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  • Very professional, detailed report on progress on previous session

    Darcy D.
  • I appreciate that Tutor Doctor takes the time to match my daughter with a compatible tutor. Every child has their own learning style.

    Tamara G.
  • the flexability, tutors that offer help in many subjects

    Lisa S.
  • Love Brigit

    Wendy B.
  • Flexible and dependable. Look for ways to best support individual learners.

    Dave K.
  • The communication between student and tutor is quick and schedules are set up in a timely matter. :0)

    April G.
  • Skilled staff and weekly feedback via email.

    Marcy B.
  • Very dedicated to helping the student succeed. Willing to work with the student around their schedule. Very friendly tutors who make the student feel comfortable.

    Barb G.
  • come to our home & flexibility in setting date/time.

    Yvonne C.
  • The ease of working with Tutor Doctor and the great tutors that we have worked with. They are professional, well trained and easy to work with. LOVE TUTOR DOCTOR!!

    Jane D.
  • My son improved an entire reading grade level in 5 months- it's worth every dollar to have his confidence & skills improved. I would recommend this to anyone that is having a child struggle in school. Please share my name only :)

    Lauren Z.
  • You listen to the client. When the first Tutor did not work out; you heard our concern and acted promptly and found a great match for our daughter. Sam is approachable and easy to talk to. When Malina shared with Sam that she experiences anxiety during exam time, Sam gave her tips and advice based from her experience when she was a student. Malina has math in second semester and she has an 81% ...

    Jesyl T.
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  • I like how a perfect matching tutor is found for the individual student needs.

    Lisa M.
  • Very professional. I can contact tutor myself and not through the agency. I have already recommended to my friends and she has used your services.

    Erin L.
  • Flexible and come to the house

    Janie C.
  • Based out of my home

    Judi N.
  • The communication after the appointments

    Tracey H.
  • Positive experience from first phone call, to consultation to tutoring. Quick to schedule new tutor and new times if need be.

    Alison C.
  • Alexa is amazing with all three of my kids. They look forward to having her come and they have all come so far with thier school work. I'm impressed beyond words. Our family owes Alexa a lot.

    Kristen P.
  • The open communication and the updated session reports

    Tony M.
  • Home service and tutor matching to child.

    Lisa M.
  • Flexible with the times and that they match a tutor to the student.

    Colleen C.
  • I like how Tutor Doctor does an initial visit to find out about the student's needs and then pairs up with a tutor. The tutors are very engaged and teach not only the subject material but teach the student how to study and prepare for tests. I really like the Tutor report that is sent out after each visit.

    Linda K.
  • Tailored to our needs.

    Ann B.
  • I really appreciate your support and professional attitude regarding my required learning needs. I absolutely highly recommended Tutor Doctor, to my friends and family

  • Assessment and tutoring at home saves time and Daniel is more relaxed The fact that effort is put in to find a good match

    Angela C.
  • I like everything about tutordoctor. They come to your home for the assessment. They find someone suitable for the needs of their client. Most importantly, we got the results we wanted.

    Sharon L.
  • At the first meeting with tutor doctor, a personality profile of our daughter was taken that was then submitted into a computer system so it was able to match a suitable tutor to work with her. The flexible hrs/days the tutor has, and so far, the positive results we've seen in our daughter's grades and the positive attitude she's gained!

    Shauna P.
  • Our Tutor and the Coordinator are both professional and committed to my daughter's learning enhancement.

    Ross U.
  • It was fast to find a tutor and arrange everything. Tutor updates us every week about how oir daughter is doing. Always on time

    Maria M.
  • So far all tutor have been really good. Great relationship with student, knowledgeable and a hugh help.

    Aine C.
  • Convenient - love that the tutor comes to our house - and she is very knowledgeable about my daughters school curriculum and learning needs.

    Robyn P.
  • I like that fact that the tutoring takes place within my own home. It is one less place to have to run and drop someone off. The surroundings are familiar with my child and it brings a level of comfort for my child and myself. Tutor Doctor has worked very well with matching tutors up with our child's personality and working with their area of difficulties with compassion and understanding while ...

    Melanie M.
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  • I really like when the tutor comes into our home or can meet my child at her school to work with her.

    Sherri Z.
  • Tutor Doctor helps our daughter to achieve her goals.

    Chi N.
  • The quality of the tutors, the convenience of being in our home and the flexibility of time has been wonderful.

    Natalie W.
  • Having the private tutor come to our house is a real convenience, it saves me a lot of time.

    Shannon H.
  • The tutors have always been very good. It's a very organized, professional company.

    Rick O.
  • The flexibility and had a good experience with latest tutor.

    Andrea M.
  • Great tutor. Great results for our son and he enjoys learning.

    Deanne B.
  • Reports from sessions

    Margaret V.
  • Easy, consistent

    Norrie F.
  • Tutors are very friendly, knowledgeable and make student enjoy tuition.

    Raj S.
  • Thorough preparation before hand. Convenience of meeting at my home.

    Dawn L.
  • Flexibility for getting different subject tutors.

    Karen K.
  • It's has been great so far, the person Haley has been a perfect match to my daughters needs and they seem to work great together! I have referred your services to the school as they are looking for professional tutors that are bilingual.

    Freda M.
  • Convenient, comes to the house. Tudor is always on time and has lots of enthusiasm.

    Rod M.
  • You match the tutor to the student's particular needs. The process is very good; the admin staff are very knowledgeable and the tutor is great.

    Sharon G.
  • I like that we could carry over the credit to the next school year. I liked the tutors that were chosen for my son.

    Bernie B.
  • I like that you come right to our home, there are no distractions for my son. The tutor fit is also very good.

    Tonya L.
  • the response is quick and i find that the tutors that were assigned are knowledgeable about the subjects required

    Ingrid R.
  • Convenient,efficient & experienced tutors specifically selected for our student.

    Debbie R.
  • Love how the tutor is a partner in my child's success, and how the genuinely care about their students

    Pam B.
  • Tejal is very pleasant and the process to get more hours is so easy. The tutor we were matched with is excellent and the progress is obvious. It's been a great help!

    Kim L.
  • Can customize it to our family needs.

    Jill H.
  • One on one help. Ability to reschedule if necessary.

    Carol D.
  • Teachers are trained.

    Claudia D.
  • Good at meeting the students needs.( finding a compatible tutor) Great customer service

    Leah E.
  • The company was very flexible in accommodating our family's schedule. We appreciated the timely emails summarizing that day's session. Our tutor Mara took the time to review the class lessons for the day and helped to explain homework assignments so they were more easily understood. With Mara’s help, my daughter now has a clearer understanding of how to evaluate and analyze topics and how to write ...

    Orlene S., Sturgeon County
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