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“He [Joel] gave us a wonderful presentation, laid things out, how things work, what the schedule would be like, how he pairs the student to the perfect tutor, which we really loved… it was a big selling point for me that he would take the time to individually match her with somebody that had the same type of personality.”
Ali Seith

“When I sat down and talked to Joel, he explained everything about his company, he broke it down for me… His overall disposition with me was just very professional, and we just had a good relationship right off the bat.”
– Amy Massie

“When we started working with Tutor Doctor, he [our son] was in a state where he hated math, and he struggled, and with Kristen’s help he is at a point now that he loves math. And, he even says it’s his favorite subject.”
– Tina Sowers

“The difference from before Tutor Doctor with us trying and after is phenomenal. It’s just amazing how far he’s come, and we couldn’t be happier.”
– Nikki Meyers

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