About Our State College Tutors

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Now a Non-Profit!

Tutor Doctor State College is now established as a non-profit. In the future, we are planning to accept donations so we can tutor students who are not able to afford the tutoring help that they need to do better in school. Visit our office as seen here to learn more!

About Our Owner: Kevin Price

Kevin Price

Kevin Price is committed to helping students of all ages succeed academically. Having been a hardworking student himself, he understands the rigors of school and knows that most children have varying learning styles. After graduating from Penn State, he spent 15 years in Atlanta working the corporate world. Kevin went on to attain a Master’s degree from Georgia State, understanding how important education is.

Now, as a proud father of two, Kevin sees how children close to him struggle with certain subjects in school. He wanted to do something about this, so he moved back to Pennsylvania and opened Tutor Doctor State College. He passionately assists both students and parents, walking with them through each step of the tutoring process.

Why Tutor Doctor State College?

At Tutor Doctor State College, our tutors are not only passionate about helping our students succeed, they are committed to helping them gain skills that will aid them beyond the classroom. Being a good student does not mean simply stuffing your head with information and facts. Instead, it means taking the time to cultivate effective study habits, understanding the knowledge given to you, and effectively communicating what you learn.

To be successful, you must couple knowledge with discipline. That is what our University Park tutors teach their clients. Our process includes:

  • Assessing each students’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Matching them with a tutor that complements their needs and personality.
  • Providing one-on-one tutoring with a customized lesson plan.
  • Supporting students and family by sharing weekly progress reports.

If you’re ready to learn why Tutor Doctor is the trusted name in State College, University Park, Huntingdon, Boalsburg, and beyond, call (814) 273-1363.

The Tutor Doctor Difference

At Tutor Doctor, success means more than just a good grade; it means imparting skills and developing a strong work ethic that will help students in their future. We prioritize each of our clients’ needs and help them achieve their academic goals.

Some skills we focus on include:

  • Sustained focus and attention
  • Task initiation and follow-through
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Self-monitoring and motivation
  • Time management

A Legacy of Success

What started as a small tutoring company in 2000 has grown exponentially. Tutor Doctor now has over 17,000 tutors helping students in 15 different countries. We have collectively helped over 200,000 clients reach their goals. Our commitment and dedication to our students has garnered media attention outlets such as ABC, NBC, Fox News, and more.

If you are struggling in school or with test prep, there is only one name that should come to mind. Call Tutor Doctor State College at (814) 273-1363.