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  • Everything,from the tutors to the staff. I get a call just to see how everthong is going with the tutor and my child. Very gratefull for everything.

    Chantal & Justin O.
  • Punctual, professional, accommodating to schedule changes, personable

    Tammy T.
  • the quality of the teachers and the excellent support provided to my kids

    Christine S.
  • Friendly tutors and Veronyk is awesome!

    Kelly B.
  • Expert tutors! Know how to engage the child in learning and increase their confidence at school!

    Gillyan G.
  • What stands out most is that much thought is put into a prospective match between a tutor and the student. Further to this, Diane checks in with the parents to see how things are going and remedies any issues very quickly. The tutors at tutor doctor are qualified and skilled teachers who work with classroom teachers and other professionals to ensure a child's needs are met. It is obvious the ...

    Calvin M.
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  • We are so pleased with the services provided. It's absolutely wonderful that we can rely on this service to help out our kids. Thank you.

    Christine R.
  • That it is tailored to the needs and personality of each student.

    Darryl & Wendy P.
  • Reliable, supportive, flexible lessons (date/time),knowledgeable and friendly tutor (Elsa)

    Renee C.
  • Tutor disponibility and expertise

    Pauline B.
  • Veronica is always ready to help, and finds a tutor for any subject very quickly. To date, we have been very impressed with the tutors. Cheryl Mahaffy

    Cheryl M.
  • Our tutor is a great fitbforbour child. She's dedicated, smart, and genuine. It's obvious she cares about the student's success. She is able to quickly assess the content of the class material and break it down. We love Jenna.

    Tina C.
  • flexibility and the good fit with my daughter and her tutor

    Joanne M.
  • the tutors have a great connection with the children.

    Anne-Marie C.
  • The tutor that we were partnered with was very thorough and understanding of my daughters unique situation. Jenna was fantastic.

    Kim G.
  • The tutor was chosen to suit my sons needs, not just academically, but also personality. My sons tutor was very responsive to his learning style and really worked to connect with him. My son, who started out completely opposed to a tutor, actually adjed for extra sessions for test prep. We will be booking the same tutor in the fall!

    Philippa H.
  • The personal approach. We are checked on frequently to make sure we're happy.

    Kim A.
  • I like that the Tutor Doctor takes your child's education as seriously as you do as a parent. They understand the importance of a good match between child and tutor and how this can impact the effectiveness of the sessions. The tutor doctor also holds their tutors accountable and they check in often to ensure that you and your child are satisfied with the services being offered.

    Vivian O.
  • The personalized service was custom tailored to suit my daughters needs. She enjoyed the experience.

    Susan U.
  • The tutor match to my child was perfect... The tutor was committed, a great teacher and a pleasure to have in our home! The follow ups to ensure things were going well was proof that the Tutor Doctor wants to help! Thank you to Janess and the Tutor Doctor =âµ8

    Carolyn C.
  • That the teacher or instructor comes to our home and that tutor doctor matches the appropriate teacher to student.

    Rosella & Ted M.
  • Love the great matches between teacher and student.

    Chantelle S.
  • the tutor comes to my house and gives us one on one tutoring for my child

    Julie S.
  • I love that Tutor Doctor can work with our own schedules.

    Sarah & Mike G.
  • The tutor was a fit for my son. They are friendly, encouraging and punctual.

    Christine D.
  • Professional people but yet compassionate One on one with the child lets them get to know them quicker Like our tutor realized quickly that she had to make learning also fun for our grandson in order for it to work Therefore there was fun times but also very quiet studious time when he would be concentrating on something That she has all the same resources as the teachers is also important to us

    Nicole & Alan F.
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  • Excellent communication. Flexibility of hours. Amazing tutor!!

    Heidi & Jonathan C.
  • The pairing of the tutor with the student according to their likes and interests. The follow up phone calls and emails. The fact that they are certified teachers.

    Jennifer L.
  • You come to our home. You work around our schedules. Your instructor is creative, enthusiastic and makes learning fun for our child...

    Meredith & Mark C.
  • I like the fact the tutor comes to your residence, it's very convenient. The tutor I had was very helpful; I learned a lot of new things. I was impressed with the tutors qualification and expertees. I will definitely recommend the service.

