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  • professional, convenience of coming to the house, flexibility with the tutor.

    Bev R.
  • Your care about your students just as much as I care about my child. Nusrat Jahan Chowdhury

    Umbar I.
  • Weekly updates. Communication.

    Jesse R.
  • In home, knowledgeable and flexible tutor

    Barbara R.
  • everyone we have met through tutor doctor (starting with Samantha, all phone conversations with Tutor Doctor staff and Humera the teacher) have been lovely and helpful.

    Janet W.
  • Convenient to have someone come to the house. Tutor is matched well with what criteria is needed for your child.

    Gwen L.
  • Great tutors. Helping a lot with my grades and understanding of the topics taught at school

    Maria E.
  • Professional tutors, experienced and knowledgeable. Relates well to my child and is very polite.

    Catherine B.
  • Erin was exceptional and helped turn around my daughter's confidence and marks! She's now averaging an A in both math and science....a complete 180. Thanks Erin for your amazing work! I've been praising Tutor Doctors with my friends and colleagues for the instant results we've seen.

    Marc S.
  • Tutot Doctor has helped my daughter with the overcome of math obstacles . It has created a self confident in her which has improved not only in math but in all of courses from C student to an A+ student . Thanks to your honesty promises delivery of the service .

    Floride N.
  • The tutor is very knowledgeable and up to date with the subject they are tutoring on.

    Rishara S.
  • Tutor is effective, professional and has good rapport with my son! Administrator is helpful, efficient and prompt in replying to queries.

    Cecilia C.
  • The right tutor was paired with my son. He is learning so much from him and went from failing in math to getting B's in less than a months time on seeing a tutor once per week

    Michelle A.
  • Our current tutor Andrea is fabulous!!

    Carolyn L.
  • We have had 2 different tutors and both have been excellent.

    Karen H.
  • The convenience of having the tutor come to our home and the review of the session for feedback.

    Judy A.
  • The tutor comes to your home. Always a good fit

    Kim P.
  • Great knowledgeable tutors Professional attitude

    Helen F.
  • Katrina takes her time and is very patient. Hopefully Reilee will start seeing some improvement soon. Reilee really likes her and is showing interest in learning

    Sherie H.
  • Convenience, experience and great customer service !

    Katrina O.
  • The tutors have been very knowledgable and professional.

    Bill N.
  • Aim to please.

    Marianne K.
  • The Tutor is professional and very kind. She is also a certified teacher which we love! We love the tutor. She is AMAZING!

    Greg B.
  • the fact that the tutor make every effort to work around my child's schedule and comes to our home to tutor

    Zennah P.
  • I like that they are able to come to you and work with your child one on one. I also like that I can communicate with the tutor to figure out a schedule.

    Consuela L.
  • The tutors are very knowledgable and are fitted to suit the personalities of your children.

    Christine P.
  • Flexibility having a tutor in your home that we can set the schedule for.

    Marcie G.
  • Convenience and flexibility of tutoring sessions, and very satisfied with the tutor's knowledge and methods - Jeffrey Nguyen worked very effectively with our son.

    Wilma B.
  • We enjoy the children being in the comfort of our home, the feedback reports and our tutor is a great match!

    Kelly R.
  • I really loved the tutor that my daughter had. Vanessa is such a respectable person. Anyone that gets her is blessed!

    Jennie J.
  • Very professional, easy to deal with and talk to. provided tutors that completely met our needs. I particulary like the review or summary notes that you get from the tutor about how the session went.

    Steve D.
  • The tutor (Jay) has been terrific - my daughter has not be motivated what so ever when it comes to math. She has now found her passion for math and this all because of the tutor Jay, he is very gentle knowledgeable young man, we will definitely be using him next year if at all possible. Absolutely great service! Thanks

    Joyce C.
  • Prompt placement, friendly consultation, very capable/talented student tutor

    Anne-Elise H.
  • at-home tutoring committed tutors

    Ingrid S.
  • Chris the tutor he has a wonderful approach to learning and really challenges my daughters to work to their potential!

    Susan P.
  • Very professional, and very helpful.

    Lydia H.
  • Our tutor was wonderful. I loved how she really made an effort to build a good relationship with my daughter and how flexible the schedule is. My daughters math grade improved to an A! Her confidence soared. We've had a very positive experience.

    Monika G.
  • Have been fortunate in that I have had excellent tutors for my son. The results have been very rewarding.

