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  • Tutor Doctor is everything our family needed! We wanted to keep the skills of our children sharp over the long summer months, and their tutor helps them with that beautifully. The truly enjoy their time with her. Every aspect of the process, from scheduling to billing to the actual tutoring, has been top-notch.

    Eliza K.
  • Tudo Doctors had a great consultation to determine the best options and tutor to be placed with my daughters based on her needs. The tutor selected for my daughters are highly qualified individuals.

    Lisa & Jess W.
  • Aaron was great to work with and really helped Adam!

    Ericka & Eric M.
  • Takes place in your home and they are very accommodating to your schedule and needs.

    Damon P.
  • Fast. Personal attention. Great tutors.

    Theresa & Jack G.
  • That they come to our house and it is one less time we have to leave the house. My daughter looks forward to her time with the tutor at our house.

    Holly C.
  • I love the convenience, the tutor, and that while my child has improved his grades, he has also improved his behavior. I'm so excited for his future and even he says that his tutor Kyla shown him that learning can be fun. His academic confidence bleeds into everything else now. THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!

    Latrice L.
  • It is wonderful to have a 3rd party person involved in our daughter's on-line High School education! Doing it all herself at home is not easy but having Tutor Doctor help her achieve her goals is wonderful!

    Wendy K.
  • Commitment to excellence

    Stephen A.
  • The tutors that came into my home to help my kids were fantastic! They are teaching them in a way that fits with each one's learning style and talking to them on their level. My youngest stuggles with math and since she has been tutoring with Mrs. Kathleen she actually seems to be enjoying her math assignments. I am so thankful for the help of this company. Teri F.

    Teri F.
  • We really liked how it was a individual approach on areas of weakness. This approach allowed for targeted improvement and both of my kids improved their scores quit a bit and I don't think they would have done as well in a group class setting. This improvement in ACT scores along with strong GPS will qualify them for merit scholarships!! Definitely worth the investment!!

    Kathy J.
  • The Academic Planning Book.

    Bri & Joe M.
  • Excellent

    Farhan J.
  • I like the structure of the program and Kevin has been great! We've used your services for about a month now and my daughter's confidence level has increased. I look forward to seeing how much more her confidence increases over the next several weeks. So far so good!

    Kathy S.
  • AdAm really cares about Alex's well being I appreciate the extra effort he goes to for him.

    Jim & Tami K.
  • We like the flexibility and we are very happy with our daughter's chemistry tutor.

    Claudia R.
  • Charlie is great!!!!

    Dianna H.
  • I've had a great experience overall & feel Tutor Doctor has made my family a priority & truly cares about helping us. We always get a quick response & great customer service.

    Crystal A.
  • Focus on a great student match and outcome based tutoring. Very caring tudors and a support staff that strives to work with families to achieve goals.

    Tom & Kathleen N.
  • Our tutor, Liz, is awesome. Our son is responding to her terrifically and his grades and confidence are improving. She is super easy to work with also.

    Scott & T.J. S.
  • the convenience of coming to the house.

    Scott B.
  • Knowledge and patience

    Mythe D.
  • It's easy-we tell you what we want and they do all the work. I don't have time to find a tutor on my own. I like the session reports and the tutors have been great

    Berlissa A.
  • Puntuality,responsability,commitmen,williness to extrech to have our kids getting the big picture. We have the best tutor!

    Melissa V.
  • The tutor for our daughter is just awesome. We could not be happier.

    Deb & John C.
  • The tutor you matched for our son is a perfect fit! My husband and I could not be more pleased with how much this has benefited our son.

    Mary & Kevin T.
  • Emily's tutor has been really easy to work with. She's been on time, flexible when there were weather problems (they did a session using FaceTime that worked out well, and has connected with our daughter.

    Kris & Bob K.
  • Our current tutor is very punctual and helpful. Our son really likes meeting with his tutor and feels that it has been very beneficial. Although not every tutor has been helpful, Tutor Doctor has always been responsive to our concerns and worked to connect us with a better tutor.

    Teresa A.
  • We really like the simplicity of the process. Everything has gone smoothly from the beginning and it takes the worry out of the process.

    Traci & Jim P.
  • The background check and search for applicants is provided by your company, which makes selecting a suitable candidate easier.