    Bruce A.
  • Scheduling a tutor for my daughter was very convenient and appointments were always on time.

    Tina P.
  • taking the time to match student and tutor

    Roxanne M.
  • Very professional and find the best tutor to match your child's need.

    Barb S.
  • You are comfortable when speaking with them. They do follow ups with you to make sure you are satisfied with their services and that your child is happy with the tutor. They will make changes if needed. Very satisfied.

    Lise M.
  • Very professional and effective. Know and do your job with great pride. Glad I made the call. Thanks

    Karen R.
  • Really appreciate the personal approach in ensuring both our children have the best resources available to them. We would definitely recommend your services to others.

    Jody & Gilles R.
  • I like that there is flexibility in getting the right match for my daughter.

    Lianne T.
  • I like the help children get for their homework and especially during tests. It works well and the child is happy, because it gets rid of the stress for her and us.

    Majlinda & Mynyr H.
  • The match between our son and the tutor that was selected for him was perfect. The tutor is very dedicated, and goes the extra mile to help my son.

    Yvette F.
  • My daughter states that the tutor breaks down math concepts into manageable chunks so she is able to understand better. The tutor is also accommodating with his meeting times.

    Anita B.
  • I like that they match up the tutor with the child. Also very impressed that they called to see how my son did on his exam.

    Jennifer B.
  • I like that you and your staff follow up and take the initiative to act in the interest of your students. Thank you, Hazel Ecclestone

    Hazel E.
  • My son failed first year accounting previously. With the help of your tutors his confidence has risen and he achieved an 82% on his final exam. Thank you so much

    Kelly T.
  • Service has been quick and efficient. Staff have gone above and beyond to accommodate my individual needs, as well to select and match my tutors appropriately. I would recommend this company.

    Melodie B.
  • Personal service. Exceptional support from tutor.

    Carolynn L.
  • Convenience, meaning that the instructor comes you clients house. The instructor that has been provided is extremely knowledgeable and has a very easily understood teaching approach. Thank you

    Barb C.
  • I like the fact that the tutor comes directly to our house. The tutor is very patient and works well with the girls.

    Alicia A.
  • The Tutor

    Michele K.
  • Friendly staff

    Chantal G.
  • Very quick response time, pleasant teachers, good match!!

    Karen W.
  • Attention to detail and quick response to our requests. Qualified tutors.

    Rick & Sheryl S.
  • Overall helpful

    Maria & David M.
  • Great and personable staff who's only focus is the self esteem of the student.

    Frank & Donna P.
  • friendly, custom fit to my child's needs, excellent service, very flexible

    Melinda B.
  • the tutor I currently have is wonderful

    Carole P.
  • Consistency. Riable.Curteous. Helpful.

    Rachelle E.
  • very personable. cared about the INTERESTS of my child. likes dislikes. very friendly. cares about how everyone is in the family. not all about a child FAILING a subject. its all about self esteem and worthiness.

    Jennie G.
  • Convenience of at home, no travel with busy schedule. Ability to keep my son's attention and he has improved.

    Melissa D.
  • My daughters have gained more responsibility, more self confidence and have improved in their school work a great deal. I like how the tutor is engaging and calm with the girls and with a new baby at home it's nice that she comes to my home.

    Desiree L.
  • My son is feeling fantastic and confident and absolutely loves Kathleen. First time I have seen him excited about school work. Thank you

    Denise & John D.
  • Respond quickly to messages and works hard to find a tutor that will work well with your child and their situation.

    Christine & Blake D.
  • excellent match of student to tutor and extremely experienced tutor with a fabulous rapport with children!!

    Donna B.
  • Great tutor - reliable

    Lucille S.
  • Very courteous and there is a lot of effort put into matching the student and the tutor.

    Rachel R.
  • They match child with a tutor that works great with child and the things thwy do are great our son has gotten so much better since we started

    Carol & Gilles P.
  • I love how Veronica came over to meet my children so she was able to pair them up with the perfect tutor. The other advantage is that the tutor comes to your home and works aroun your schedule...very laid back setting, no stress.

