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  • It was very user friendly to set up. The communication from the tutor was great. My child had a very positive experience.

    Fiona M.
  • I feel that Kaylyn goes above and beyond in helping Donavon to be successful in his schoolwork. He enjoys working with her.

    Julia B.
  • Our tutor Ammen is very kind and patient with our Son. It has been great so far!

    Ashley & James C.
  • Very friendly and understanding your doing an awesome job!

    Melanie S.
  • Our Tutor Steph is amazing! She makes the learning fun and easy to understand. She build on confidence and gives praise on all work. Steph is the best!

  • We have been very happy with Tudor Doctor. Our tutor was a perfect match, patient and kind, and willing to work with us to try new things.

    Morgan R.
  • It has changed my sons life, Allan and my son have been working together for over three years now. And The work they do has given my son so much more confidence - thank you!

    Tara V.
  • Customized needs for learners, prompt, professional service!

    Alex & Vinko S.
  • Organized, efficient, checks and balances.

  • That I could share about my child’s interests and strengths and weaknesses and they paired my child with such a great fit in a tutor!! A perfect match!!

    Leighton & Jesse M.
  • One on one specific support for my son.

    Holly D., Lethbridge
  • Your tutor's place the students first!! You also tailor the tutoring based on their: school itinerary, consulting with their teachers, what upcoming tests they have, etc.

    Doug, Lethbridge
  • I like that her tutor keeps her on task, and doesn’t let her get away with any laziness. She really explains the concept their working on fully to her until she understands it.

    Cindy R., Lethbridge, AB
  • Quick response. Quick to set up a tutor. Variety of tutors for different student needs.

    Kent & Robin M.
  • Professional and flexible.

    Sharon M.
  • One on one and responsive to what the students needs are.

    Kelly V.
  • I've actually referred several parents.

    Tristen Panther Bone, Lethbridge
  • The service is convenient with in home or online tutoring.

    Audra Three Persons, Lethbridge
  • The quality of the tutor, each one has been excellent, and the get to down to work

    Joanne H., Lethbridge, AB
  • I love the consistency and flexibility of our tutor. Always willing to fit in an extra session if needed.

    Jolene & Brandon B., Lethbridge, AB
  • Comes to our home on a schedule that works for us

    Jim & Bekah O., Lethbridge, AB
  • Excellent matches, convenient tutoring options

    Jan & Roland M., Lethbridge, AB
  • 5 Star Rating

    Stacey & Rick D, Milk River, AB
  • 5 Star Rating

    Janine & Michael H., Cardston, AB
  • I appreciate the reports that I get on the tutor session, and the confidence that my foster son gains from the sessions. He never tries to avoid the tutoring, which I take as a very good sign.

    Jenine H., Lethbridge, AB
  • 5 Star rating

    Briane & Roger S., Coaldale
  • The quality of our tutor. Justin is amazing and has made our daughters math journey much more enjoyable.

    Megan C., Coaldale, AB
  • The convenience of the teacher coming to you, and the eagerness from the tutor to help my son.

    Alex & Kory H., Lethbridge, AB
  • The tutor that my grandkids deal with are awesome and I’m thankful tutor doctor is very understanding and prompt when I have a question. Thank you for your awesome service ❤️

    Melanie S., Stand off, AB
  • How you match each child's learning needs with an appropriate tutor

    Marianne & Jim V., Granum, AB
  • 5 Star Review

    Jen V., Lethbridge
  • We appreciate the effort to understand who our child is and find a good match. The tutor we have is warm and attentive to our child. A great match.

    Trevor & Carol C., Lethbridge, AB
  • 5 Star Review

    Carrie & Cody D., Coalhurst
  • 5 Star Review

    Bobbi-Jo M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Love the easy conversation process, that I can phone and express a concern or compliment with comfort and ease. Thank you guys!

    Colin & Susan J., Welling, AB
  • Tutors are professional and really connect with the kids. If there is a tutor that isn't working well with the kid due to methods, they find a new one. We recommend Tutor Doctor to everyone, especially Justin for math!!

    Melody G., Coaldale, AB
  • 5 Star Review

    Deah & David M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Our tutor Perry, is awesome! Always on time Always fun Our grandson loves him

    Tara S., Coutts, AB
  • Customized to each of my children. The tutor is amazing and flexible.

    Chelsea S., Coaldale, AB
  • 5 Star Rating

    Paul B., Lethbridge, AB
  • Colby’s grades continue to improve with Mahala’s help. She is professional, yet down-to-earth and relatable. Colby’s teachers have both seen an increase in confidence in her while at school

    Jolene & Brandon B., Lethbridge, AB
  • The tutors are able to quickly associate with the student and keep them engaged!! Well done!!