    Shawishi & Chris C.
  • Convenience, professional and tailored to our individual needs.

    Amy N.
  • Already have.

    Susan N.
  • Beth has helped my son trmendiously with his online classes.

    Kristi G.
  • Tutor doctor took the time to listen to our concerns, meet our child, assess his needs and match our son with an excellent tutor. We appreciate the immediate feedback after each session and the clear concise and helpful communication sent by tutor doctor via email.

    Anne & Noel G.
  • Good tutors. If you have an issue they rectify either by addressing straight on or replace the tutor. Very responsive.

    Jeanne & Kurt D.
  • I like how well you matched a tutor to my grandson. and I like how you check up to see if they ate still compatible. Thank you for this great service that has helped the stress level in our home.

    Ron & Deb C.
  • She is fun with my son, he feels comfortable and helps him.

    Silvia P.
  • Flexible, able to meet at kids homes, variety of tutors to meet kids needs.

  • Professional, reliable, convenient and my daughter is very happy with her tutor. We have been very pleased.

    Alicia C.
  • Brian is excellent. He is supportive, explains things very well, and is flexible in how I learn.

    Cristy R.
  • interview process at beginning to select tutor that fits student's needs; flexible scheduling

    Tina & David B.
  • Very friendly, personal service. They have gone above and beyond in trying to meet needs of my student.

    Robin & David L.
  • Tutor comes to us. Feedback is provided after each session. Tutor has been flexible with schedule when needed.

    Dawn & Scott C.
  • Gabby! :) Gabby is a wonderful tutor that fits really well with my daughter. Seriously, what I mostly like about Tutor Doctor is the personalized service, I feel like they are taking the time to get to know the student and do the best they can to support her and the family.

    Caroline & Francois G.
  • I like that the lessons are very personalized and only spend time on the things the student is having a hard time with. Also, scheduling is very easy!

    Madeira F.
  • Gabby is great ! They matched her perfectly with our son . She is positive and is very knowledgable!

    Ceara & Nick A.
  • Very Professional yet down to earth. Cortney has really helped Matthew a lot.

    Jacque & Dave A.
  • Matching the tutor's skill AND personality with our daughter has been a huge key to her progress. Also: having the tutor come to our home is crucial (dual working parents with long commute for Mom).

    Michelle & Mitch W.
  • Convenience, efficiency, professionalism, kind and understanding teachers.

    Holly & Jason E.
  • Sonya takes her time to work with Alayna. Shouts tens and makes recommendtions.

    Deanna & Corbin C.
  • We love Jeannette Bui and tutor Dr works hard to set up a tutor with our busy schedule.

    Brian & Dawn C.
  • Brittany!

    Patricia K.
  • Come to the house One on one Working on homework Making my child accountable

    Sally Q.
  • Ellen and Lirel are great tutors with flexibility and make learning enjoyable for our son!

    Penny & Greg V.
  • It's 1 on 1 and you come to our house!

    Kristy & Steve H.
  • Teachers are very professional and very dedicated to the special needs we have

    Javier G.
  • Our tutor, Amy seems like she was absolutely hand-picked for our daughter. What a great fit!

    Tracey & Marc B.
  • We like a number of things about the Tutor Doctor so far. First, you found the perfect personality match with Lance. Parker is a young, smart, athletic man who can relate to Lance because he has a brother his age. Also, Parker uses every second very efficiently. There is no wasted time. Second, I like that we prepaid so that we don't have to deal with checks, etc. at the time of the lessons. ...

    Susan & Keith T.
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  • I haven't been with them long but my daughter is enjoying math much more! They are very willing to help in anyway.

    Khalila S.
  • Love the fact that you all come and assess the personality of the child to make a great match.

    Liz & Tom K.
  • It has only been 2 weeks since our tutor started and our daughter's progress report has improved. Ann is wonderful and we feel so blessed to have her in Grazia's life.

    Suzie & Ken R.
  • Tutor Doctor helps to find the best tutor.

    Paramjeet & Gurdershan S.
  • Perfect fit for my sons needs! So pleased!

    Monica A.
  • The service is doing every thing we had hoped. Our sons grades are up he has more free time. He has learned how to work independently and is on the cusp of making the honor roll for the first time.

