was able to identify what both mine and my son's priorities were and attempt to meet those.

    Virginia & Nigel J.
  • They are perfect and really excellent.

    Susan O.
  • We love that our tutor comes to our house, and we are more than pleased with the tutor we were matched with!

    Sharon & Lloyd H.
  • I like that the program is specifically designed for my child. I love that the tutor comes to our home at a time that works for us. I like the feedback report that is sent after each session. Our tutor is very patient, kind and professional. So far everything has been excellent.

    Monica & Shane A.
  • professional, easy to keep track of hours etc

    J'Nelle & Rob M.
  • It's personalized, convenient, courteous and effective - plus my son loves it. Golden combination.

    Angela & Greg T.
  • Your Tutors are extremely good. Kaurina is working with my son Tyler now, and she is doing an amazing job. We couldn't be happier!

    Kristina P.
  • I like the excellent tutor you sent me - Christine

    Mike G.
  • Tutor was very helpful and he was always willingly to take an extra step to help my sister.

    Malkit & Gary S.
  • We have had great service With Derek Kube and our daughter has had great results with her Math grades;-)

    Sam & Heidi J.
  • We have had a great experience with our tutor. Our son was really struggling with his high school math. Shawn was able to understand how our son's brain processes information. He would then translate the concepts so he could understand how the math worked. He went from not able to even do Math 10 (even with adaptions) to passing the government exam and completing the course successfully. We are ...

    Kim & Justin M.
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  • Our tutor was matched to our son specifically taking his personality into consideration. Even when there have been scheduling issues Tutor doctor has been good to communicate with and resolved them.

    Serena & Gary T.
  • The initial contact and house visit.

    Thelma & Richard L.
  • Because you are a professional service the school is more likely to work with you, than a private tutor. I also like that it is a first job for the tutor, not a second add on.

    Allison G.
  • Professional

    Diane P.
  • I love our tutor! I like the progress reports we recieve and the organization of the tutor doctor

    Taryn & Mark S.
  • We are extremely happy with Kasha. Our kids get along great with her! She is knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating with our crazy sports Schedule! With Kasha's help, our kids are reaching their goals!

    Anne & Pete S.
  • Your tutors come to my home prepared to help my children learn in their own environment

    Barbara & Jordan W.
  • The one on one with our child in our own home works very well, so not having to travel somewhere else. The tutor is paired well with our child.

    Denise & Rod K.
  • My tutor was very helpful in keeping me focused on my week points and strengthen them.

    Jacques L.
  • I love my sons Tutor , she is patient and really invested in his success . She is very creative and makes it fun for my son to achieve his goals .

    Debbie M.
  • The convenience of having a tutor come to our home. We have been very happy with the results our son has been able to achieved with his tutor. He no longer dislikes math and is actually considering taking honors math next year!

    Margaret & Bruce C.
  • I am very happy with my son's tutor. She works hard with him and has brought his mark from a c- to a c+. She is very reliable and always pleasant and on time and really seems to connect and explain things to my son well!

    Jennifer & Joe F.
  • Efforts to find the right match

    Ajesh & Preeti S.
  • My son learns more in the one hour of one to one than he does in a week of the same subject in class at school

    Carolyn R.
  • personal one on one teaching.

    Rick R.
  • The compatibility match between student and tutor, flexible timings , immediate results, stress free!

    Sophia P.
  • The two tutors work well with my daughter, they are always pleasant and understanding, they go beyond the norm to accommodate and keep her on track.

    Stacey H.
  • Organization, qualified tutors, quick response

    Magdalena & Edward K.
  • friendly professional tutors

    Crystal & David R.
  • I like that they come to my home and I really like Tylers tutor

    Yvonne & Ian P.
  • I like the fact that I needed a tutor that was able, mature and competent and this was provided.

    Aimee G.
  • I really like the one on one tutoring and the fact that you actually send tutors to the student's house is very helpful.

    Gurmeet & Chan Kaur S.
  • In home straight forward positive attitude seems to be workingvery good. thank you

    Victoria & David D.
  • Both the Tutors (John and Derek) we have had are personable and reliable. They work really well with our son and he actually enjoys his sessions with them which is great to see.

    Tina & Jason G.
  • Professional and prompt response time. Great tutor match for my son.