    Doug & Jackie B., Coaldale, AB
  • Convenient in home tutoring with excellent tutors :)

    Jan & Roland M., Lethbridge, AB
  • 5 Star Rating

    KaSondra R., Brocket, AB, AB
  • Convenient, great tutor.

    Myra H., Pincher Creek, AB
  • 5 Star Rating

    Joanne H., Lethbridge County, AB
  • A great tutor-student match, time availability, tutoring tailored to individual students.

    Ana R., Lethbridge, AB
  • 5 Star Rating

    Anthony I., Coaldale, AB
  • Five star rating!

    Fee M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Flexibility and willingness to meet the student where they are at (both in location, and cognitive levels).

    Melissa & Ryan A., Coaldale, AB
  • She has connected to kynen and engaged him to learn to read

    Laura L., Lethbridge, AB
  • Great match with student and teacher

    Trevor & Paula H., Lethbridge, AB
  • Rated Tutor Doctor Lethbridge 10/10

    Lisa & Cory S., Lethbridge, AB
  • Colin has taken time to really get to know our son and understand how to help him engage with the learning rather than just 'get through it.' We are very impressed so far, and so grateful that Scott and the team at Tutor Doctor took the time to understand our family and how they could best support our kids' education.

    Karri F., Lethbridge, AB
  • Rated Tutor Doctor Lethbridge 10/10

    Cheryl R., Lethbridge, AB
  • Friendly, approachable and problem solvers if necessary.

    Colin & Susan J., Welling, AB
  • Rated Tutor Doctor 9/10 on survey

    Bobbi-Jo M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Rated Tutor Doctor Lethbridge 10/10 on Survey

    Nic B., Lethbridge, AB
  • A great fit with the tutor, consistency of tutor for last 2 years, personalized help

    Ana R., Lethbridge, AB
  • Friendly staff and the results

    Iain & Ruby P., Lethbridge, AB
  • 5 Star Rating

    Verna W., Stirling, AB
  • Our tutor Jamie D. Is simply a delight!

    Barb & Gary N., Lethbridge, AB
  • "I like the idea of having somebody to help me understand the concepts of the subject if the teacher was not clear. The tutors are prepared with proper materials, practice questions, and always on time."

    Domina B, Lethbridge, AB
  • "Tutor doctor is personalized to meet each students needs. They build a one on one rapport that is essential to the growth and confidence building of each student."

    Carolyn D, Lethbridge, AB
  • "My daughter has come a long way with the help from Joanna fantastic tutor it was a great fit from the tutor doctor great work "

    Kevin G, Shaughnessy, AB
  • "Chris is absolutely amazing with my son and his marks are skyrocketing!”

    Randi S, Lethbridge, AB
  • "My son worked with 2 different Tutors and he liked them both! Kamille and Heather were very patient and kind. They helped him gain back his confidence in the short time they worked with him. On the last 3 quizzes/tests he achieved over 80%!!!!!!= Very pleased with his success and the amazing help he received!”

    Nadine D, Coaldale, AB
  • "We love that you found the right tutor that will work best with our child. ”

    Tanya H, Lethbridge, AB
  • "That the tutor comes to our house. ”

    Corey D, Coaldale, AB
  • "How flexible my tutor is”

    Liza P, Lethbridge, AB
  • "The match they made for my son and the results we have had. My son has renewed confidence! Thank you!”

    Tara L, Lethbridge, AB
  • "Very awesome people to work with who are very knowledgeable and helpful ”

    Anita H, Coaldale, AB
  • "In home tutoring & friendly and personable tutor”

    Roxanne S, Lethbridge, AB
  • "Worth every penny. Every tutor has been great and has gone the extra mile to help my daughter learn to her full potential. Thank you. ”

    Crystal C, Lethbridge, AB
  • "thank you! Everything is good!”

    Susanna G, Lethbridge, AB
  • "Excellent tutor matches, convenient scheduling and location”

    Jan M, Lethbridge, AB
  • "Good matching of tutor with student. Also, great communication between Tutor Doctor and client. Thank you!”

    Marlene M, Lethbridge, AB
  • "They come to our home & I don't have to drive anywhere”

    Dean C, Lethbridge, AB
  • "Personalized tutoring and knowledgeable tutors ”

    Mat G, Lethbridge, AB
  • "Our tutor Kirsten is the best! She is very professional, on time and prepared. Our son adores her and she has built a wonderful relationship with him. He has made incredible gains in the time she has worked with him and we could not be happier!”

    Carolyn D, Lethbridge, AB
  • "Friendly, patient and getting the reports.”

