Markham Private Tutoring Services

Empowering Students & Broadening Minds

At Tutor Doctor Markham, we are dedicated to empowering students and helping them reach their full academic potential. We understand that not all students learn in the same manner, which can leave many at a disadvantage. Our skilled Markham tutors actively work to eliminate the knowledge gap that occurs in standardized classrooms. Whether your child needs help learning algebra or wants to score high on the SAT®, we have a program for everyone.

Check Out the Tutor Doctor Process:

  • Assess – We carefully assess each student to determine their general knowledge and learning style to better understand their needs.
  • Match – Each Markham tutor is carefully chosen for each student. We pair the two based on subject level, personality, and educational goals.
  • tutoring – Our skilled tutors create personalized lesson plans that incorporate an individual’s current curriculum so that they can apply what they learn in school.
  • Support – Parents receive updated progress reports every week so they can stay involved in their children’s progress.