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Tutor Doctor Bloomfield, Orion & St. Clair Shores understands the benefits of one-on-one tutoring services. We proudly provide a solution to the rigidity of public schooling – catering to your unique learning style and personality.

Our team is available both in-person and virtually to provide you with the extra academic attention you deserve. The Tutor Doctor network has helped over 200,000 families succeed across 15 different countries.

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Why Should I Hire an English Tutor?

Taking shortcuts is especially unwise when it comes to reading, writing, and comprehension. These skills will continue to prove pivotal throughout your academic and professional career.

That is why we highly suggest hiring a tutor who will:

  • Move at your pace
  • Double-check that you thoroughly understand new concepts
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Check-in with your progress and adapt accordingly

What Does a Writing Tutor Do?

Our writing tutors essentially help you or your child develop their writing skills. Whether you need help to construct a thesis statement, develop a well-written paragraph, or improve your proofreading skills, we can help!

Depending on your education level, our writing tutors can help you:

  • Develop and write thesis statements
  • Construct topic sentences and paragraphs
  • Understand the general flow of an essay and research paper
  • Brainstorm topics
  • Write bibliographies
  • Proofread papers and follow the proper format (i.e. MLA, ADA, etc.)

If writing isn’t your strongest suit, that’s okay! It’s our mission to help you become a seasoned writer. Starting out, it’s important to meet with us as early as possible in the writing process. This will give us plenty of time to choose a topic, develop the thesis, and review the final draft before turning it in.

Our writing tutors are ready to work with you, or your child, one-on-one to develop your writing skills. Together, we’ll help you conquer your writing assignment and have fun in the process.

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The Importance of Reading, Writing, & Critical Thinking

English is the foundation of nearly every academic subject – particularly in the liberal arts. If you are interested in studying history, art, media, or any of the sciences in college, the skill sets you’ll learn with English tutoring are invaluable.

Grasping complex theories and articulating your ideas is the foundation of countless courses. We are here to help you boost grades and exam scores by enhancing your ability to deconstruct texts and articulate your thoughts.

Our English tutors are ready to help you brainstorm ideas, organize information, and effectively formulate your position and interpretation.

We want you to:

  • Feel in command of the English language
  • Develop an extensive vocabulary and voice of your own
  • Think creatively with the tools to explore your imagination
  • Craft dynamic arguments and thoughts
  • Research and annotate effectively

Reading and comprehension skills are also a significant portion of the SAT & ACT. If you are nervously preparing for these placement tests, reach out today!

We have practice tests, focused assignments, and proven test-taking strategies tailored to these exams. Our tutors will have you confidently raising your test scores in no time!

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