    Heidi & Jim W.
  • professional

    Mariano & Vanine D.
  • Taylored to my child specifically, vs. in a classroom with others. Personal attention. Plus, easier on our schedule for a tutor to meet at our house.

    Micki & John M.
  • You guys are so great matching tutors with a student's needs!

    Susan & Charlie H.
  • My daughter's tutor is truly dedicated to helping her be successful in Math, Algebra etc. She is highly skilled and knows how to teach my child unlike any math teacher she has ever had. My daughter felt that she did not need her tutor this year so we let it go until her first grades were posted. She was getting a C in Algebra so we called Tami and she came to her rescue. Two weeks later her grade ...

    Dina B.
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  • Great tutors that have flexibility.

    Pam & Jon V.
  • The process of obtaining a tutor was efficient, and my son LOVES his tutor. He has shown huge improvement in just two weeks!

    Kate & Galen B.
  • I love that the tutors go directly to the child's home. They have been flexible about timing. Always show up on time.

  • I love that the tutor comes to my house and customizes sessions based on my daughter's current needs.

    Sharon N.
  • I loved the fact that the owner herself showed up at my door and met my husband and I and then our 7 yr old son! She waled us through the whole program! It was really inspiring how interested she was to help and match us with just the right person for our son, who struggles with ADHD and some sensory issues! Our Tutor Kelly has been amazing! Our son reads more has better skills and improved ...

    Tiffany & Ryan W.
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  • The tutors come to our home and make it a less stressful environment.

    Jill S.
  • Honest, helpful, consistent and punctual.

    Isaac V.
  • My son has learned more in 6 hours with his tutor than 2 years with his current jr high math teacher. I am impressed beyond belief.

    Mary & David H.
  • Tucker love when Lonnie come he can't wait til the next visit! He is doing great and you can see his enthusiasm about read growing!!! he read every day to his little sisters and loves reading to his cousins and his aunt. Lonnie s amazing and I also giving him praise in front of him and knows letting him know how well he is doing . She also does great at challenging him more each week and keep his ...

    Jessie L.
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  • One on one & you come to us.

    Angela G.
  • Matching my child with a tutor that understands the way he learns makes a big difference.

    Trish M.
  • Your tutor was exactly what was necessary to help my granddaughter over a rough spot. She was very professional, always called if there was a scheduling problem and my student found her very, very helpful. Thank You J Anderson

    Judith A.
  • we really loved Lisa She was kind sensitive interesting and drew out the best of Clare G¦¬ She was also flexable

    Susan M.
  • Quality of instructors, ease of having someone come to your house, and professional yet personal service.

    Barbara & Bill A.
  • We can interview different tutors until we find one that matches our needs.

    Tami L.
  • the one on one teaching experience that my child is getting

    Desiree G.
  • The tutor's have been great!

    Sue & Erol K.
  • We like our new tutor. She is wonderful.

    Traci & Jon R.
  • You have been very responsive to us and have made excellent matches.

    Martia K.
  • Caroline is magnificent

    Don O.
  • The tutors have been very helpful for my son and daughter and made a significant difference in their grades and confidence with school. Also, you have been very flexible and helpful with tough kid schedules to accommodate and always managed to find the right tutor for the right time. Thank you! Janet Holt

    Janet H.
  • I love the convenience of Tutors coming into home to work with child. and we have a FABULOUS tutor!!!

  • Large variety of activities presented to get the job done. No time for my student to get bored in the hour's time together.

  • We have just begun, however, i am thrilled my daughter actually understands the subject matter and is not simply memorizing it. our tutor is a joy.

    Rose P.
  • I love that it is tailored around what my daughter needs. Grace's tutor has been amazing! She has built a wonderful relationship with Grace and is a partner with Grace in meeting her learning goals. She makes learning math fun and has built up my daughter's self esteem as well as her math ability. I wasn't sure at first which company to go with, but I am thrilled with the choice I made. The ...

    Julie & Eric D.
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  • Responsive, professional, organized. The two different tutors we've worked with are great. My daughter went from panicking about not knowing Alg II AT ALL to making a 97 on the test the following day. No joke.

