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  • come right to your home.

    Angie W.
  • Willingness to find a tutor that suited our needs. My daughter's tutor is terrific!

    Crystal W.
  • The tutor's knowledge of the subject, the one on one teaching and his ability to alter the schedule and help when needed...even by texting the student

    Dawn B.
  • Results, my daughter is doing so much better in math. Is much more confident.

    Dawn A.
  • Flexibility, home base !

    Janet M.
  • I like the fact I get an update frequently to see how my son is doing. I like the fact we get the same tutor every session.

    Tina R.
  • Can change teacher until satisfied.

    Jennifer Z.
  • Friendly and helpful.

    Therese G.
  • We are very happy with the speed the tutor started. Moreover , he makes learning fun and the content is varied enough to sustain concentration. We have noticed great progress. Furthermore, he has helped our child get into one of the best school inVancouver, thank you

    Tony B.
  • Very individualized, meeting the needs of the family. I really appreciate the help we get from the tutor!

    Chikako T.
  • With busy lifestyles tutor doctor makes it easier for parents to get the help their child needs.

    Jennifer H.
  • Personalization, responsiveness, flexibility

    Leah B.
  • Thanks for taking my busy schedule and making it work. I had very quick response to my needs. My tutor is very patient with me and has helped me tremendously.

    Crystal B.
  • Flexibility and the ability to use the hours for other siblings and the reassurance that I can travel and you'll help find a tutor in that area. It felt like a no fuss situation and everything was clear and on the table, no games! Thank you :)

    Catherine G.
  • Original, professional, experienced, friendly, ready going

    Andrea B.
  • In-home. Convenience.

    Bekkie K.
  • Wonderful communication and great helpful tutors

    Jenny A.
  • Really great service! Stephen is really nice, he doesn't make you feel pressure into anything. I enjoy how the company works; if you don't like your tutor you can get a new one. Tutor doctor makes feel as comfortable as possible!

    Jessie J.
  • My daughter enjoys it. It makes homework better and easier.

    Clare B.
  • Prompt honest value

    Dennis C.
  • Professional, courteous and effective :)

    Teresa S.
  • Everyone I dealt with at Tutor Doctor was very friendly and professional. Our tutor Lara was fantastic. She was prompt and prepared and was such an excellent fit for my daughter. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

    Maureen L.
  • Everything. The people we dealt with, the quality of the tutors, the ease with transitions, account information. It was all high quality and it helped my son a lot. Thank you,

    Mary H.
  • I was given exactly what I asked for. Service was great.

    Janet C.
  • All the tutor doctors tutors we've had have been well suited to our needs. We highly recommend them to all our friends.

    Debbie B.
  • Very friendly people. Find they're genuinely concerned and interested in the progress of their pupils. They relationships that are formed between pupil and Tudor are a privilege to watch. My son loves his Tudor, they've developed quite a bond over the past year!!! Recommend them to anyone that needs a Tudor, no matter the age.

    Kelly R.
  • Tudor comes to the house. Tudor is a very good fit for our child.

    Sherry J.
  • Very accommodating and helpful.

    Jeanete D.
  • Prompt responses to requests for help. Great watching between students and tutor.

    Douglas F.
  • prompt reply on my inquiries, personalized visit to set up student plan, tutor was flexible on times

    Jill C.
  • professional !

    Barbara M.
  • you are on time & come to my home.....I'm tired of driving everywhere

    Susan S.
  • Your flexible hours is what I liked most in Tutor doctors, and also you have a very knowlegable tutor.

    Elino C.
  • Our tudor has personalized the help to our son. So far so good.

    Stephen F.
  • I've already recommended your service twice . I like the flexibility in the schedule as things come up and schedules need to change .

    Sonya R.
  • Dedicating teacher and the flexible schedule.

    Tracey M.
  • This is the second time we have hired Tutor Doctor. Our first experience was with Science and realized how successful it was with our daughters classwork and exams. With this, we decided to have the Tutor again for math. Our tutor for our daughter has not only helped in her studies but also helped build up her confidence and understanding mathematics. She now feels much more comfortable in math. ...

