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At Tutor Doctor Southwest Minneapolis, we work with a variety of local tutors in Minneapolis that specialize in SAT, ACT, and entrance exams prep. Whether your student is working on getting ready for their ACT or SAT exam, we start every tutoring program with the same goal of minimizing test anxiety and identifying any areas that could use improvement.

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SAT & ACT Test Prep in Minneapolis: Building Lifelong Study Habits

young woman studying for the SATOur test prep tutors in Minneapolis understand that tests can be the most stressful events in a student’s educational career. Whether your student needs help with their study habits, time management, or other test-taking skills, you can expect the tutors we work with in Minneapolis to help them build their academic confidence from the very beginning. The best part? We offer flexible tutoring options, so students can choose both private test prep and online tutoring sessions depending on their preference.

About our Test Prep Tutoring Services in Minneapolis

We help with every part of your exam, including:

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How Can I Prep for An Entrance Exam?

While the results of one of these tests play only so big of a role in a college application, it’s important to do as well as possible. The higher the scores, the greater chance of getting into that dream college or university. The best thing you can do for yourself or your student is reaching out to a private tutor to help with prepping for the test.

Our test prep tutoring in Minneapolis follows a simple process:

  • Official Diagnostic Exams – From the start, we’ll be here to help your student do better on their exam. We begin by having students complete an official practice exam to determine the best test for them.
  • Complimentary Test Prep Consultation – No two students are the same. This is why we take a personal, customizable approach to tutoring. We’ll assess transcriptions, review your exam results, and learn about any unique challenges to create a custom tutoring plan specifically for your student.
  • One-on-One Tutoring – Either in an online or in-person setting, either in the comfort of your own home, one of the tutors we work with will work with your student to close knowledge gaps, answer questions, and strengthen their test-taking abilities.
  • On-Going Support – Along the way, our team will provide you with updates on your student’s progress and be available for any questions that may pop up!

For over 15 years, Tutor Doctor has been refining its approach to test preparation. Our tutoring is always approachable, helping foster a positive space for your student to learn and develop their knowledge. From the Minneapolis test prep coaches we work with to our tutor matchmaking process that ensures a right fit for your student based on their needs, there’s no question why we’re chosen time and time again over other local test prep centers.

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