    Christine C.
  • Everything I love the fact that you are fast and carry best staff. I am glad that i found and my son loves his tutor Christine and want her all the time. I wish you all the best and success.

    Umbar I.
  • I like the the tutors are patient and treat each student like an individual and cater to their needs as each child is different.

    Elizabeth A.
  • They come to the house, and the service is great - just as in the contract.

    Brenda T.
  • The flexibility of when I can her come, the option to transfer some hours to another child, (which I will likely be doing!), the option of cancelling the session and using that hour at a more appropriate time for the student...(this is huge in my mind), also the ability to save hours for future school years. Honestly, I just love how your organization has formatted the system to work the client ...

    Kym K.
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  • the teacher you found is awesome. Reliable and professional. thanks

    Lian Y.
  • Amazing Tutor, my kids love to work woth him.

    Sandra G.
  • I like the fact that the tutor always sends me a summary of what he tutor my child.the tutor docor always there to answer any questions i have,that the tutor comes to my home

    Dorothy M.
  • Great tutor saMe tutor for 3 subjects

    rob B.
  • Excellent tutor

    Michelle W.
  • It works around our schedule, you come and teach in the comfort of our home, and have such qualified and kind tutors! My daughter's grade has significantly improved and am so glad to have found you, Tutor Doctor =âµ8

    Chloe S.
  • I like the convienence of the tutor coming to our home and the session reports after every session.

    Mary R.
  • very good

    Jamal D.
  • When you were supplying me with a reliable tutor, it was great. However,when my tutor began missing lessons without contacting me, it became a drag. I have since ceased lessons with you as I am having financial difficulties with the fees. I am living on pensions which force me to discontinue with French lessons. Regretfully.... Ross Tilley

    Ross T.
  • Very personal and individualized learning. Having the tutor come to our house is a huge help.

    Debra L.
  • Maria is very comfortable asking questions and enjoys learning with Gurpreet. i like that we have flexibility when arranging dates and times for tutoring lessons. thanks

    Anna P.
  • flexibility

    Natasa K.
  • Excellent! I am very impressed and really appreciated.

    Jill C.
  • how easy they where / are to work with my busy schedule. My kids from the first season where excited about learning, they all loved how there tutor made math so much easier to understand and how he explained. they look forward to there next session

    Nina R.
  • It is personalized service that matches our needs but most importantly the needs of our children. Oliver and Jean are amazing, friendly, caring and supportive. We have both a math and French tutor and our children are very comfortable with both tutors.

    Lisa K.
  • Our son is happy with the Tutor that is helping him. open, honest and focused

    Maggie D.
  • Convenience and flexibility. My schedule is unusual so it's good to be able to pick and choose our days of the week. On top of that, the tutor is flexible if things need to change on a particular day. The two tutors that we've worked with have been excellent for my son!

    Adrienne C.
  • very good tutors and very punctual.

    Adrienne L.
  • The most thing i have found out and enormously important to backing up those kids fell left be hide certain course such as math, chemistry, English and french and to help them to catch up to fill theirs gasps.

    Guylaine M.
  • Very good at finding matches for students to tutors. Tutors are very accommodating in their scheduling and have diverse knowledge of a lot of subjects.

    Marg G.
  • The tutor works very well with my son. He ensures the topic studied is understood. He is very positive and patient.

    Brian P.
  • Everything. We are very very happy with your system. We would highly recommend your services to family and friends.

    Angela F.
  • Everything so far!

    Angela T.
  • Very efficient, quick to be get in place after initial consult. The tutors are very effective, qualified, good at building a rapport, and flexible.

    Sunday C.
  • It has helped my son greatly and for that I am grateful

    Virginie J.
  • Quality and committment

    Farooq A.
  • The one-to one tutoring, the fact that you come to my house and work with our schedule is paramount! Also making sure there is a good connection between student and tutor right from the start is extremely beneficial to the learning process. Thank-you!

    Vicky S.
  • I love the convenience of having the tutoring done in my home, my daughter is comfortable and relaxed and it is the perfect time for me to do homework with my other children. Time frame was easy to work around and flexible when needed. The one on one sessions are very helpful building confidence with my daughter. Thank you Tutor Doctor!

    Maryanne L.
  • convenience, matching suitable tutor to my child

    Tracy J.
  • Working one by one! using a certificate teacher.