    Anna B.
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  • The feedback after every session so my son's progress can be monitored.

    Heather C.
  • We like how it is done at our home, and we can work out a time with the tutor that works with both of us, yet still is flexible if something comes up. We see wonderful results in our daughters confidence.

    Chad P.
  • At home service.

    Christine R.
  • What a wonderful company! I love the quality of the tutoring and the willingness to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of the students. I am very happy that I found Tutor Doctor.

    Leesa P.
  • The one on one approach and the willingness and ability of the tutor to adjust their way of teaching to meet the needs and learning abilities of the student.

    Kimberly M.
  • Jenifer is very responsible tutor once i have.

    Maria D.
  • I appreciate the time, care, patience and understanding that Gargi takes while tutoring Quinn. It helps that they are able to work together in our home, in an environment that is familiar and conducive to learning.

    Linda J.
  • the service is prompt and the match up with a tutor is spot on.

    Colleen T.
  • I love everything about Tutor Doctor from start to finish - I have recommended them to everyone I know!

    Lori H.
  • Friendly fast responses, flexible when the tutor and student do not connect with learning style Regular check ups to monitor satisfaction

    Suzanne V.
  • I really like the convenience of the whole process. I have friends who have been looking for the right tutor for their kids on their own and it is very labour intensive. and frustrating trying to find someone right for your child that will also make house calls.

    Alison C.
  • The quality of the instructors, a contract, a session feedback via email, and the fact that they come to your home.

    Julie C.
  • Professionalism, excellent effort to choose tutor best-suited for my child

    Lesley B.
  • We love our tutor, Emily! She has been able to help our son feel like a learner instead of a loser! He feels 100% more confident and competent in just a few months and that has been hit and miss over the summer as well! It is also nice to have it all paid for and in place for the next year. It gives a sense of security that Evan will,have the help he needs when he needs it.

    Michael D.
  • Friendly, easy to get hold off and provide a range and choice of tutors. They listen and find great matches for the student. I've been very impressed.

    Andy D.
  • professional, prompt, organized

    Kathryn F.
  • The professionalism from the teachers. Stephan was a pleasure to meet and made sure we found a suitable tutor for our son,

    Tamara P.
  • Very quick transition between tutors when one has left service.

    Kyla A.
  • It was fast and easy to set up a tutor for my son. Quick friendly service.

    Susan S.
  • I like what I have seen so far.

    Linda N.
  • My son's tutor is excellent! She works with his learning style and meets him where he's at that day. Her approach is professional, efficient, and always a positive experience for my son. Thank you so much !!

    Sheila F.
  • Bruce is Arans tutor. He has a caring and patient approach and goes above and beyond to explain to him how to do tasks. Aran feels a lot confident since he has been with Bruce Arans school grades have also improved he understands his school work better now. He comes home with a smile on his face. Thank you tutor doctor for Bruce.

    Avtar S.
  • The tutor is accommodating, and when here is encouraging. The tutor also came up with a game to make math fun while practising math skills.

    Jane M.
  • Well qualified, kind, effective and professional tutors who have encouraged and assisted my son greatly.

    Amy V.
  • very flexable

    Kim R.
  • Very cooperative, helpful and professional

    Lina A.
  • We are very happy with Kevin Bezjak's tutoring with our daughter. He is very knowledgable, polite, patient, and encouraging. I would recommend him to others.

    Marko G.
  • Chris our tutor, Is extremely enthusiastic about chemistry and it is extremely beneficial for our girls to see this. He is very calm and patient and both Nicola and Kyla enjoy his tutorship.

    Rachel M.
  • The regular feedback that the tutor / company provides on our son's progress is excellent.

    Michelle B.
  • Tutor doctor is very good at matching the tutor to the student. The tutors are flexible with hours and try very hard to accommodate the clients needs. We feel very comfortable having the tutor come to our home. It is a very professional business.

    Barbara L.
  • I like how you match the tutor with the specific learning needs and personality of the student.

    Theressa Z.
  • easy to make last minute arrangements if necessary. flexible with our schedule !

    Jane T.
  • Results, direct link to owners, easy communications

    Todd B.
  • That you come to the house and are are time. The tutors are suited to the client needs and it makes the client more open to learning.

