The Road to UC Admissions Championship: San Francisco High Schools (Blog 1: A Quantitative Ranking)

Being accepted into college may be the post-secondary goal for some students. We have looked at San Francisco schools: private; public; and everything in between, such as public charters, in attempt to answer the question “which SF school is the best in terms of University of California (UC) admissions?” With 2022 UC admissions data and inspired by an SF Chronicle article here is the first of a three blog series culminating in a San Francisco High School UC Admissions Champion!

Blog 1: A Quantitative Ranking: a numerical look at the sheer number of admissions over the applicants

Blog 2: A Qualitative Assessment: not all UCs are the same, what is the story behind the numbers?

Blog 3: The San Francisco High School UC Admissions Championship– putting the first two parts together

For those students who do choose to apply they may strategically target multiple colleges. Below are the percentage applicants who received UC admissions ranked for SF schools with highest percentage:

RankSchoolPercentage of UC admissions/applicants (NOTE: for seniors who apply, not the entire high school class)
1Mission High91%
2Proof School89%
3Lycee Francais83%
4San Francisco High School of the Arts80%
5S.F. International High78%
6Gateway High78%
7Burton (Phillip and Sala) Academic High77%
8Washington (George) High76%
9Jordan (June) School for Equity75%
10Marshall (Thurgood) High75%
11Lowell High74%
12The Academy – San Francisco at McAteer72%
13Lincoln (Abraham) High72%
14KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory72%
15O’Connell (John) High71%
16Balboa High71%
17City Arts and Leadership High*71%
18Immaculate Conception Academy69%
19Galileo High69%
20Academy of Thought and Industry67%
21Lick-Wilmerding High School64%
22Ruth Asawa School of the Arts63%
23Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory63%
24Convent & Stuart Hall**63%
25Archbishop Riordan High School61%
26Wallenberg (Raoul) Traditional High61%
27French American International School60%
28Independence High60%
29St. Ignatius College Preparatory56%
30Drew School55%
31Jewish Community High School of the Bay52%
32San Francisco Waldorf School50%
33Urban School of San Francisco48%
34San Francisco University High School45%
35The Bay School of San Francisco40%
The below schools have differing entries in UC data & CDE and we have chosen to combine them for this table
*City Arts and Tech80%
*Leadership High67%
**Convent of the Sacred Heart High School-65%
**Stuart Hall High School62%

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Raw data: Admissions by source school | University of California

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Disclaimer: This is not a ranked list of the best private and public high schools in SF as education and college admissions are multifaceted. In this assessment we make assumptions and broad-brush stroke categorizations looking at the student body and the UC system as a whole.

Take this with a grain of salt, UCs are not the be all-and-end-of colleges. Although many UCs are Public Ivies, Seniors who chose this route may strategically divert their college application energy to Ivy League, International universities, or other “Little/ Hidden/ Southern/ Black/ Legacy” colleges. Finally, a student may consider other factors that make a post-secondary institution a better fit for a particular goal or ambition. We understand that individuals’ decisions and circumstances are different. We also understand that college admissions themselves consider multiple dimensions of students’ application