    Kevin G, Lethbridge, AB
  • The friendly tutors and the flexibility.

    Iain & Ruby P., Lethbridge, AB
  • Tutor comes to the house.

    Marlene & Greg C., Lethbridge, AB
  • The match you made was perfect - quality and connection is so effective! My son’s confidence and behaviour in school has grown significantly.

    Tara L., Lethbridge, AB
  • Committed tutors who have been helpful to our kids.

    Mike & Corey D., Lethbridge, AB
  • 10/10

    Donna & Darrell N., Taber, AB
  • The one on one teaching time is invaluable. It Answers the questions that aren’t addressed in school.

    Clayton & Amie S., Lethbridge, AB
  • Matching a tutor with my child makes all the difference.

    Mat & Denise G., Lethbridge, AB
  • Friendly and supportive tutors. Office that understands our needs

    Jeanette & Grant D., Granum, AB
  • Our tutor is completely and totally knowledgeable and caring and attentive. She is a very hard worker and has been helpful beyond measure.

    Janet I., Lethbridge, AB
  • It was helped my daughter with her reading and math. The Tutors are very kind and professional.

    Bobbie & Craig D., Coaldale, AB
  • Very polite, and the fact that you care about the students and that your dedication to teaching is above par

    Jon S., Lethbridge, AB
  • Quick to fit with best match tutor with student. Thank you!

    Marlene M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Personal, one on one, come to your house

    Jolaine K., Lethbridge, AB
  • I appreciate the the commitment of the tutors to help better the students.

    Jaci Z., Lethbridge, AB
  • Very polite, and the fact that you care about the students and that your dedication to teaching is above par

    Jon S., Lethbridge, AB
  • Quick to fit with best match tutor with student. Thank you!

    Marlene M., Lethbridge, AB
  • All the tutors Max and I have utilized have been awesome. Our current tutor Jenna is amazing! As a parent, having in-home service is priceless.

    Kevin S., Lethbridge, AB
  • I like that they come to my house and work on current homework assignments and work on basics when that is done.

    Sherryl K., Lethbridge, AB
  • Individuality of supports

    Craig & Maria Johnson, Lethbridge, AB
  • We are happy with the match you found for our daughter.

    Joe & Courtney H., Lethbridge, AB
  • Excellent tutors, well matched to the child's learning style. Also love the convenience of the tutor coming to our home. :)

    Jan & Roland M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Effective, helpful, friendly service. Made a huge difference for our son.

    Kevin & Kara G., Lethbridge, AB
  • Excellent match for our son with the tutor, session reports and lots of contact to ensure we were happy

    Bobbi & Tim R., Lethbridge, AB
  • personalized to the student

    Mat & Denise G., Lethbridge, AB
  • Convenient and reliable.

    Jan & Roland M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They put together our options and found a great match in a very timely manner.

    Colin & Laura M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Great tutor! Ease of service.

    Angie & Gerard D., Lethbridge, AB
  • That they come to you

    Matt & Patricia B., Coaldale, AB
  • In home tutoring, friendly tutors, flexible schedule.

    Ilona & Andrew L., Lethbridge, AB
  • Its tailored to meet our son's needs. I like how involved you are with his school work. Every experience we have had has been positive.

    Cheryl & Cody M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Very open to scheduling and making sure sessions are getting in, with the option to add more if missed. Luke has been great at keeping in touch to ensure neither of our schedules change every week and is understanding even when we have been late a couple times. Also, the tutoring is helping so far and he has better marks and more confidence.

    Darrell C., Coaldale, AB
  • The time spent with my son has been invaluable. All of his skills have been dramatically improved including his school marks!!

    Doug & Jackie B., Coaldale, AB
  • Great timing, Isaiah's report card just arrived today and I had a meeting with his pediatrician this week and will meet with his teacher on Thursday. Isaiah has made incredible leaps and bounds and the tutoring has helped tremendously. After a long talk with the doctor, teacher, and Isaiah, we have decided to continue his tutoring until the end of May. In September, Isaiah is going to start ...

    Marie L.
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  • great tutor, flexibility

    Brett & Sheri H., Lethbridge, AB
  • The tutors are well matched to the students, and you are guaranteed to get the tutoring hours that you pay for.

    Rebecca & Justin T., Lethbridge, AB
  • I liked the personal attention and service of coming into my home and working one on one. I also liked the level of knowledge the tutor had.

    Jolaine Kunz, Lethbridge, AB
  • Warm, supportive and personalized customer service Prompt, effective, and efficient communication and follow through

    Tom & Melissa M., Lethbridge, AB
  • I love that the tutor comes to our home, on a schedule that works for us. Also, it's very helpful to get an objective opinion about our child's abilities.