    Bobbi T.
  • The fact that someone is available to help my students be successful in their education! I am thankful for the time and energy that the tutor puts into their job so the the students are able to learn the information that is presented to them.

    Magnetawan N.
  • Services are very well organized and coordinated, the tutor is wonderful!

    Doris B.
  • prompt service - the drive to ensure the match is good between student and tutor

    Karen A.
  • I like how the tutor was matched well to help my daughter with her weaker areas of school work. Also loved how it didn't feel like Kathleen was just my daughters tutor. She was also a friend and Diane as well. They helped my daughter in so many ways and without them she wouldn't be where she is today.

    Sheena W.
  • I love the fact that the tutor is matched to my son and she comes to my home to provide the service.

    Stan & Denise B.
  • The Tutor

    Karen & Dan C.
  • Extremely flexible to my schedule and it works!!

    Joanne & Todd P.
  • My daughter really learned from her teacher and is beginning to read!

    Sarah & Steve M.
  • Friendly supportive non judgemental understanding patience

    Dawn V.
  • Friendly, efficient, as advertised. Tutor doctor found perfect tutor to suit our daughter's needs. Staff is excellent.

    Jeanie & Scott D.
  • I liked how you were able to place a suitable tutor for my son and that you follow up with clients to see how things are going.

    Laura B.
  • Personalized attention to the student. Tutor Doctor makes house calls. It's perfect.

    Mona L.
  • When we were in need you were very prompt to answer

    Martine P.
  • They match the students with a tutor based on interests. Very professional and friendly.

    Franca & Paul C.
  • The way that you try to match the tutor with the child.

    Tina C.
  • the teacher was very accommodating,would even come on short notice. Was very patient with our daughter. She made teaching fun and easy . The child never felt intimidated or bored

    Maria A.
  • Tutor Doctor matches the students with the tutor and I believe that is the most important thing to do when tutoring. Tutors work around your schedule to provide the best service for the child and the parents which is great!!!

    Lauretta M.
  • The three different tutors that Tutor Doctor has sent to work with my 16-yr old son have all been tremendous.

    Kevin R.
  • The teacher you selected for our child is a perfect match. Our child has made so much progress in such a short time and his self confidence has also improved.

    Patti & Richard B.
  • My son has a tutor whom he has made a very positive connection. It has been worth every penny...

    Brad B.
  • It perfectly matches you to someone you are compatible with in order to fully focus on your needs, leading to the overall success of the student.

    Fadia & Yousef S.
  • Response was quick following initial contact and the match between tutor and student was very accurate.

    Sherrie & Peter B.
  • I like the fact that you match the tutor to the needs of the student!

    Andrea F.
  • At our first meeting with Diane, within a short period of time she knew exactly what tutor to match my daughter with. From the get go the tutor and my daughter clicked and he was able to bring her marks up from almost failing to an over 80% honour student. We have him back again this year and he is just like a family member now.

    Kathy & Dave M.
  • That u work for the client in everyway verry good service

    Patrick L.
  • Very courteous when dealing w/Tutor Doctor & you found a great match for our son

    Marc & Nancy R.
  • The Tudor my daughter and step children have are both amazing and extremely patient!

    Lynn D.
  • Excellent match. Excellent tutor

    Annie & Jo S.
  • The at home aspect of the service.

    Sherri-Lynn P.
  • I appreciate the time taken to get to know and understand my child. I appreciate that the information gathered is used to find the best pairing of tutor and student. I also appreciate the timeliness of the follow up to ensure that my child is comfortable, confident and well prepared. Thank you for your commitment.

    Sarah B.
  • It is nice to have the tutor come to our home. She works very well with our daughter and really brings out the best in her.

    Kelly F.
  • Initially approached Tutor Doctor to prepare for SAT in a very short time frame. Within a day the schedule was set up with prompt and highly efficient tutors who did an exceptional job in helping my son Bradley prepare and ultimately become successful with his results. We continue to use the tutor doctor and have recommended them to many of our friends.

    Joana B.
  • The services are consistent and we are seeing improvement.