    Mary & Steve D.
  • The convenience of a home tutor and positive experience I have had with Graciella

    Jasmine M.
  • Very efficient and good follow through and organization. My daughter's have been very thankful to have such great tutors.

    Lisa & Lyle H.
  • We especially like that the tutor comes to our home, and that the tutor is matched to our daughter. The tutor is friendly, smart and flexible with our schedule, as she has Skyped when the weather was bad. The staff is helpful, and follows up with a detailed report after each session, along with the remaining hours available. We are thrilled with our tutor!

    Marla R.
  • I like the fact that you come to the home where the cold feels comfortable. Also how you take the time to find a good match for the child.

    Lydia & Aaron
  • all of the tutors we have had a are great

    Joyce H.
  • Availability! courtesyand flexibility

    Chad & Tonya G.
  • We love the fact that the tutors are certified educators. Each tutor has a different approach but they all have an enormous number of tools in their box for helping a struggling child understand a concept. They know exactly what the child needs to be working on in their grade level. We know the specialized training that educators go through to learn how to guide a child and we see that making a ...

    Heather & Tom S.
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  • When it's the right tutor, it's amazing. Sometimes you have to work to find that right match but it's worth it.

    Laura T.
  • I like tutor Doctor because the flexibility on their schedule and its really affordable. We Love Mrs Tina she is a wonderful tutor.

    Saida & Ubaldo A.
  • The fact that not only do you match the tutor in the field of study that my child needed but the personality of the tutor as well.

    Christine & Lance S.
  • Great customer service and thoughtful consideration for client's needs

    Karla & Jeff J.
  • Still too early but I love my tutors personal touch with my son. I like the open communication with your business and I'm am starting to see results.

    Malcolm & Tina B.
  • flexibility of my son's tutor and responsible behavior.

    Muhammad & Shireen K.
  • The feedback I get from the sessions are excellent.

    David W.
  • The tutors are great and very flexible. I have never loose my hours and they work with me

    Hilda & Dan G.
  • Attention to the detail my son requires, as it pertains to his specific needs - the pairings of tutors is awesome! We have had 3 so far, and all 3 have been extreamly favorable! Yay for Tutor Doctor - Didn't hurt that my sons Algebra grade went from a 37% to his final year end grade of 89%!

    Susie & Brian W.
  • De is amazing she explains everything with great detail.

    Miriam R.
  • Your tutors for one. Ellen is perfect for Kolya. She has taught reluctant readers before and I love the books she has chosen for him to read this summer! I like the weekly updates I get via email.

    Joe H.
  • That you guys meet the needs of our teens . Jen has been great with Taeveon we love her

    Tangerneeka B.
  • The friendly people and great tutors

    Chris & Cathy M.
  • Quality tutors, flexibility of how to use the hours. Easy to work with overall.

    Randy & Kristin N.
  • I was matched up with a great tutor. He was not only patient with me, but also willing to take the time to figure out my learning style. It was also nice that he had a flexible schedule so if there was a test coming up or some difficult homework we could have more sessions or we would meet for longer periods of time.

    Mandy M.
  • Alli is very knowlegeable about all the school subjects, specially math. Alli is able to provide study tips to my son Jared for after and during school hours. Alli communicates well with Jared and is able to explain challenging homowork to him.

    Terrie S.
  • Flexible, home visits. knowledgeable staff, friendly tutor that my daugher easily connected with & feels comfortable with.

    Lorri & Eric V.
  • I thought that it would be difficult to find a tutor for Organic Chem II, but you did it. My son's first tutor worked very hard with him, but due to illness, had to quit just a few weeks before the final. You were able to find another tutor for him, who has worked with him for 3 sessions, 2 more scheduled this week before the final. My son says that she's good. So I guess doing almost the ...

    Ann & Whitney T.
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  • I love my son's tutor, she is very great!!! I am very thankful for your service.

    Shaquana A.
  • I really like our tutor. His flexibility has been great and he's made a great connection with our son. He's also very knowledgable.

    Jennifer & Derek B.
  • All the tutors you recommend are very effective and easy to work with.

    Damon & Demi C.
  • Fast response to needs, quality tutors, you do selection and scheduling.