    Nazia N.
  • Quality of the tutors are excellent and the emailed session reports are very helpful. Would be nice if smaller blocks of tutoring time could be purchased.

    Ann & Steven L.
  • The tutors can teach things the way that I learn

    Alison & Ryan H.
  • Follow up and feedback and status reports are great . Tutor Amanda Kools is great . She has a great way of explaining and teaching Alexandra .

    Robin N.
  • The one on one attention and that the tutor was able to come to our house

    Cathy & Duke L.
  • I was happy with the way my tutor was able to explain trouble areas to me in a simpler form. Also I was happy with the comfort level, he didn't make me feel like an idiot for not knowing how to do the questions.

    Kerri K.
  • I like that you find a tutor that works well with the student. That you do your best to match their personalities.

    Peggy & Ken H.
  • Very professional and lots of experiences on education

    Mary Z.
  • Hi Vicky is great and we are seeing big improvements. Vicky does not have to send us the emails any more, it must take her a lot of time and we are aware of what Sophie is learning. Thanks

    Sue & Kevin A.
  • You came to my home to meet me before I signed a contract and you connected me with a wonderful tutor , patient , knowledgable

    Margaret B.
  • I really appreciate the time taken to ensure that the right person is matched up with your child, I also love that the tutoring takes place in the comfort of your own home.

    Jessie M.
  • My daughter has the best tutor for helping with her math. I like that the tutor does house visits at my convenience. Having a tutor has given my daughter so much confidence in her academics and I can see the improved change with her test scores and interest in doing homework with understanding. I would refer Tutor Doctor to all my family/friends/business clients.

    Shirin K.
  • Everything is streamlined and very low maintenance.

    Robin & Elizabeth D.
  • it's professional and the teachers are truly dedicated to assisting the children

    Leena & Randy D.
  • I like Sherry's natural ability to connect and I REALLY appreciate her flexibility. I like Tutor Doctor's professionalism, determination for customer service as well as payment options to make it affordable.

    Karen & Doug S.
  • Our child has autism. Tutor doctor found the perfect match.

    Suzette & Ray L.
  • The staff and tutors have all been very personable!

    Cindy P.
  • Email description of the work done during the session

    Jas D.
  • Very efficient and oriented to meeting our goals.

    Nicole J.
  • Convenient

    Rick & Elizabeth S.
  • I like the professional approach to teaching. We also are very happy that you found a 'match' that our son really enjoys working with.

    Nicole & Damon D.
  • That the tutor works around our schedule

    Karen & Don S.
  • Love that you come to the home. The tutor is very professional and we saw results right away

    Julie & Mike F.
  • Tutor doctor team, I truly appreciate the very high professional service. The relationship with the tutors have all been excellent and carefuly selected. All the tutors have been outstanding. It is always a pleasure to talk with your office team they have been so helpful and kind Christina mertz

    Christina M.
  • Professional. Very helpful. Loved our tutor!

    Janet & Doug S.
  • Professionalism and assertiveness

    Shane & Nicole M.
  • individual work with students

    Sveta & Oleg K.
  • Excellent

    Sukhjit S.
  • My daughter and I are most impressed with Carolyn Hey for my daughter Rebecca. Carolyn has instilled confidence in her and has taught her the skills to achieve success with math 11. We look forward to having Carolyn tutor Math 12 next semester starting in September!

    Monica S.
  • That my daughter likes her teacher & she is prompt

    Cindy G.
  • Good tutors and good service.

    Karen & Ben A.
  • I like our tutor and the emailed information about what was done at the time of help

    Sami & Robbie (Johal) M.
  • My child gets one on one attention and he learns according to his interests and abilities. His teacher encourages him to work hard. He enjoys to work on topics he once dreaded.

    Sukhjit & Karan S.
  • We love Debb she is a great tutor .

    Tracey & Mark H.
  • The teacher is very patient and nice.And the teacher prepare lessons very well and give my kids some exercises.It is very helpful.I think we got the good results.

    Maggie & Dean M.
  • The tutors ive used have been amazing and very personable..sonu sangha and gaynor

    Harp & Jas (Deveena) B.
  • Love our tutors. Love it that they come to me. Love the reports afterwards - really helps me to see how my son is doing. Sciene/ Math tutor actually spends ample time with us after the session giving us verbal feedback as well which is really good.