    Cindy & Blair P.
  • Everything!! Diane & Sam's personality, professionalism patience and their determination to make it work. We LOVE Sam everything about Sam!! She is a part of our family. She is a fabulous role model academicly and personally. My kids have improved most importantly to me in their self esteem and their academics...My heartfelt Thankyou!! (I could not afford this service without Grandma though).

    Billy S.
  • In our experience, Tutor Doctor was able to match a tutor that our child loved, respected and looked forward to learn from. The tutor's approach was adapted to our child's way of learning which included a theoretical, visual and practical approach. Our child's learning has significantly increased and due to this positive experience, we decided to extend our tutor's contract with our child. All of ...

    Kara & Alain L.
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  • ensure that there is a fit between student and tutor

    Gina B.
  • Actually... It was the amazing teacher we had.

    Nicole & Ali G.
  • Qualified tutors able to tap into my child's needs

    Josee & Alain Theriault & T.
  • I like that scheduling is very flexible; that my child can be met at school, or on weekends etc. I also like that my child's personality is a factor in how a tutor is chosen for her.

    Petra C.
  • I like that your tutor is professional was easy to talk to easy to reach and flexable with hours we had a great teacher

    Marcel & Tammy B.
  • The help is great my foster son was able to complete two credits thanks to his tutor

    Jackie S.
  • The fact that the tutor comes to the house to work with my son is great. The days and times worked well and the tutor was very flexible and accommodating even coming on the weekend before exams started for another session. My son was able to get his math credit going into the exam failing.

    Corey F.
  • I like that you were able to find my daughter a tutor that was a perfect match for her. I have already recommended Tudor Dr to my neighbor.

    Carl & Shari Z.
  • The tutor doctor is able to accommodate our crazy schedule. Our tutor is very good, she does a great job of making learning fun! I like the fact that if we have a question, need clarification, that they are very approachable and eager to help. Thank you tutor doctor for helping my son gain some much needed confidence at school.

    Sarah & Jason M.
  • Very prompt match between tutor and student. Hours are transferable to other siblings. Follow-up to verify if match worked well. Quick last minute appointments with tutor before exams.

    Marie & Charles L.
  • Tutor Doctor's services are just exceptional. My daughter has made remarkable progress which has also helped raise her confidence and her belief in herself as a learner. The tutor is kind and patient and seems able to zero in on exactly what my child needs to improve her skills.

    Leslie B.
  • Everything

    Nawar S.
  • Very pleased

    Sabrina C.
  • Your service is very helpful, my son has improved in his studies at 80% , I'm very happy with the out come and so is my son.Thank You Tutor Doctor!

    Maureen B.
  • My daughter's tutor is highly qualified in the challenging math courses and is very efficient in transferring that knowledge. Her confidence has increased in these classes and decreased her overall stress related to her marks. Her tutor is also dependable, always respecting the set time.

    Jeannette L.
  • Your good at matching the proper tutor with the students. The tutor always lets us know what they worked on and how the progress is going. The onsite tutoring is very convenient, they come to our house and make the children feel comfortable. The Tutors are very knowledgeable and go out of their way to familiarize themselves in subjects that they are not use to teaching.

    Joanne & Yvon C.
  • always looking out for the children well being and finding the right match for the students

    Ossie W.
  • The service is well organized and the tutors are efficient and dependable. I like the follow ups that are done periodically to ensure that the customer is satisfied. The exchange of input is much appreciated.

    Lise & Terry W.
  • Diane works with you to find a tutor that is a good fit for your child.

    Lori & Fern G.
  • The fact that the tutors are flexible and they come to you and are very versed in the subjects that they tutor in.

    Michelle C.
  • Diane is great, tutor service top notch

    Juli P.
  • Knowledgeable tutors, good match for the student, personable and helpful. Appropriate help was provided.

    Janet H.
  • The tutors are knowledgeable and effective teachers.

    Colleen G.
  • Friendly and efficient. You always have the best interests of my child in mind. Thank you.

    Bruno & Gisele W.
  • Your teachers come to the house and are generally very positive and encouraging with the child.

    Iris & Keith C.
  • Our daughter has the best tutor. They were perfectly matched two years ago. We could not be happier with the progress.

