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Meet the Team At Tutor Doctor Gateway and East Mesa

Bill and Kim Rohr, OwnersBill and Kim Rohr, owners of Tutor Doctor Gateway

Our family lives in Eastmark and we have three children. Our daughter struggled academically since Kindergarten, which was the first time we found out she was behind. At first we thought she was doing really well in school, as she was far ahead in comparison to where our son was at her age. However, with academics changing over the last several years, we learned she was very behind. With Kindergarten now being such a critical grade, we made the tough, heart aching decision to hold her back. We hoped that would provide the solution to help her catch up to her peers.

As the years progressed, she could not catch up and continued to fall further and further behind. It broke our hearts to see her frustrated with school and going from being someone who aspired to become a teacher and loved school, to telling us she did not feel like going anymore. Her anxiety increased, she was crying at school for unknown reasons and homework was an impossible task. It was breaking our hearts to see how our daughter’s struggle with her academics was affecting her confidence and mental health. In Second Grade our daughter was diagnosed with a learning disability in reading and math, a memory processing disorder and challenges with speech. This news was tough but we felt having a diagnosis would at least lead us closer to a solution. She was placed on an IEP at the end of second grade and began receiving extra services at school.

The teachers at her school were amazing and provided as much help as they possibly could but we knew our daughter needed more in order to help her catch up, as we were 3 years behind at this point. We did not know where to turn to find the right academic support for her. As busy parents who worked outside the home, with three children of various ages, and lots of activities, we did not feel tutoring outside the home was a viable option for her and for us. For those dual working parents or busy stay at home moms, you can empathize with the fact that your time is limited and your children are most comfortable at home. We knew a private tutor was probably the best solution but we did not know where to find one and if we found a tutor, how would be sure they were qualified and capable to help our child succeed.

In researching solutions, we found Tutor Doctls to develop or. We learned that Tutor Doctor partners with local schooa personalized plan for each student that is aligned with the school’s curriculum and that they provide tutoring around the families’ schedule and in the comfort of their home. We fell in love with the solution Tutor Doctor provided. We saw a way we could not only help our daughter but als0 help other parents facing similar challenges.

Our daughter is now doing grade level work. In spending 2 hours per week with her tutor, she was able to catch up to her peers. We have been able to see firsthand how 1-1, personalized instruction from a qualified tutor can truly change a child’s life. Our daughter no longer needs therapy for her anxiety, home-work is much easier and she truly looks forward to school every single day due her increased confidence.

Over the last year and a half we have been able to use our experience with our daughter and what we have learned through our training and expertise as Educational Consultants to help over 100 families. We have had the privilege to serve each of these families and bring a solution to help change the trajectory of their children’s lives. The stories we have heard and the challenges our students have faced is heartbreaking. It is truly a gift to us to be able to that SOLUTION for a child!

If our story resonates with you and you are looking for the RIGHT solution for your child, call us today at (602) 497-1015, to schedule your free phone consultation.

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