    Matthew & Colleen P.
  • Service provided in the home. Flexible scheduling. We are very pleased with our tutor and her dedication to providing fun learning activities for our child. Easy to renew contract yearly. Emailed reports on each tutor session.

    Aly & Sanju H.
  • tutors are great.

    Eric & Deanna D.
  • Flexibility and reliability.

    Jag & Parm G.
  • Staff are great and we have enjoyed the tutors that we have had Have been excellent , thanks to Dominque and Susan

    Eva & Mike M.
  • Out tutor has made a huge difference to my child's approach to math. She installs confidence and works with my child using identified strengths. She genuinely cares how my child does in her schooling.

    Diane & Aaron P.
  • Prompt service, excellent tutors in every respect.

    Kevin N.
  • We are very happy

    Manjit & Harpreet L.
  • the tutors have been an awesome match for my children.

    Lorraine & Brent J.
  • Ming Richardson is an incredible educator for my daughter and is full of life lessons which extend beyond the classroom i.e. insight on university prep and adaptation, focus of undergrad courses etc. We feel blessed to have been matched with Ming! Leah, Mike and Tessa Legault

    Leah & Mike L.
  • Very friendly and accommodating. YOu made us feel like we were part of the family. You are very accurate and punctual.

    Lore & Gerald N.
  • the understandong htat schedules change. Tutor doctor was accomadatign in every aspect.

    Eli H.
  • You were very fast in getting Jacob a Tutor that worked very well with him.

    Leanna & Peter V.
  • come on time even I change place.

    (Brian)Yun Z.
  • Tutors r full with knowledge and honesty.They really work hard to get every thing in students head.

    Saima C.
  • The tutor you chose for us was a great match with the kids, they look forward to her coming and have noticed in a short time how much she has helped them.

    Ken & Karen T.
  • I like the Tutor (Mitchell) and he is super supportive of my son. Helps with his marks and confidence.

    Ian H.
  • excellent tutors, friendly & prompt service

    Lydia J.
  • First I love the on time service.She is always on time,very patient with Muniel and he looks forward for the session.He was not feeling well but still wanted to go ahead with his class.With selve control,little better but he still needs to do a lot of work. Muniel-Iam learning more,getting faster in tests,get faster and good in spelling and I like my tutor because she is less strict then my teache ...

    Tangesh & Reshmi P.
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  • I love that my daughters Tutor is so patient and positive. She has given her alot of confidance and taught her some great little tricks to help her with her math. We could not be happier!

    Monica & Chris T.
  • Professional tutors and it works

    Diane M.
  • very service driven and excellent quality of staff

    Christine L.
  • You deliver what you promise Easy to work with and priced right

    Len T.
  • Propmt feedback about progress with each session. Professionalism, and flexibility when working with an insurance company.

    Renata W.
  • We were very pleased with both the two instructors that we had for Jared and felt they both were good at encouraging him when he needed it. Thanks so much for all the help and we found it very convenient that the instructors came to our home. Thanks, Christine Cishecki

    Peter & Christine C.
  • I LOVE the emailed session reports. I can see exactly what my child has been working on and how he is doing. and how many hours we have used. As well as the communication with his teacher! Brilliant.

    Mindy M.
  • My husband and I love that your tutors are professional and take their jobs very seriously. They are prepared when they arrive, they are positive and encouraging, and they teach my children about goal setting and strategies to achieve those goals. We read the reports after each session, and we feel well informed about the progress our children are making. We also value the fact that your tutors ...

    Jennifer & Mark F.
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  • The tutor parveen who comes to assist our son is excellent. She has built a good rapport with him and his grades have improved considerably. She focuses on the areas that he is weak in and ensures that he is understanding the subject. I would recommend her and tutor doctor to all my friends and have already mention to many the great value that Parveen has provided.

    Yadvinder & Sue H.
  • The Tudor you matched my daughter with couldn't have been a better fit!!

    Terry V.
  • Matching Danica with our daughter has been amazing. The two work very well together and the quality of instruction is second to none! The fact that Danica is able to come to our home is so very convenient for a busy family.

    Joanne & Mike F.
  • The teachers are so friendly, and very patient with my son. Great work!!!!

    Rob & Carol N.
  • Ability for the tutor to tailor the learning specifically to our child's needs

    Christian & Cathy M.
  • Commitment to help

    Prabhjot B.
  • Flexibility

    Leo & Miranda R.
  • Flexibility and Quality of Tutor.