    Nicole & Troy S.
  • Convenience of being at home

    Julie J.
  • As a very busy family we like the convenience of having the Tutor Doctor come to our home. Our tutor is fantastic.

    Kim N.
  • You did find a good match for my daughter. The first tutor you placed with us was technically fine but did not connect really well in personality. You replaced her with a really good match and my daughter is a straight A student these days.

    Bobbi L.
  • Very professional and my grades have never been better! Thanks tutor doctor :)

    Louise L.
  • I love have the services being provided in my home. I have a busy work and personal schedule and it no longer takes away a whole evening for the tutoring for my daughter. I also have lots of confidence in the tutor who comes to my home. My daughters reading level has improved so much that the teachers at her school commented on it. :)

    Lisa G.
  • Working one on one with children and coming to our home helps a lot with being a busy parent.

    Jody & Chad T.
  • We are more than happy with the progress our daughter has made! She loves to read and her confidence level at school has increased due to knowing what she can achieve. Our tutor Tara is a perfect match and most importantly our daughter enjoys the time spent together.

    Yollanda T.
  • the efficient prompt response to inquiries and the quality of tutoring

    Roxanne R.
  • The results the kids produce after the help, the attitude of tutors is encouraging and you always monitor the progress

    Lawrence & Hlolisile C.
  • First class operation run by people who care about our kids.

    Jim & Lisa S.
  • I like the fact that the tutor comes to my house and tutors my child in his own surroundings

    Lori C.
  • the convenience of having services in our home, especially during hectic work weeks.

    Darlene G.
  • Knowledgeable professionals.

    Suzanne & Brian Y.
  • With my daughter`s swimming, approximately 20 hours a week, 6days out of 7, I was ammazed to see how Doctor`s tutor was able to mannage to give us some time to come to my house and help my daughter with shcool work. Afternoon, nights and weekend, we had good Tutor people that knows their subject and most of all friendly. They go straight to the point and efficiently. I was impress with Tutor ...

    Lise W.
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  • Prompt to see family regarding childs needs, taking the time to match the child with a tutor that works well with them, very friendly and trusting

    Lisa M.
  • I like that the tutor is a certified teacher and that she comes to our house to provide one on one assistance to our son.

    Lisa B.
  • I appreciated that someone came to talk to us in our home and spent quite a bit of time with us the parents, as well as our daughter. I felt she really cared.. Her match, was spot on for my daughter who needed help in math. They get on fabulously and my daughter's confidence in math has really improved.

    Tim & Mary Anne E.
  • When I call or leave a message, the phone call is always returned without delay! Very flexible with my schedule and there's always a follow-up phone call to see how compatible the child and the tutor are,together! They are very informative and want to help in any way they can! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

    Julie & Fern R.
  • Dianne did an excellenct job matching the right tutor

    Victoria A.
  • Everything!!!! Your program is so accomidating. You meet the students where they are at. You not only teach them the subjects they have difficulty with but help them grow as people too. My daughter, who gets very stressed out about life, mostly where school,getting behind,and boys are concerned; seems a lot more at peace and confident in her music,and other studies, where before she felt lost. I ...

    Angel & Gary P.
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  • At home service is easy and flexible. My son schedules all of his appointments and has the ability make changes when required. Results of tutoring is apparent in the marks he receives.

    Rose Marie & Michael D.
  • One on one tutoring!

    Susan N.
  • Very personal service and you always feel like there is someone you can count on, talk with and turn to for your child

    Maurissa & Johnny G.
  • Provided at home.

    Judit & Scott N.
  • Responsiveness to the needs of the student and accommodation to his weaknesses and Schhol work

    Vassilios & Rachel K.
  • Personal touch and staff

    Lina & Martin P.
  • it's a great program it give the children a chance to get individual teaching

    Ginette & Tim C.
  • I like: - the qualified tutors - the personal and professional service - the at home tutoring

    Caroline & George B.
  • I really like the way Diane matches up the students with their tutor in regard to character, patience and personality. Our last tutor (marie France) went out of her way to make sure my daughter understood her Math and now at a different she is doing extremely well, in the 90%, but were sorry to say no one hired her here and found other work down south. It is a shame to loose the people who excel ...

