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Learn to Code with Tutor Doctor & Code Wiz this Summer!

After such a turbulent year, summer is a chance to relax and recharge – but with research showing that students can lose 30% of the learning gained in the last school year over the summer months, it’s important to keep students’ minds active this summer! That’s why we’ve partnered with Code Wiz to bring your students an array of online summer coding camps.

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Why coding this summer?

Hear from Ruth Agbaji, CEO at Code Wiz, and Becky Ward, Education Specialist at Tutor Doctor – both moms and educators – about why coding is a great option for your student this summer.

Hear from a Tutor Doctor parent whose daughter took the Code Wiz camps last summer!

As a parent, I almost fell off my chair when my 8-year-old daughter told me she was going to learn Java. I didn’t even know that she knew what it was. As well, in summertime parents are looking for programs that can keep their kids busy while they’re working at home. Ideally, you find something that your kid enjoys, and if you’re lucky, something they love. With coding now becoming part of the school curriculum, I couldn’t imagine a better program.

Coding is literacy for the digital age. Learning to code helps kids to problem solve and think logically, engages their creativity, and helps them to understand how technology works.

The week-long coding camps engage kids in the world of STEM with some of their favorite technology, like Minecraft, Roblox, and Alexa!

The online summer camps are structured, personalized, and fun, giving kids an opportunity to collaborate with other students, build their own apps, challenge their skills, and learn the latest technology.

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