    Milad P.
  • Convenient in home service. Tailored to individual learning style

    Kaye M.
  • I like the selection of the teacher. I like that the teacher is addressing their issues and i see the difference already Nivi is great and my kids like her very much.

    Annabelle H.
  • Mario Samuels is an outstanding tutor. Diligent, thorough, my daughter respects him and enjoys the sessions. He's been responsive, flexible and very patient. We feel so lucky to have him as our tutor.

    Tanya P.
  • Follow up and interest that the sessions are worthwhile

    Jennifer S.
  • Finding a grate match to tutor my son. Over all Friendlyness of owners/ admin and tutor. How fast you see results. :)

    Ubah A.
  • The tutors of Tutor Doctor provide detail information for every session that they have worked with the student. I am satisfied with them and appreciate their help for my son.

    Cherry C.
  • They happily accommodated our needs and requests, and found us a tutor that was a great fit!

    Carol N.
  • Good match of tutor to our son's needs

    Catherine B.
  • Convenience of home tutoring and excellent tutor.

    Katrina W.
  • Tutor is very knowledgeable on the subject and confident.

    Monaliza E.
  • I am quite satisfied with your service. I believe Tony get more knowledgeable about essay writing and other English techniques.

    Harry C.
  • Flexibility of tutor availability. Your tutors really care about my cihildrens' success

    Tina K.
  • I like that our tutor comes on time and informs us if she can't make it.she teaches the work she brings and she also has time to help haranya with her homework.she gives haranya a good amount of homework.she also gives haranya good advice to improve her language skills.

    Anusooya S.
  • Professional and courteous services and feedback from both Tutor Doctor and Tutor

    Esther A.
  • Our tutor is fantastic. It has boosted our daughter's confidence substantially to work with someone one-on-one in the comfort of our own home. I also appreciate the flexibility of being able to reschedule when conflicts arise and the ability to transfer unused hours to another member of our family. We are very, very pleased with our decision to work with Tutor Doctor. I don't want my full name ...

    Cathy L.
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  • We believe the initial meeting with Oliver helped to pin point what our son's needs were. He was matched up with an excellent tutor who has been able to provide him with the support he needs.

    Raquel P.
  • I love the following: -you match up my child's services with a tutor that will actually help. -following that you can always suggest something else until there is a right fit. -convenience of having the tutor come to my home.

    Anna S.
  • Helpful, It takes time.

    Sarojini B.
  • 1) Evaluation of student before signing up the contract and understanidng the needs 2) Reliable and knowledgeable tutors 3) Prompt response to emails

    Latha S.
  • What I like about your services are, they are done quick! for example,I've asked for a chemistry tutor for my son and it was done fast. I also like the way you email me on what they've covered and the hours they have done up to date.

    Vicky S.
  • I'm glad that I found tutor doc. The best of all tutor doc see what exactly you need and looking for . I'm very pleased with the service and as well as the tutor.

    Faezeh B.
  • The tutors are knowledgeable and flexable time

    Corrine H.
  • My daughter looks forward to her tutors coming to help her every week. She finds the tutors make a Hugh difference in helping her understand her math and French homework. The confidence my daughter has when she understands math and French and when she receives her test marks is priceless. The Tutor Doctor has made a tremendous improvement with my daughter and we are very happy. Many thank yous. ...

    Jerry R.
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  • The personalized approach that the Tutor uses with my Son.

    Sean P.
  • Very professional and excellent teacher .

    Marivic S.
  • I like the convenience, flexibility, personality and knowledge of my tutor, very pleasant and respectful.

    Nicholette H.
  • Darko's ability to assess the academic (french) need quickly of my child and plan lesson accordingly. I am just waiting for the final report card now which will be mailed later in the week to us ( I wanted to tell the exact marks he received to see if tutoring was helpful). I also, the like the fact how I was receiving the report of each session, hence, keeping me well informed what is being and ...

    Shahana Z.
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  • I like the flexibility - the date and time can occasionally be moved when there are conflicts. I also like that the tutor comes to your home.

    Carole B.
  • Highly responsive, tutoring in the home.

    Tony M.
  • Quality tutor, flexibility and in home service. I did recommend your service to my neighbor, Carole Bellm, and they to have been very pleased with Tutor Doctor. I will definitely use you again. With thanks, Janice

    Janice B.
  • Tutor Doctor is amazing. I love the idea of a tutor coming to my home, it saves me the travel time. Also, our tutors are fun and they motivate their students. I would recomend Tutor Doctor for family and friends. My experience with them has been great, and I hope to work with them for a long time.

