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English can be a very difficult subject to master at any age. Whether you or your student are struggling with grammar, writing, spelling, reading, or some other area of the wide subject of English, Tutor Doctor Knoxville is here to help with professional tutoring service!

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The Knoxville tutors we work with can meet with students online or in-person for their customized English tutoring session, right in the comfort of your home. Not only is this convenient for you and your family, but this helps create a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment for the student to learn new material, close knowledge gaps, and implement their new skills.

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What Do English Tutors Do?

English tutors are available to provide students of all ages extra help with their coursework and mastery of the subject. The English tutors we work with in Knoxville will create a customized lesson plan modeled around your student’s current curriculum as well as any knowledge gaps that may be present.

Some of the areas our English tutoring programs focus on include:

  • Reading Skills – Private tutoring services can help your student grow their reading skills, not only by helping them comprehend and interpret messages but also growing their confidence as a reader. We have seen our students become successful in mastering new sight words and decipher new vocabulary using context, among other abilities. Reading tutoring also paves the way for success in other subject matter.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary – English tutoring can help your student master the fundamentals of the English language, including the introduction of new words and their meanings, spelling, grammar, and more.
  • Writing – If writing is a part of your student’s curriculum, private tutoring may give them the extra help they need to succeed. We can teach your student how to compose short stories and essays and everything in between.
  • X-Skills – Along the way, the tutors we work with will help your student learn new X-Skills and implement these into their daily lives in and out of the classroom. These include helpful skills such as time and project management, as well as helpful study habits.

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In Home and Online Private English Tutoring in Knoxville

Our private tutors in Knoxville can complete one on one English tutoring that can help anybody in your family unlock their full potential through private, customized tutoring services.

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For over 15 years, Tutor Doctor has been helping more than 200,000 families find success in the classroom and learn to love learning again! At Tutor Doctor Knoxville, we’re able to help improve your child’s grades quickly and effectively by assessing their specific needs (down to their personality) and matching them with a reading and writing tutor they’ll enjoy. We work hard to make sure every student is matched with a tutor that meets their specific personal and academic needs.

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