    Gervaise D.
  • The tutors who have worked with my son are excellent and have helped him significantly in improving his methods in completing his algebra 2/trig work. He has learned tools to implement when doing his homework an taking teats

    Nancy & Darren B.
  • Convenient and tutors are great with the kids.

    Kim & Mike W.
  • The Tutor

    Lisa S.
  • Fast, met my need, great assessment to realy understand the situation and recommended the right tutor for my daughter- Molly!

    Sheridan W.
  • The convenience. As well as the email in which I can read what was covered

    Nadia Z.
  • I like that tutor doctor has been responsive to my feedback and has worked hard to find the best possible match for my sons' tutoring needs. Nicole is fantastic with my sons. She is patient and understanding, dedicated and she has high expectations for my boys. She works very well with them.

    Kristi B.
  • Terri is so great, punctual, great attitude, helpful and flexible.

    Kelly P.
  • Very efficient, customer-focused and professional

    Lucie & Stephen L.
  • Helpful,professional and fun at the same time

    Galina & Mikhail M.
  • Our kids have been learning French from a professional educator trained and native from France over the past several years through Tutor Doctor. The quality of the Tutors is outstanding. Tutor Doctor understands that it's all about perfectly matching the tutor with the family's needs, and making learning a fun experience. You have helped make a huge difference in our kids education. Thank you so m ...

    Richard & Lisa R.
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  • You did a great job looking for a match and took the time to make that happen. I have not been with Dillon or the Tutor, but he is enjoying and a good fit. He is eager to reap the benefits as he says he has learned a lot in the first week.

    Chuck B.
  • The tutor we have is outstanding!! my sons grade has gone from a 35% F to a mid level C in just 3 weeks. We are very pleased with our experience.

    Jennifer & Mike G.
  • Tutors come to u

    Larry & Nancy W.
  • Service /quick response/right teachers

    Kitu G.
  • Great tutor, always on time, get along very well with my daughter.

    Lorena M.
  • Fabulous tutors, impeccably qualified and relate well to my daughter!!

    Susan S.
  • Shannon spent enough time assessing my daughter and we could not have been happier with the tutor she was matched with. My daughter made tremendous progress in her math class and while math is still her least favorite subject, she now has the confidence and patience to work through the problems.

    Stacy K.
  • I love the consistency of your service, the punctuality of you and your tutors, the quality of tutors and how they 'fit' with my kids and expectations!

    Deborah J.
  • I love that you guys come to my daughter for her sessions. I love that she is learning and gets along well with her tutor. I also love that if I need help with payment you guys are willing to work with me. The program over all is amazing!

    Cocoya H.
  • Love the reports emailed to me weekly and the quality of our tutor.

    Brian & Jen F.
  • Terry Doyle is a great tutor!

    Patricia M.
  • Personalized, at home service.

    Julie O.
  • I love the Excitement our tutor brings to each session. I love the individualization of the lessons and that she changes her lessons based on our kids needs.

    Lindsey & Jason C.
  • This service is extremely professional. The tutors were prompt, easy to work with, very knowledgable and connected well with my daughter. The results after just a few weeks of tutoring was improved grades on tests and final exams and final semester grades. Having this service took an awful lot of pressure off of our daughter and us as well. The structured one on one attention can't be beat!

    Marcia & Rob M.
  • you come to my home. you are on time or call. you do an effective job

    Lois M.
  • great communication and followup

    Jesse & Molly W.
  • I like that the tutors are qualified and kind. They work well with kids and come to our home. I have seen dramatic improvement in my sons reading ability. I am very pleased.

    Serenity B.
  • We love that you come to the home and its 1 on 1. With my sons ADHD he has been able to keep up with the class a lot better.

    Tracy W.
  • It's in your own home and the tutors are great

    Pam H.
  • We have already recommended Tutor Doctor to a friend. Attentive tutor providing personalized service in a friendly and interesting manner.

    Helen & Andy O.
  • The company does a good job in matching the tutor's style with the learning style of the student. I also find the tutor's well versed in the subject matter. Finally, the tutor's are prompt and responsive.

    Leslie & Matt S.
  • Loved the one-on-one with the teacher. So easy to have him come to our home. Chris was very friendly and professional!

    Jeannine & Kip K.
  • I like having the tutor coming to our home and trying to match the student's needs and personality to the right tutor.