    Idil A.
  • Tutor Doctor takes the time to find the right match for our son and they got it right the first time. The flexibility to adapt to a changing schedule is much appreciated. Lastly, the effectiveness of the tutor is best seen in the results our son has produced. He has improved significantly and continues to work diligently under his tutor's guidance to improve further. Thank you to the Tutor Doctor ...

    Nigel S.
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  • Deepak was awesome. Ryland really was able to relate to him and enjoyed his tutoring style. Ryland has now received his final report card and the results speak from themselves. He managed to pulled his mark up from 67 in the first reporting period to a 80 final. Well done Deepak and a big thanks from Ryland!!

    Marnie S.
  • Very good systems and excellent teachers

    Sunanda S.
  • Matching the right tutor with student & giving feedback on tutorials

    Veronica M.
  • Oliver and jean are very helpfull to us when ever our kids need help.

    Caroline N.
  • I like the fact Jessica seems to be one step ahead of what I believe would be helpful for my son. Jordan has become more open to learning when she is here, and he is very confortable and open with her. Since there has not been any real issues I can not say if I would be pleased with the out come. I had previously mentioned that I had used another tutoring service and they were unable to provide me ...

    Maxine D.
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  • very flexible and I like that the tutor comes to the house

    Jennifer O.
  • The promptness of the service. The politeness,professionalism of the tutors.

    Charmaine T.
  • Intelligent tutors. and good service.

    Vivek U.
  • Flexible hours and reasonable rates. Knowledgable and enthusiastic tutors able to relate to the pupils. Comprehensive tutor feedback.

    Davina T.
  • The ability for the tutor to visit around my schedule and the flexibility that it allows. The topics covered are very specific and exactly what I needed to go over!

    Vicky E.
  • The tutor comes to me and that they are teachers or aspiring teachers.

    Colin W.
  • first and the most important is knowledgable teacher, punctuality, flexibility, and the way I was approached means administation

    Sukeshi M.
  • the convenience of in home tutoring and the qualified staff

    Zoe N.
  • The tutor comes to your house. The tutor meets my son's learning needs. I also like the feedback emails!

    Deborah J.
  • Flexibility, excellent tutors and results

    Oliver H.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced tutors.

    Claudia M.
  • My child and I like that the relationship with the tutor is very compatible with her needs. It's made a huge difference in her confidence at home and in class. As well her grades have improved from a 60% to almost 80%. thank you Tutor Doctor.

    Jennifer C.
  • The tutor was very professional. Addressed the issues that we needed to be dealt with and was very clear about what steps needed to be taken in order to be successful.

    Catherine B.
  • because my son has been improving on his grades very much and it is very well with the tutor!

    Meena K.
  • That you come to us! and that you are always ready to find us a new tutor if things are not progressing well.

    Victoria M.
  • The convenience of having the tutor come to my home.

    Marvalyn W.
  • Very helpful and quick to respond to questions or requests.

    Lisa D.
  • Punctuality , understanding the student requirements Thanks

    Fouzia R.
  • Excellent words to explain. Ms. Rachel who is Atmiya's tutor she got great patience, excellent tutoring skills with great knowledge, and very punctual. She is perfect tutor for my son as she is helping him a lot. I wish and hoping that she may continue to advance my son's education and skills by providing more challenging work/assignments. Keep up good work Ms. Rachel!

    Manish P.
  • Easy to set up. Great instructor we have now.

    Angelica A.
  • its good service teacher is good

    Saiqa C.
  • That you took into consideration my daughter's interests and personality when you matched her up with a tutor.

    Krista M.
  • The flexiblity is great and finding the appropriate tutor for our situation has been wonderful. Jean has been supportive and accommodating with the entire process.

    Christine S.
  • 1. initial consultation was helpful 2. in home tutoring is great 3. feedback following every session is appreciated by parent

    Joanne M.
  • Reliable service and excellent tutor.

    Lisa P.
  • So far allis good, It has only been a couple of weeks since we started with Tutor Doctor.

    Glen S.
  • Stephan is knowledgeable and works well with our son. We are happy with the tutoring and will be booking sessions to occur over the summer.

    Christopher J.
  • Flexibility, reliability and professionalism

    Vanessa P.
  • Personalized attention to the individual needs of the student

    David Q.
  • easy, convenient and found a really great tutor for my daughter!