    Jon & Lorien S., Lethbridge, AB
  • They employ great tutors that are always willing to work with your schedule. I have used tutor Doctor for all of my kids and I've never had one complain about going to a tutor which I find amazing. They know that they will learn something and it has made high school easier for them.

    Sheri E., Magrath, AB
  • Convenient. Great match found for our child

    Sandra & Tim L., Lethbridge, AB
  • The match up process, flexible times and the tutors knowledge and understanding.

    Deborah Z., Fort MacLeod, AB
  • When I phoned, you responded very quickly. Met with my daughter promptly. Got her started very fast with an awesome tutor. You are very friendly and easy to talk to and again my daughter's tutor is awesome.

    Judy & Allan M., Claresholm, AB
  • Personalized help

    Mat & Denise G., Lethbridge, AB
  • Flexibility

    Ryan & Tanya M., Lethbridge, AB
  • The tutor chosen for us is a great match for our son. She is patient and kind and knows the material very well. She has excellent strategies to help him.

    Karen V., Coaldale, AB
  • Convenient, effective, and professional

    Tom & Melissa M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Our tutor that we were matched with "Joanne", has been a blessing to us. She is a perfect match for our son. We find her encouraging, as well keeps Him on track! Thanks Kindly, Andrea Locke

    Andrea Locke, Lethbridge, AB
  • Quick, efficient matching for our daughter with the perfect chemistry tutor. Her confidence and marks have already improved. Thank you.

    Heather & Peter K., Lethbridge, AB
  • in-home services, young tutors, flexible schedule

    Ilona & Andrew L., Lethbridge, AB
  • Very professional, capable instructors and a real willingness to find a tutor that is the right fit for our daughter.

    Martine & Matt P., Lethbridge, AB
  • The individualized help and support for my child. I really like the reports after each session too.

    Cheryl & Cody M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Its friendly, insightful and helpful with studies.

    Mark & Jackie A., Lethbridge, AB
  • The convenience of having it at home

    Briane & Roger S., Coaldale, AB
  • I feel like they have taken time to find a tutor that would suite or needs both with the time and with finding a tutor that is good with my children.

    Katie & Steve G., Lethbridge, AB
  • How you match up the learning styles with appropriate tutors.

    Jim & Marianne V., Granum, AB
  • Professional, everything I was looking for and more.

    Stacey R., Lethbridge, AB
  • 5 Stars Rating

    Kym & Steven V., Lethbridge, AB
  • 5 Star Organization!

    Imam & Shabnam M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Tutor Doctor is amazing. Our daughter is in French immersion and we've noticed such an improvement since she's started with Jessie. She's kind, persistent and patient with our daughter. She makes learning fun and incorporates activities that she knows an active little girl will stay engaged with and not even realize she's learning in the process. Keep up the incredible work Jessie!!

    Sheri, Lethbridge, AB
  • So happy with Tutor Doctor. They really care about the students they work with, and have so many experienced people who really know their stuff. Having help at home is so convenient as well.

    Jennifer B., Lethbridge, AB
  • The pairing of tutors with the student one on one coaching

    Joe & Sarah H., Lethbridge, AB
  • I just wanted to give you an update that we are noticing an improvement in Isaiah being able to sound out words better. We really appreciate your experience and strategies so if there is anything you can suggest for us we would be happy to work on it. He seems to enjoy his time with you and is proud of himself for some of the concepts you have worked on together. I know literacy is a real struggle ...

    Marie L., Lethbridge, AB
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  • Our tutor is very on task. He comes with a plan and implements it. We've only had five or six sessions so far, but my son already wrote and did awesome on a math test!

    Brenda S.
  • It was helpful meeting at home!

    Sarah T.
  • If your not happy with your tutor, you can change it! It has to be a good fit!

    Shirley M., Lethbridge, AB
  • I have already recommended Tutor Doctor to others! Professionalism, Effectiveness, and Convenience!

    Tom & Melissa M., Lethbridge, AB
  • Professional!

    Sheri & Will W., Lethbridge, AB
  • The online is hard for little ones. We miss the in-person sessions due to COVID.

    Amy & Shawn H., Lethbridge, AB
  • If there were closer locations for us it would be easier and more convenient to meet, but I do understand the reasons there are not.

    Jeff & Lisa D., Claresholm, AB
  • 4 Star Review

    Vickie & Craig P., Lethbridge, AB
  • The tutor I was assigned rescheduled and cancelled a lot. However, when I brought this forward to the supervisor it was addressed appropriately and other options were presented.

    Amanda O., Taber, AB
  • 3 Star Rating

    Cheri G., Lethbridge