ACT/SAT® Test Prep in State College
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Our Programs Include:

ACT vs SAT®- Click here to find out which one is right for you!

  • Regular consultations with test prep specialists
  • Tailored tutoring sessions
  • Comprehensive progress reports & score breakdowns
  • Current test prep materials & study guides
  • Counseling on which test to take & how often
  • Customized test taking strategies & coping mechanisms
  • Instruction on time-management and pacing
  • Full diagnostic before starting tutoring sessions
  • Full-length practice tests

SAT® or ACT: Which is Right for Your Child?

The SAT® exams and ACTs are both widely accepted testing methods to determine how prepared a student is for college. However, the two exams are not the same. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT®) is the oldest exam and is accepted by virtually all colleges in the United States. It consists of four sections – Evidence-Based Reading, Math (calculator), Math (no-calculator), and Writing and Language – whose scores add up to 1600 points. The national average is 1000.

In contrast, the American College Testing Program (ACT) measures a student’s ability to learn. It also consists of four sections, including Reading, Science, English, and Math. Each category is given a score, which is then averaged to create a composite score, ranging from 1-36. The national average is 21.

If you’re having difficulty determining which test would be best for your child, contact our skilled State College tutors. During an initial consultation, we can assess a student’s learning style and current knowledge. We then match them with an exam they are more likely to do better in. Of course, they can always take both tests. Whatever you decide, we’ll be there each step of the way to help!

Trusted Partners Offering Practical, Grounded Tutoring

At State College Tutor Doctor, we don’t try to sugarcoat expectations. We assess the students and offer customized test prep plans to obtain a realistic result for your child. By establishing a close relationship built on mutual trust and respect, we create comprehensive lessons and test taking strategies. Individuals who followed our plans saw tangible improvements – with the average SAT® score increasing from 100-300 points and the average ACT score improving by 3-11 points.

Are you ready to see why students and parents in State College trust our test prep tutors? Call (814) 273-1363 today to schedule a consultation. Trust us when we say we want your child to do well almost as much as you do!