Private In-Home & Online Tutoring in Oshkosh

Helping Student Find Long-Term Academic Success

Students who have difficulties in the classroom rarely share similar backgrounds, ages, or learning conditions to create a specific profile. The truth is, any student—regardless of demographic or socioeconomic status—can struggle to understand and retain important concepts in the classroom. Fortunately, parents don’t have to watch their children get frustrated or angry with a lack of comprehension.

At Tutor Doctor Fox Valley we use our expertise and knowledge of various subjects to support students when they’re having a tough time in school. As a locally owned business in Oshkosh backed by a name with over 20 years of tutoring experience, we have the knowledge and training to help your child overcome academic challenges, no matter the particular subject. Our private tutoring services are designed to create a comfortable and safe space for students to build confidence and understanding.

Our in-home and online tutors can support students in the following subjects:

  • Math
  • English & Humanities Studies
  • Spanish
  • French
  • ESL
  • Test Prep
  • Science

This list doesn’t even cover the specific programs these subjects fall under. Whether your child is in elementary school and needs help with math or you’re going back to school for an advanced degree and need test preparation tutoring, Tutor Doctor can help!

How We Match Our Students & Tutors

The student-tutor relationship is very important in determining a student’s overall success in the classroom and beyond. This is one reason we take the matching process so seriously.

We match your child with a tutor by considering:

  • Current academic struggles in a particular (or multiple) subjects
  • Personality and how they learn best
  • Preferred learning environment
  • Our tutors’ years of experience in the specific problem area

We have had great success matching students and rarely has there been a situation where we’ve had to reassign a tutor. However, if this is the case, we can do this easily to mitigate interruption to your student’s success.

Tutor Doctor has supported more than 200,000 students in gaining confidence in the classroom, and that is a testament to the 24,000+ tutors we’ve worked within 15 countries. Our local Oshkosh team can’t wait to assist your student.

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