    Todd P.
  • my favourite thing is that they come to your home and teach you in your environment where your comfortable.

    Jagrup & Sarbjit S.
  • Very Good

    Harish & Deepti G.
  • The punctuality of the tutor,there is alot of improvement since our son started having them l mean David Mathew and the present tutor.

    Kate & Bobby O.
  • Knowledgable tutors, flexible, personable

    Denise & Paul R.
  • Carolyn is professional, reliable and flexible. All of these are key to our needs.

    Anne H.
  • The convienence and professionalism.

    Bobbi & Garry T.
  • i liked the flexability with our when Curtis was sick, or when his play at school interfered with the tutor schedule, there was no problem changing it.....

    Maureen & Ken B.
  • Customized to my requirements

    Samuel G.
  • We are very impressed with Tutor doctors, our tutor is a perfect match for our son, and I like the reports we receive punctually after each session. His straight A grades are proof that it makes a difference

    Carolyn & Shawn C.
  • The personal attention in picking a tutor to match my child to meet his learning needs

    Tracy I.
  • It's one on one. All the full hour paid for is devoted to your child and not 3 or 4 others. Confort level of asking questions, because it's always the same tutor.

    Pindy & Sukhjit J.
  • Everything!!

    Sarah & Gary L.
  • My sons grades have improved greatly Thanks to the Tutor Doctor and the very knowledgeable Tutors.

    Carol & Les C.
  • In our home, progress, and good fit with tutor

    Michelle & George D.
  • We appreciate that our tutor is very knowledgeable on many subjects which helps when it comes to assisting the various needs of both our boys. We also like the flexibility of the schedule as well.

    Shelley & Hugh M.
  • The Tutor (Desiree) does such a wonderful job of connecting with my son who has Autism. He looks forward to working with her daily and he has shown improvement in such a short period of time. Desiree is a fantastic teacher and makes learning fun for my son. Totally recommend Tutor Doctor and already have.

    Teena Marie & James S.
  • The tutor we had was very understanding and completely approachable. She listened to our concerns and worked with the family not just our child. She is very accomodating with times to tutor as well. Our son brought his marks up to A's and B's. He was so proud of himself. We were all very proud of him.

    Steve & Debbie C.
  • Tutor Doctor is an amazing company. They work hard to match you with the best possible tutor that will match your needs and personality. My tutor is amazing she's very attentive, supportive and understanding. One of my best decisions was to work with Tutor Doctor.

    Gurmej J.
  • Very professional, always on time, and flexible. The tutor has been always a good match with my children, where my kids actually enjoy learning.

    Jennifer S.
  • I like the flexibility of the tutor as well as having in home tutoring.

    Kim R.
  • Quality of the instructors

    Robert & Colleen S.
  • Tutor Doctor always listen to their student and understand very well their education requirements and very helpful to find out rite tutor for u according to ur needs.

    Maninder M.
  • We found your services to be excellent. Danielle was Tanya's tutor and we thought she was great. She has a very good way of explaining things that Tanya could easily understand. If Tanya had trouble Danielle was patient and helped work everything through until it was well understood. She was flexible if we needed to make changes and has a very pleasant personality. I would highly recommend Tutor D ...

    Liz C.
    Continue Reading
  • That you were fast in find a tutor for my son. I like it when that tutor didn't fit my son's need's and you found one that did

    Todd & Christina W.
  • I really like that fact that the teacher comes into the home. It is very conveniant and makes for a great learning environment for the child. I also have loved the tutors (we've had two). They are so kind and caring and go above and beyond. The tutor we have now is amazing.

    Leah & Mike L.
  • I like that you had the initial interview to get to know me and wanted to know what exactly it was that I needed from you guys. It was also great how you matched me up with someone based on my personality and need.

    Parmjit V.
  • Knowledgeable tutoring staff & excellent results at the end.

    Dave & Chandra S.
  • Personalized and very Flexible

    Kelly O.
  • The tutor was always on time and very helpful and friendly.

    Tannis & Donald M.
  • quick response; the quality of tutoring is good.

    Li L.
  • Expertise.

    Samit & Rajni G.
  • Tutor well matched for our daughters' sneed. Professional and punctual.

    Larry & Niamh D.
  • Tutors are professional and know their subject matter.