    Kim F.
  • Tutors have been very responsible and and easy to work with.

    Anne & Russ K.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our house, she is absolutely wonderful. My children love Kami, she really connects with them and is very knowledgeable in all areas of their school work!

    Ann P.
  • We love Makaela Larson, she is the best. She works well with our teenage daughter and even did a session with our 9 year old. Our Daughter's grade went from a C to a B to an A in 3 quarters. I would highly recommend her.

    Lisa M.
  • We had a wonderful experience with our tutor. He was patient, knowledgeable and on time!

    Penny S.
  • Very prompt and taylored to individuell needs!

    Gerhild B.
  • Shannon Spence has been so responsive. She seems to really care about my son's well being, love of learning and academic success. The tutors are equally great. They are experienced teachers who are flexible in modifying their teaching style to my son's teaching needs. I appreciate their interaction with my son's school.

    Deb P.
  • The tutor is a perfect match for our child. they have developed a great working relationship and we are pleased with the results so far!

    Michael & Sharon W.
  • I enjoyed the young lady that did my tutoring but I needed someone to talk French on a daily basis!

    Lou W.
  • The quality of the service and the convenience of it being provided in my home. Jen really optimizes her time while with my children and we have all seen a noticeable improvement. My boys have a greater feeling of mastery and satisfaction with the subjects Jen tutors them in.

    Victoria & Daniel G.
  • The math tutor that helped my son was very knowlegeable and helped my son get the grade in math he wanted.

    David P.
  • Thank you for your prompt attention. Gabe was terrific. Professional and helpful at getting to key focus areas. If we need a full prep course for the ACT will definately be in touch!

    Kevin M.
  • I like the quickness of your service. When I called, you called right back and scheduled an appointment and by the next week Lauryn met with her tutor. The tutor was right on time and stayed the full hour and really helped Lauryn with her questions and homework. Thank you so much!

    Kristen D.
  • Very personal service and the detailed follow up reports.

    Becky & Jon W.
  • One on one tutoring, try to match best tutor for student's specific needs and tutoring at home.

    Michelle S.
  • Our tutor was excellent, and I really appreciated the flexibility with the packages and hours.

    Andrea L.
  • You took the time to find just the right tutor for our son

    Cate & Eric A.
  • What I like most about Tutor Doctor is its promptness and concern for the student's success.

    Mary S.
  • Professional, dedicated and knowledgable

    Stephanie B.
  • You made a perfect match when you put Gwynne with our son. They have a strong connection and work well together.

    Susan & Robin R.
  • Met with our child and chose the perfect tutor. We are very happy with our child's progress.

    Doreen & Ted E.
  • Very capable tutors. Management is responsive & caring.

    Jim & Rebecca W.
  • Tutor Doctor took the time to get to know our daughter and her needs. They matched us perfectly with a great tutor.

    Rich & Allison M.
  • The quality of the tutor and the at home service.

    Rich & Kimberly B.
  • Their tutors have age appropriate tools and techniques to most effectively help individuals learn in a personalized approach that is most suitable.

    Monica K.
  • The tutor is very responsible and competent...

    Patrick & Sheryle G.
  • We like the tutor coming to our house. Also, the effort spent to find a suitable tutor has worked out really well.

    Katie & Neal M.
  • Our tutor Natalie is wonderful, she helps our son with math, science, and English, but more importantly, she supports him in his organizational skills. My son is feeling empowered to keep tabs on his assignments and is more successfully completing things and getting them turned in.

    Rhianna & Bishop B.
  • took guesses out of our work. it was nice to know that you took care of finding a tutor that is compatible with our child.

    Chu S.
  • I like how easy and quick it is to speak with Tutor Doctor staff and how well the tutor is doing with my daughter. It was a great match and we are already seeing improvement with her school and homework.

    Damillah W.
  • Convenience of tutor coming to our home. Easy scheduling.

    Eric & Jennifer R.
  • Organizationally focused, as well as academically. Great customer service and frequent check-ins. Parents have input and control over the tutoring sessions and the tutor can manage things like checking grades on Parent Portal.

    Stacia & Scott B.
  • tutoring at home on my schedule

    Cindy F.
  • my son has responded well to his tutor, Bemi. I really like that she comes to our house.

