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Private Math Tutors in Minneapolis & Surrounding Areas

Is your child struggling with math? When you hire a highly-rated math tutor from Tutor Doctor Southwest Minneapolis, you can rest assured that they are highly educated and well qualified.

Our Minneapolis math tutors offer personalized tutoring sessions based on your child’s needs. We understand that it can be confusing and frustrating when it comes to finding an in-home or online tutor for your child. For your convenience, we offer both in-person and online math tutoring services.

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Should You Hire A Math Tutor?

When considering hiring a math tutor, we understand that you’re looking for someone that is knowledgeable, friendly, understanding, and flexible. That’s where our Minneapolis tutors come in!

Our math tutors in Minneapolis help students learn useful skills which they can utilize both inside and outside the classroom, including helpful habits like time management and studying skills.

Our Approach to Math Tutoring

A math tutor in Minneapolis helps a young student

Studies show that natural ability is not required for a student to succeed at math. A study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim showed that the biggest predictor of a student’s success in math was practice and a positive attitude.

Our math tutors in Minneapolis are handpicked and matched with your student based on our initial consultation. We assess each of our students and match them with a math tutor who can address each of their individual needs.

Learn more about us and our services by scheduling a free consultation. To do so, you can dial (952) 649-5334 or contact us online.

Our Math Tutoring Process

Math tutoring isn’t quite as simple as helping you or your child with their math homework or passing their math test.

Our Minneapolis math tutors follow a detailed process that ensures you or your child receive the best service.

Our process includes:

  • An Assessment. At Tutor Doctor Southwest Minneapolis, we start with a free consultation where we can assess your child’s individual needs and create a customized math program to achieve their goals.

  • Tutor Matching. Tutor Doctor Southwest Minneapolis utilizes an advanced matching system that pairs your child with a local qualified math tutor who fits their educational needs and personality!

  • Tutoring. Our Minneapolis math tutors create a personalized tutoring curriculum designed for each specific student. Your child will get help with math homework and assistance filling in the gaps so they are confident in the classroom.

  • Ongoing Support. We’re with you every step of the way! Our math tutors make sure to follow up on each session, keeping your family in the loop. We also provide regular session reports on how your child is doing.

Across the whole Tutor Doctor network, our tutoring process has helped over 300,000 students hit their goals!

Looking For a Math Tutor Online? We Can Help!

Do you or your child need help with math but aren’t sure how to make it work due to busy schedules? To help solve this problem, we can tutor online.

With our online math tutoring services, we:

  • Are flexible to tutor when it’s most convenient for you
  • Record the tutoring sessions so you or your child can review them later
  • Can meet wherever you are (as long as there’s a decent internet connection)
  • Can tutor your child despite the weather, vacations, or last-minute schedule change

At Tutor Doctor Southwest Minneapolis, we’re here to help you or your child excel in math but not at the expense of your convenience. Our online services are designed with your needs in mind.

Do you have any questions about our online services? Call us at (952) 649-5334 or contact us online today. We offer free consultations for a math tutor online.

In-home & Online Math Tutoring Services in Minneapolis You Can Depend On

Tutor Doctor provides tutoring services in Minneapolis to students of all ages, levels and subjects. We come to your home, at a convenient time for you to help you or your child to fill in the gaps in his or her knowledge base.

Our Minneapolis tutors are here to guide students through this exciting and sometimes challenging journey, helping them succeed in academics, and in life.

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