    Joanne T.
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  • Flexibility, skill set of teachers, in home tutoring

    Linda D.
  • It helped my daughter having confident in herself.

    Nathalie L.
  • Meets the students needs and shows much compassion

    Lynn T.
  • At home service Qualified tutor Friendly and willing to change learning based on student needs

    Natalie & Serge G.
  • The fact that they work around our schedule and they find someone that works well with your child!!

    Connie P.
  • As we know it is very difficult to teach our own kids because we as parents do not have the tools and sometimes do not have the times as well.Tutor Doctor is able to work with my son at school where it does not take away from our family time,but most importantly the tutor that my son has been paired up with has the experience and knowledge on different teaching patterns to teach and make it ...

    Pam & Alain V.
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  • The tutors meet the needs of the students to teach in the way that they learn.

    Wendy & Dale C.
  • Very quick response to my initial call. Tutor was found in a very short timeframe. Tutor is well-matched with my child and makes the work fun for my child. So far, so good.

    Natalie B.
  • I like that each child is specifically matched with a teacher that would be best able to meet the child's learning needs.

    Colleen D.
  • The tutor is matched up with the student. They may have similar interest and personalities. Prompt response and start up.

    Connie T.
  • I was very impressed with how genuine you are. You work very hard to match the children with a tutor that is able to help them. My daughter's math tutor has made the world of difference for her.

    Colleen & Darren D.
  • I like the fact that my child does not leave the house and the flexible hours. My daughter has developped a great rapport with her tutor and she has much more confidance in her math skills and looks forward to her next Math class nest semester.

    Debbie-Anne C.
  • Promptness, friendliness, great matches with clientele

    Barbara P.
  • What I enjoyed about the service was how quick tutor doctor responded to my needs and provided me with someone who I was able to respond well to.

    Preston H.
  • The people who have toutered erick have all been very profecional and encouraging we whve had wonderfull experience with this and recomend yous highly to every one the lessards

    Dale & Conrad L.
  • Very friendly people who think of your child's best interest and are always ready to meet your educational needs.

    Aline B.
  • The tutor comes to our house.:)

    Sandy & Steve D.
  • At-home help with flexible hours. Knowledgeable and helpful toturing.

    Steph & Carmel G.
  • energy put into a good match - flexible service timelines - can take breaks over summer or when students life becomes overwhelming

    Tina O.
  • The tutors are very accommodating and patient. Veronique works very hard to find the perfect match.

    Eva L.
  • Great customer service. Our regular tutor that has been a great help. He is also extremely accommodating.

    Pat C.
  • Very attentive response to my inquiries and offered a flexible schedule which met my daughters needs.

    Christine B.
  • many things....the way you keep in contact .....being able to work time of appt with clients

    Barb S.
  • Tutor doctor works with our needs to find the best tutor for our children.

    Leslie & Sam O.
  • the sessions are modified to focus on what the child is missing or areas that could use a little extra help.

    Lynne & Paul G.
  • That the tutor comes to our home.

    Michelle G.
  • easy to use - I've arranged for private tutoring in the past and it was a headache. This was simple with a guaranteed match which worked from the start. I like the preauthorized payments and flexibility in scheduling for my daughter. Tutoring is taken care of and I get to relax! and she's doing wonderfully in her course so everyone is happy.

    Merci M.
  • Very personal and comitted to finding a good match. Merci beaucoup!

    Tina & Joel M.
  • At the first meeting they were helpful by trying to match the right tutor with the student. We were very happy about that and the tutor seems to be very helpful and my daughters' marks are getting better.

    Rose C.
  • Able ro match tutor to meet needs of student

    Karen L.
  • Tutor is a great fit. On time, knowledgeable and has a great connection with Jenna.

    Elizabeth & Randy D.
  • We have used Tutor Doctor for both children and several times. Each tutor has been excellent. We appreciate that the tutor drives to the home which is very convenient.