    Cathy & Mark M.
  • I love the convenience of having someone come to our home. Not having to rush around to get my son to tutoring after school.

    Diana & Matt S.
  • Tutor doctor was very profesional and helpful when it came to matching me up with one of their tutors. They chose the perfect tutor for me that tutored me in a variety of ways. The tutor came ready to work and maintained an enthusiastic attitude throughout the duration of the sessions.

    Jared C.
  • Easy to contact. Great tutors, great network of people.

  • Timely, Responsive. Matched with a good tutor who demonstrated willingness to learn about out child and work to tailor tutoring to his needs. Like that its at our house.

    Michelle & David F.
  • Tailored to the student; in the student home.

    Jim & Teresa C.
  • Assigned tutor

    Karen & Michael G.
  • it works with our time schedule

    Jayne & Matt W.
  • It's much more convenient having someone come to the house. I also like the reports after each session. It gives me an idea of the progress my daughter is making.

    Cathy & Jeff V.
  • The convenience plus the English tutor and the math/science tutor have both been lovely! Spanish we were notsolucky... She kept scheduling so we would go to destination and then she wouldn't be there... Eventually we found our own so it all worked out:)

    Donna & Jeff C.
  • We like that the tutor comes to our home!

    Kari S.
  • That you're flexible and willing to listen to different ideas.

    Wilmot P.
  • The tutors we have used have been uniformly strong and personable.

    Janet & Sean S.
  • Quality of tutor, fits my needs, reliable, flexible.

    David & Myrna S.
  • The custom fit services for my child.

    Susan O.
  • So far I am happy with the tutor.she is working hard with the girls and I think my daughters are also happy with their tutor.The best thing I like is the x-skills book because it helps them to be more organised.

    Rubina & Roger W.
  • You guys are great! Very helpful and willing to do what it takes to help our kid with his math struggles. Thank you for all your support!

    Marla & Trent C.
  • Clear definition and expectation. Sessions reports in a timely manner. However the fee is steep, wish it was a little less so could afford to get more.

    Thieu B.
  • I believe the tutor listened to our concerns and tailored the tutoring to our student's needs.

    Renee J.
  • I like that my son receives one on one help in our home.

    Tom & Katie D.
  • Efficient, helpful, working for my daughterssuccess

    Maureen & Tim D.
  • friendly, very eager to make sure that my child's needs are met, pricing is reasonable

    Juanita & James S.
  • Feel that Gabe does a very good job communicating to the girls in a way they can understand. Results have been positive.

    John & Corrine S.
  • ease of scheduling, kind and helpful service

    Cecily Y.
  • Sean has been really flexible with the finals week and Ariel is really enjoying her time with him as well.

    Virginia N.
  • Comes to our house. Adapts to the curriculum.

    Kelley & Karl P.
  • Right now we really like our tutor

    Cynthia W.
  • I really like that you offer tutoring services in our home.

    Moria & Brian C.
  • At home service, flexible scheduling, good tutors

    Waseem K.
  • You are very helpful and flexible! Getting my stuff done is easier than ever!

  • I like the in-home service and the personal attention given to my student and her needs. She has a great rapport with her tutor and looks forward to her sessions. My impression is that her self-confidence in math is improving and most importantly - if she's happy (which she is), then I'm happy!

    Lisa & Tomo W.
  • Ongoing feedback, easy to correspond with and get questions/concerns addressed. Flexibility to change strategies if needed.

    Tim & Anna M.
  • Flexibility in working with us to find a right fit session package!

    Molly B.
  • I liked that it was so quick - we needed a tutor and you guys got it all done very fast. Also, you listened to what kind of tutor I thought would be the best match for my son and you found that tutor. The tutor was a great young woman and worked well with my son.

    Anne G.
  • The tutor is very prompt, helpful, on topic, listen to any concern from a child

    Olga K.
  • Communication is simple and concise. You also have highly qualified tutors.

    Tania D.
  • Shannon Spence took a lot of time to meet us and get to know my daughter, assess her abilities, and come to understand her needs. She now has two different tutors for different subjects. Both tutors come well prepared, do detailed reports of how each session went, do a variety of activities, and work well with my daughter's learning style and personality.