    Nia V.
  • The help

    Adel & Randy W.
  • Your quick response to my daughters failing marks and that fact that we felt like each person we spoke with portrayed an honest interest in our daughters success.

    Tracey & Dev E.
  • We like that the Tutor comes to our home, and flexible times.

    Pam & Stephen R.
  • The tutor that was chosen is well suited for my child. She understands the topic and is able to communicate it to my child, which makes the tutoring effective.

    Sylvia D.
  • We are lucky to have an amazing tutor who is trying her best to understand the needs of my son and willing to listen to him to find out his interest and why he is not like to work on his writing assignment. She is gradually building up trust relationship with him. I am looking forward to see the achievement we can get.

    Zhihong T.
  • Great tutors.

    Kirsten & Joel O.
  • The tutor is flexible with his time and can accommodate my changing schedule

    Eva & Rafal K.
  • The professionalism and the follow up reports

    Jodi & Mario P.
  • One on one teaching is very helpful. We like that you come to us.

    Anne & Bob O.
  • Competent Tutors. Process to get tutor easy.

    Wendy & David N.
  • So satisfied.

    Charlie O.
  • Tutor Doctor got back to us quickly. Costs were discussed up front. I am happy with the tutor we are matched thus far.

    Sue & Mark L.
  • In home, convenient and tutors are good

    Jessie & Sirpreet B.
  • Very professional. I like receiving the weekly reports updating me on the progress.

    Vaugn & Lisa M.
  • We love the session summaries that we receive that tell us what they worked on and how the session went. Our tutor is patient, thorough, and very well suited for our child.

    Tim & Amanda K.
  • Our daughter has appreciated the knowledge and the time she spends with the tutors as she has found that it helps to improve her knowledge of the topic and improve her performance on quizzes and unit tests.

    Patrick & Elvira O.
  • The tutor is creative and has come very prepared.

    Lucki & Kash K.
  • Punctuality, goal oriented, good match.

    Lorraine R.
  • in home tutoring

    Karen & Cary (Caleb) C.
  • The sense of humour

    Paul F.
  • Quick and efficient. Know they will solve the issues.

    Heidi C.
  • Very attentive personal service. I appreciate the initial consultation. It was very informative and I felt li was dealing with a trustworthy organization. I also felt confident we would find the right tutor. From the consultation I knew the right match would found, and if not on the first connection there would be other options.

    Donna V.
  • I love how the tutor connects with the children really well.

    Irwan & Harpal S.
  • Very responsive and accomodating to our requests and needs.

    Mike & Lisa R.
  • The professional ism

    Mariya S.
  • Our tutor is great. She is truly dedicated to getting the best out of our son and provides him with the right balance of challenge and encouragement. Best of all, she doesn't just follow a lesson plan, but makes her own observations of gaps in our son's psycho-educational development and then develops approaches to address them. An excellent teacher.

    Divine & Rosalyn A.
  • that we are able to get home tutoring at the ease and comfort of our own home is very nice and beneficial. One on one enables us to make the most of our sessions.

    Sherry O.
  • The tutor thst you matched my son with was perfect

    Larissa M.
  • Experienced tutors and knowledgeable in the area they are tutoring.

    Laurie M.
  • They come to your house, they don't pile on extra homework that can overwhelm with adding to already stress full homework hours. Instead they will help with current homework and work on problem areas. They make sure the child learns the basic skills that have been skipped in their education. The tudors are always in contact, even to let us know they will be a few minutes late due to heavy traffic. ...

    Corinna G.
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  • On time and we'll connected.

    Tai B.
  • Everyone we have talked to from the first phone call to the consultation to our tutor, has been very friendly and helpful.

    Christy & Jon K.
  • The services were delivered in a very professional way and adapted to our son's learning abilities. He is always eager for his sessions and the results have been very encouraging.

    Gerry & Trudy L.
  • I like that you strive to provide quality tutors that know how to teach. Plus if you do run into issues I like the fact that you aim to please and will find a replacement.

    Gayle & Travis C.
  • Individual to the learners needs

    Cheryl B.
  • Efficient way to help improve a student's studying skills and motivate them to do good in school.

    Kashmir & Surjit (Sam) B.
  • The helpfulness in finding a good match and also resolving any problems promptly.

    Susan & Thomas W.
  • That the service comes to my home.