    Denise F.
  • Quality of tutors, session reports, owners' accessibility and quick response time

    Melissa T.
  • Shawn works with our kids a lot. He is always on time. The kids like him.

    Patricia B.
  • It's convenient. It comes to your home to tutor and works with your time.

    Curlene D.
  • Timely reports and tracking

    Karen H.
  • I had two very reliable tutors. Although my first tutor left (unprofessionally, in my opinion) my second tutor had absolutely no problem picking up from where I had left off. Would highly recommend, I had a great experience.

    Bonnie L.
  • Professional, thorough, giving my son confidence in a subject that has always been a struggle.

    Nancy C.
  • The Tutor Anica is very good with Sydney and explains things really well in a way that Sydney can understand. Sydney is very happy with her and wished she had gotten her sooner.

    Coral W.
  • Home visits

    Andrea H.
  • Improvement in attitude and performance is noted with the client you are servicing.

    Kevin L.
  • The tutors are well qualified. Tutor Doctor takes the time to match the tutor and student so that they will have a successful learning relationship.

    Kelli E.
  • Very personable, flexibility and responsiveness, working with student set goals and priorities, aligned with school work; willingness to reach out to teacher and work collaboratively u We have recommended your services to several friends including the Trepanier family

    Ana-Maria G.
  • I really like our tutor. The weekly feedback.

    Lianne K.
  • When we had misgivings about a specific tutor you did not argue, you just found another tutor that was more in sync with what my son needed.

    Peggy Z.
  • I like the quick service, and finding a tutor that my daughter enjoys working with.

    Rod W.
  • Easy to work with!

    Ali P.
  • Meet in home. Can see comments entered by tutor. Evaluate to find best suitable match.

    Christine T.
  • Accommodating and flexible. Met our needs and schedule.

    Melissa S.
  • Quick response. You work to provide a good fit for the child which is crucial. So far we are very happy with how our child is relating to the teacher and they seem to be making some progress already.

    Lisa T.
  • Mahsa is an absolutely wonderful teacher! She has also been very accommodating around my daughter's sometimes hectic schedule! She is doing so very well. She has been accepted to every university she has applied to thus far! I think her top pick is Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington for Sociology. She has been awarded a 12,000 USD scholarship there for high academic achievement! Thank ...

    Debbie S.
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  • Tutor Doctor Nanaimo has helped us find several different tutors over the last couple of years,for our daughter and each one has been exceptional.

    Lise P.
  • Exceptional tutor. Alexis is the perfect mix of amenable, friendly and firm with our son. What's amazing to us though is that although we sought a tutor experienced in French and math Alexis is also an experienced cellist and pianist and sings at level Riyal Conservatory level six. She am was able to immediately respond to our request for help in preparing our son for his upcoming level 2 piano ex ...

    Sandra D.
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  • I can’t tell you how much my daughter has enjoyed and benefited from tutoring sessions with Lara—she is a lovely person and such a patient teacher. Claire likes her so much that that in itself motivates her to do her daily homework, and she has made really remarkable progress in a few weeks! Lara has been a delight to have in our house as well, she is so gracious and friendly.

  • This service continues to amaze me. The staff are wonderful, everyone is so helpful, and the child’s needs are first and foremost. My son has developed quite the relationship with his tutor. They work hard and are progressive, then…laugh.laugh.laugh. I love listening to them. It’s quite the bond.

    Mother of Jace
  • Friendly, informative, very good with teenagers, flexible, delivers on promises, instills confidence. What else can I say, all around very positive experience.

    Mother of Domenic
  • We love our tutor, Emily! She has been able to help our son feel like a learner instead of a loser! He feels 100% more confident and competent in just a few months and that has been hit and miss over the summer as well! It is also nice to have it all paid for and in place for the next year. It gives a sense of security that Evan will, have the help he needs when he needs it.

    Father of Evan
  • Tutor Doctor has been a great help towards my education. They encouraged me to work harder and gave me advice about my future at university. Thanks to Tutor Doctor I am doing better and succeeding in high school

    Melissa (Grade 11)