    Suzanne G.
  • I like how the tutor comes to our house & Jamie is great with Carson! She also involves my other son to join in at times! I'm extremely happy how Shannon worked with splitting my payment into 2 payments every month to make sure Carson was able to get the tutoring he needs!

    Kari & Bill G.
  • I like the flexibility of times.

    Rebecca D.
  • reliable, professional, competent

    Margarita G.
  • Tutor Doctor has competent tutors that easily relate to my teenage daughter. Our current tutor is very encouraging yet specifies the specific areas that she needs to focus on. I always look forward to receiving the weekly progress reports.

    Joe & Mercedes A.
  • We love Melissa, our tutor! and the initial evaluation was great!

    Jill & William M.
  • Reporting after class is good.

    Jaeyoul & Younjung L.
  • My son's tutor, Terri, is very professional and knows her stuff, and yet is so relatable and pleasant to have in our home. She is encouraging to him and always gives him positive feedback on his work. We have just a few sessions left, but I will definitely request her again if the need arises.

    Gretchen S.
  • Conveneient and great tutor

    Bethany C.
  • We had a great experience with Tutor Doctor!

    Doug & Debbie K.
  • The teachers have alot of experience and very polite. Always on time, and know how to get the kids work. My daughter has a level of 38 in reading which is 3rd grade end of the year level. My son started to love to write and read, all because of Tutor doctor. I know that I don't have much money but I have to keep tutor doctor because they worth more then what they charge. I don't have no regret ...

    Rose D.
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  • The tutor was excellent - He was well-versed in all subjects and could really relate to our teenager. He made it seem cool to be smart and to study hard.

    Betsy & Steve B.
  • I wanted to let you know that Mollee went up by 4 points in math and 2 points in English on her last ACT. Her super score is a 27 now! I have been talking up the ACT tutoring to everyone. Thanks so very much!

    Kris C.
  • The professionalism and reliability of everyone we have been in contact with at Tutor Doctor has been great.

    Karen G.
  • I just wanted to send a quick note and tell you how impressed we are with Emily. She is a great tutor and has taken the initiative of contacting Lena's teacher when she has questions. She is flexible with our crazy schedule and Lena really likes her. We are extremely happy with the match.

    Delana M.
  • Easy to communicate with the tutor as well as the office personnel. I like that the tutor comes to the home for the session and the tutor is dedicated to the task at hand.

    Jean W.
  • We love Nancy. She is making a big difference.

    Sandra A.
  • They work with you one-on-one. They are reliable and try very hard to find a tutor that works around your schedule.

    Sarah D.
  • They deliver personal services that are tailored to each individual child.

    Barbara G.
  • I really love our Tutor Renee Farrar. She is really good and just a perfect fit for my daughter. I like the fact that the tutoring is one on one and in our home. I like the flexibility of using the hours when we need them and don't lose them. All and all we are very happy with Tutor Doctor. Thank you.

    Leslie & Craig G.
  • My daughter has done quite well with the extra help, we have been extremely happy with Tutor Doctor!

    Julie & Jack M.
  • Kristin is awesome with Mike.

    Julie C.
  • I like how they match your child with a great tutor and they are professional at what they do.

    Carolyn S.
  • Personal one-on-one services that are tailored to the students needs.

    Dennis G.
  • Caring and great service!

    Jayne F.
  • Tutor Doctor Denver and team are very helpful, caring and understanding.

    Lee Ann
  • Convenient, effective, and affordable. Our tutor has been a perfect match for our son and he is showing improvement already.

    Michelle O.
  • Personal. Great and professional tutors.

    Maud O.
  • The tutor comes to our home. The tutor is fabulous with my daughter. I think that she is highly qualified and friendly and focused. We really like her and my daughter's grades have been improving since we started with the Tutor Doctor.

    Leslie and Craig G.
  • I really appreciate the flexibility of working around our schedule. It has been very helpful for the tutor to come to us. The tutors are know their subjects are were able to help her get through.

    Lorene and Del W.
  • My daughter always seems to connect with the tutors you arrange for us.

    Christine S.
  • Our tutor, Meg was matched so well with my daughter. Thank you and we will be continuing to work with Meg starting in July.

    Carolyn S.