    Roberta & Atanu D.
  • Suitable instructor for each student

    Shanaz R.
  • Our tutor is extremely supportive and encouraging to our son.

    Jane & Mark H.
  • friendly people at the office Really like the assessment and then the conscious matching

    Sarabjeet & Greg C.
  • It's too early to comment .

    Ramendra & Surya P.
  • The tutor that was excellent and our child loved her

    Jas & Rick C.
  • I liked the interview process to validate where the child is at in terms of their progress. I like the report card and the notes on what they did and what they will work on.

    Annette & Marcel P.
  • That you really take the time to learn about the student and are then able to find a great match in a tutor. Our daughter is really enjoying working with her tutor. She picks activities that really work with my daughter's personality, interests and learning style.

    Vanessa & Everett N.
  • I have just started so will wait to see. This is 2nd week running and its too early for me to say. The tutor Aman so far is firm and fair and I really like his attitude. Do send me another request in a month and I will be happy to tell you more. Thanks.

    Zaineen R.
  • It was easy fast and convenient ...very professional and when a tutor was no longer available they had the problem solved and a wonderful replacement filling her spot! My son loves his tutor and he is already working at a better level than i have ever seen...she knows how to encourage him and makes doing to homework much more enjoyable for the entire household

    Jessica M.
  • I like that I was matched up with a very good tutor.

    Gloria D.
  • My rating is based on the tutor's( Morgan Jacko) teaching capability and personality. . She is an excellent tutor and a person. The services are very good. The drawback of the tutor Doctor is the tuition cost is expensive, which will not be affordable for many families.

    Shafiqur & Shahana K.
  • Our tutor has made such progress with our son that we would not hesitate to recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone.

    Caroline & Ted L.
  • I like how your services match up the student with a tutor who would likely work well with the character of the student and how the tutor comes to the student's home for the tutoring class.

    Monique & Rick R.
  • In home service and the Tutor's are great

    Amber M.
  • The tutors are very good at identifying the indivuals needs and plans are taliored to each individual.the tutors are very open to suggestions from parents to help engage a child in learning.Also they are very puctual arriving and closinga session.

    Sukhjeet (Sue) & Darshan G.
  • She has been flexible to work around the schedule and also creative with the IB work curriculums.

    Julie & Kent S.
  • I liked the tutor that I was paired with, he made sense of the material and really knew his stuff.

    Ramandeep D.
  • They are specific to your child's needs and they put thought and care into the child/tutor partnership.

    Coral & Clive H.
  • Professional

    Suki & Kam S.
  • Flexible schedule, tutors coming to our home, quality of the tutors

    Sandra & Todd B.
  • My tutor is patient and personable, and she is helping me a lot. I appreciate her teaching style.

    Paul H.
  • While it took a few tries, we finally found the perfect match for us. I love that you guys come to our home.

    Kim & Shayne L.
  • I like the program, is very organized. My child is responding well without feeling pressured.

    Sue & Myles H.
  • The program I took is quite specific and the right match is tricky to find. I think tutor doctor is very good at what they do. Professional and thorough. I do like the consant checking in and follow ups. I'm sure there are different tutors available at different times. I am very happy with my new match but disappointed I used up time with a match that wasn't right. I would recommend tutor doctor ...

    Karen W.
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  • The convenience of being at home.

    Louise & Douglas S.
  • Excellent matching of student with tutor, not only with subject matter (ie., math), but also in personality, learning style and availability. Also, Tutor Doctor's session reports provides a summary of the material covered each tutoring session and tracking of time very easy.

    Leslie & Richard S.
  • Quality tutors that take the time to connect with the students. Fast response times. Flexible schedules. Tutors that really care.

    Kelly & Steven M.
  • Student is very enthusiastic about the program.

    Peter B.
  • We like that you find the best tutor for our needs, rather than me trying to find one.

    Lori & Doug J.
  • The company provided a tutor who is concerned about my son's progress in the subject. He takes his time and makes sure through example and repetition that the concept is understood.

    Shirley B.
  • Very organized Perfect connection with students and Tutors Guarantee results

    Victoria & Derek H.
  • That you come to my house, and given quick efficent service

    Dawn & Alan Maddern & M.
  • access to prescreened tutors

    Jennifer & Paul B.
  • customized to our daughter. suits our schedule

    Steve & Lynne M.
  • I particularly like the tutor that we have. He is knowledgeable, on time and knows how to teach the material. I do like the reports that are sent out so I know what's going on exactly. Having said that, I don't know that much about your other tutors. I hope they are of the same calibre. I would recommend your service to those who I know could afford it.