    Larah R.
  • like the flexibility in scheduling and being done in our home. our tutor is knowledgeable and patient in working with my daughter

    Tami B.
  • Matching the right tutor with the student. The tutors are all teachers or teachers in training.

    Sandhya K.
  • it is customized and flexible.

    Irene Y.
  • In the short time my daughter has worked with her tutor, she has found the tutoring to be very beneficial. Her tutor makes her feel at ease which results in her being comfortable enough to ask any and all questions. She is also understanding her math work better. Her tutor is very professional and gets down to business instantly not wasting any of the hour we have booked with him. Definitely worth ...

    Pat B.
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  • Taking the time to understand individual need and provide a matching support.

    Nayeema S.
  • good

    Anjum C.
  • Promptness and professionalism.

    Mutalib M.
  • I think the Tutor Doctor is a great full service option for hiring a tutor. I like the benefits of private in-home tutoring versus classroom tutoring; you offer thorough consultations to select the best tutor fit; the fit between tutor and student is more customized to the student/family needs; there's flexibility to use package of tutoring as we need it over time, and the option to change tutors ...

    Athena W.
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  • Our daughter's grades have rapidly improved and sessions have been very productive.

    Deb I.
  • I like that the tutor reviewed my daughter's most recent test and provided questions for her to work on to reinforce her learning. I like that the tutor gets started and focused right away which helps my daughter to focus.

    Alicia E.
  • Like the tudor very much but we have only had a few lessons

    Rennie R.
  • Everything is good. The tutor is good and the report is very convenient forthe parents.

    Grace G.
  • The entire process has been professional and personable. We had a need for a tutor quickly and we were accommodated with one. The selected tutor for our son was suited to our needs. R.C.S.

    Roseline S.
  • Qualified Tutors who also have the interpersonal and teaching skills to meet the needs of the child. Frequent feedback and reports regarding each session. Our tutor is patient, flexible and also provides the student with encouragement.

    Sherry M.
  • My son`s has a good relationship with 2 tutors who are very knowledgeable. I am very impressed that they help him want to do better, this is what he needs...

    Lauretta P.
  • I like that you come to our home, have flexibility in the times (and don't lose hours if an appointment needs to be changed with appropriate notice, of course)

    Steve K.
  • Everything

    Arfan S.
  • You come to our house. The tutors are engaged.

    Andrew F.
  • our teacher is xxx connected with our son specific needs and keep constant communication with his teachers at school

    Giora S.
  • The tutor provided has been great for Sydney

    Barry P.
  • Jennifer is fantastic with Laiken. He has a lot of trouble focusing and she is able to give him a variety of activities that keep him interested.

    Tara D.
  • They come on time, have great communication, and they know what they're tutoring. Great work.

    Elida L.
  • It is very convenient to have a tutor session at our home. We are able to contact the tutor at any time if there are any changes to the schedule when we need to, which helps us plan our schedule ahead of time in a very flexible manner. Not only do we get to contact tutor for schedule changes, but also we get to inform them about what we would like to cover for the next session, which saves time ...

    Nancy S.
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  • #NAME?

    Helen D.
  • Quite professional, prompt, good teaching staff.

  • Seriosity and cooperation

    Diana N.
  • quality,committed teacher and flexible schedule.

    Faria P.
  • Professional, skilled and friendly staff

    Sylvia P.
  • In house service

    Sophia A.
  • good teacher, flexible hours, I can choose my time and place. receive a report after each session.

    Sandra S.
  • The teacher is nice, and I like the movies. and you allways have plan for each class.

    Grace Z.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our home at our convenience. Days and times are flexible, and I am able to carry unused hours over to my other children. I like that tutors are matched to my families unique needs, making learning differentiated. I also like the little purple car!

    Sahena B.
  • They come to my house at a time that I feel comfortable with. My needs are addressed approraitely.

    Tarren M.
  • Our Tutor was great, very knowledgeable and a great teacher! He paid a lot of attention to what we told him and he was able to teach my daughter what she needed to know for her math exam.

    Esther A.
  • Everything you have provided has made my daughters marks improve overall and she likes her tutor.

    Joanne M.
  • Our Tutor Deepak is just an exceptional facilitator. Always on the ball!

    Aneesa B.
  • Professional level of customer service and follow up.

    Sam P.
  • The consult and the efforts to match the tutor to the needs of the student. The report after each tutoring session

    Jackie G.