Graduate Revision Examination (GRE)

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If you’ve decided to pursue a Doctoral or Masters degree in your academic career, then its more than likely that you’ve heard about a certain Graduate Record Examination known as the GRE. For the clear majority of American post-grad students, the GRE is a requirement that they must meet in order to continue their education past the Bachelor level. In fact, there is not one major educational institution in California that admits students without a GRE score. When thinking about the GRE, its evident that it shares both it’s Purpose and Structure with that of the High School Standardized Exams that serve as a right of passage into Higher Education. With this categorization in mind, our qualified GRE Tutors will recommend that preparation for the GRE Exam be conducted with the same care as the SAT® and ACT exams. If you choose Tutor Doctor as part of your GRE Test Prep team, we’ll take a personalized and constructive approach to make sure that you’ll give an All-Star Performance on test day!

What to Expect on the GRE

Established in 1949, the Graduate Record Examination is a test that aims to measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills. According to the Educational Testing Service (ETS, who owns and administers the GRE), “this examination is an effective method of testing students for their retention of course material that has been learned and reviewed over four— Even five—years of Undergraduate education. The test itself is composed of six sections. The first section is always the analytical writing section involving separately timed issue and argument tasks. The next five sections consist of two verbal reasoning sections, two quantitative reasoning sections, and either an experimental or research section. These five sections may occur in any order. The experimental section does not count towards the final score but is not distinguished from the scored sections.”

Unlike other standardized admissions tests (such as the SAT®, LSAT, and MCAT), the use and weight of GRE scores vary considerably not only from school to school, but from department to department, and from program to program. As an example, most business schools and economics programs require very high GRE or GMAT scores for entry, while engineering programs are known to allow more score variation. Programs in liberal arts topics may only consider the applicant’s verbal score to be of interest, while mathematics and science programs may only consider quantitative ability. Admission to graduate schools depends on a complex mix of several different factors. Let our reliable and qualified Test Prep Tutors share their experience of Graduate School Admissions with you.

What we focus on during test prep:

  • Time management and pacing
  • Revision of test materials
  • Working through nerves and anxiety
  • Practice with real test questions
  • Test-taking strategies

When you choose our private tutoring services in Orange County, you can rest assured that you will receive professional tutoring to help you achieve a better score. The tutors we work with take the time to create solid relationships based on mutual trust and respect, so that the student feels comfortable. To further put everyone at ease, we come to your home at a time that is most convenient to you. That way you don’t have to try to fit in yet another task in an already full schedule!