    Evelyn & Wayne G.
  • The tutor is a great fit for our daughter. She represents your company very well. thanks.

    Heather & Brian O.
  • I like that the tutors have been interviewed and selected by you - that there is an option to find the tutor right for our child.

    JoAnne & Pat M.
  • Instructional content is a mixture of students homework, workbooks and instructors activities as well as reading.

    Ryan & Robyn G.
  • Adriana is working magic with our child.

    Cal & Vala B.
  • The tutor we have, Carolyn is amazing. Great with our son and knowledgeable

    Linda & Don C.
  • Fast and friendly. Always trying to find the right fit between the tutor and our son.

    Dana & Shaun F.
  • great tutor so far but we are only a week in , will let you know later.

    Lynn & Mike R.
  • The services were very quick and the tutoring sessions were flexible if had to change times and dates.

    Gail & Gordon P.
  • Convenient

    Trevor & Michele D.
  • Very friendly and knowladge staff, thank you.

    Janet & Mark G.
  • I thought that your company was very organized,respectful and hardworking. My tutor was high quality and I would not even question recommending Tutor Doctor to others.

    Chantel & Roni (Mom) V.
  • I appreciate the effort in matching a tutor with the child's personality, struggles and strengths. Lengths are taken in seeing my child succeed, not just in one subject, but in school as a whole. Thank you!

    Tammy & Greg C.
  • that he is friendly and that he teaches the material to me in a way that i can relate. he has so far impoved my mark and the way i study. the representitive that came to meet with us matched us up with the perfect tutor

    Helga & Brent M.
  • You were able to match my daughter to a tutor that works for her on the first try. We have seen imediate results and improvements on grades. The tutor is very proffesional and yet friendly and has a great repore with my daughter.

    Kary & Bill H.
  • Occurs in the home. Can get specific questions answered.

    Anna T.
  • That u come to our house and very professional match tutors well with our daughter

    Donna & Dan G.
  • coming to my house and helping, the privacy

    Dawn & Richard K.
  • Tutor doctor finds the perfect match for yr child to meet the needs in every way.I am very grateful for their experienced,kind and understandable teachers. Its worth to pay, I will absolutely recommend TUTOR DOCTOR to my friends and families who r in in need. Thank you!!

    Sarabjeet & Sam D.
  • Flexibility.

    Panna & Kamlesh M.
  • I like that they try to match the student to the tutor.

    Lesley W.
  • Quality of tutors and ability to find replacements quickly.

    Cathy J.
  • My daughter's tutor is great. She is very friendly and my daughter seem to really get along with her.

    Manjit J.
  • I liked the quality of the tutors. David, Nav and also the substitute we were given at the last minute. Thank you so much for arranging her at the last minute, that really impressed me.

    Melody O.
  • I am grateful for the feedback from the tutor immediately after the tutorial session--as parents we are able to stay up to speed with our daughter's progress and also gain insight into her learning style & effective techniques she needs for success.

    Wayne & Veronica P.
  • I like that the hours I purchased do not expire, and I love that you try to match the tutor to the student and will change if they do not work out.

    Janice & Michael H.
  • How quickly a tutor was found for us as well as how great a match was made! My boys think the world of their tutor and actually look forward to the hour that they spend with him:) He has made learning fun for them again and I am so pleased with my experience with tutor doctor.

    Heather & David L.
  • One-on-one, flexibility,follow-up and close monitoring of tutor's perfomance.

    Chris & Anne O.
  • while I think I had to make it clear, I did obtain an appropriate tutor for my needs

    Marcia Z.
  • convenient and helpful

    Balwinder T.
  • Tutors are very kind and professional.

    Keith & Serina E.
  • We find your the office to be very effiecent and flexiable. they are also understandable and help when we are having a bit of problems with Micheal. so far the tutors that we have come in contact with has also been help. l would recommend tutor doctors at any time. Thanks Tutor Doctors

    Mary & Richard S.
  • Constant reporting and feedback from tutor. I know what is going on, even though I am not sitting in on the tutoring session.

    Dayle & Greg R.
  • Stephanie is verry accomidating and is helpful with phisics 11. The math I hope will improve for second term.

    Laurie & Ken M.
  • You come to the home. Easy to use.

    Mark & Nadine H.
  • Both tutors for Chemistry and Calculus very helpful . Rachel got 88 on her calculus test and 90 on her chemistry test. She is ready for U of Alberta next year with a solid background. Both tutors are wonderful teachers helping her with the curriculum. Glenn Dong. Bsc MD FRCP(C)

    Glenn & Kamal D.
  • I'm really happy with our Tutor and service.

    Alan I.
  • The free consultation provides good advice!

    Mabel L.
  • The convenience of the tudor coming to our home. Also being able to communicate with them directly in regards to lesson times, etc.

    Cheryl & Tracey B.
  • convenience to come at home; flexibility and knowledgeable tutors.

    Kamal & Harwinder P.
  • Convenience of in home tutoring, great matching between tutor and student, professionalism, office assistance. It's all been great!

    Shelly & Jordan W.
  • Very reliable and professional tutor from our experience. We've already recommended your company to fellow friends and families

    Marlene & Matt W.
  • In house for the student; ease of scheduling with accomodating tutors.

    Darlene S.
  • Liked the pre visit. I felt that Tutor Dr. Tried their very best to find a match for my learning topic and skill.

    Tanya S.
  • Tutor Doctor matches the tutor with student's needs & personality. With our busy household, I also like that the tutoring sessions are done in our home!

    Brenda .
  • well organized with lots of communication and flex scheduling.

    Lori & Sean R.
  • I like to the tutor doctor to my friends and co-worker because the tutor are very helpful and great to work with and my son really enjoys his tutor alot. Its very easy to use and very helpful in answer my question I have.

    Leona L.
  • convenient. Knowledgeable tutor.

    Jas & Gurjit P.
  • We like the fact that you come out to visit to find out about the student & then make a match tutor based on what you found out. The tutor was very punctual, considerate & very pleasant. Email reports on progress

    Lee & Cherie N.
  • With my family's busy schedule, I like the flexibility of being able to have a well-educated tutor come to my home. The tutor that the Tutor Doctor provided is a very good match for my daughter's needs and personality.

    Carol & Dave P.
  • It was exactly what we need at the time, when I purchased time for tutoring.

    Karen & Robert S.
  • In home, one on one help, client-tutor matching

    Lee B.
  • reports and follow up, holding expectations for students

    Mark W.
  • Friendly well educated teachers

    Nadia & Wade C.
  • I like the one on one studing and also the tutor selected for my kids is very good

    Karen & Harvinder T.
  • We have been very impressed with my daughter's tutor and love the fact that the tutor comes to the house.

    Sherri & Dean B.
  • The office staff are extremely attentive and customer focussed. The tutor is professional and also professional but also ready to get down to work right away.

    Meike K.
  • Tutor Doctor has managed to pair up our daughter with the perfect tutor who doesn't mind her idiosyncrasies. Her tutor displays a perfect blend of patience and firmness to ensure she stays on track. We've also seen remarkable improvement in her overall study habits and grades. Thank you!

    Kerri & Mike H.
  • I like that it is personalized and easy for the families. Each tutor creates a rapport with their students and it is exciting to watch them improve as the weekly sessions go by.

    Kate, Surrey, BC
  • Timely, great tutor, flexible, convenient.

    Val M.
  • The fact that you try to match a tutor to the student's personality, so they feel comfortable learning the material and asking questions.

    Harshanker B.
  • I like the report after each session. I cannot be home for the tutoring session, but my husband is, I like to see the report and save it.

    Ava J.
  • I appreciate the time that was taken to meet our daughter and find the right tutor for her based on her needs and personality, not simply on who was available. I am also very pleased our daughter's tutor. She is punctual and professional, but also truly cares about my daughter and finds creative ways to keep her motivated and encourages her to do her best.

    Trisha & Jamie H.
  • Good matches with the students and teachers. Quick response after initial request. Helpful interview and assessment provided

    Melba & Chris L.
  • I really like the friendly service. My daughter loves her new tutor and is eager to learn and looking forward for Caroline to return from holidays. Thanks tutor doctor.

    Adnan & Robina H.
  • Very professional. After first meeting we were quickly set up with a tutor who was perfect for our son academically. Great feedback from tutor to parents. Very qualified tutor was sent to us.

    Lynda P.