    Glenna S.
  • The tutor was punctual and accommodated the difficult schedule

    Sylvie M.
  • The petsonal touch and bonding that occurs between the tutor and child, which favors the intetest in learning. Also the ability to contact yourself in regards to possible issues....which has not been an issue with us. Sorry about the delay, we have completed our trip to Disney. today and we are on the road as we speak.

    Leeanne D.
  • The initial meeting request was quick to be booked and completed in a timely fashion. The service and expectations were explained making he decision easy for us to chose the Tutor Doctor. I like how they matched my child up with a tutor that would complement his skills, abilities and even personality. The tutor comes on the day and time that you choose and is always providing excellent service for ...

    Pamela C.
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  • The option to attend the first nation for services which helped me as a working parent as I didn't have to worry about making transportation arrangements, the flexible hours for service and very good communication.

    Emma R.
  • Good matching with student. Flexibility

    Suzanne V.
  • Helpful.

    Jesika R.
  • We have nothing but great things to say about the tutor that was assigned. He is very reliable, and works well with our child. We have seen our son's grades improve. It was made very clear to us, that Tutor Doctor strives to find the perfect fit between tutor and student, and not to feel bound to a tutor if things weren't going well. It is nice to know that we did not have to feel pressured to ...

    Mariane P.
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  • That you take the time to get to know the individual before pairing them up with a suitable tutor and if it is not working then the tutor is changed.

    Susan B.
  • The tutor was matched perfectly to my childs needs. the personal touch - having to text them directly when needed or to cancel apts. the level of education that the tutors have.

    Chantal T.
  • prompt, friendly, tutors have been good fits with my daughter

    Anne S.
  • Very efficient - set was quick Available for communication by email Open to changing tutor if the child was not Learning Robert Laking is excellent according to my son (very knowledgeable in mathematics) - I have not received his mark yet... Thanks for all of help - crossing my fingers for a 70%!

    Cathy M.
  • Andrew is always on time and as good works ethics with Isaiah.

    Liette & Dave B.
  • Personalized

    Madeleine H.
  • The one on one attention that my children receives.

    Shelley B.
  • The quality of the teachers is outstanding and the willingness of Tutor Doctor to meet the needs of my son as any issues arise.

    Kathy D.
  • I really like the very customized services Tutor Doctor provides. I've been so impressed with the way Diane Wilson has taken the time to ensure she understands my daughter's tutoring needs and personality. Based on that Diane found the ideal tutor for my child. My daughter actually looks forward to her tutoring sessions and her attitude towards the subject she's tutored in has improved substantial ...

    Chloe G.
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  • friendly and helpful.

    Bruce & Darlene T.
  • home tutoring and flexible hours :)

    Sylvie & Marc M.
  • dedicated teachers, concentrate on areas where help is needed, accomadating schedule

    Renee & June S.
  • With our tutor, right now, she is involving my daughter into the work and games more than my daughter realizes, and its fun for her, she actually looks forward on the tutors visit.

    Nathalie B.
  • Tutor doctor has not only provide english tutoring to my children but has also understanding the gap that is unique for each children, analyze it and provde consultancy about how to improve their performance at school.

    Ali F.
  • The tutor comes to our home which saves me running around. The quality of the tutoring is high and my sons like the tutors. Their marks went up significantly in physics and math and my sons were much less stressed about school.

    Diane J.
  • You match up the tutor to the child who would be campatable

    Sandra R.
  • The teachers are friendly and patience.

    Jackie P.
  • Tutoring done in my own home. No running around.

    Jessica G.
  • home visit and flexibility

    Roy-Anne P.
  • friendly knowlegable person doing the tutoring and great results

    Micheline & Rob M.
  • That they are in my home.

    Cara & James T.
  • My eldest son has been with Tutor Doctor for several years now. The organization has been incredibly flexible during these uncertain times. Our tutor, specifically, has shown us that he is able to understand our son’s needs based on his personality and, by extension, his approach to academics and learning. Our tutor is an experienced middle school teacher and we have seen the incredible value and ...

    GF, Sudbury
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  • Our experience with Tutor Doctor for our daughter has been nothing short of amazing. Our tutor’s ability to accommodate the needs of my daughter as she tries to navigate transitioning to high school during a pervasive and far-reaching pandemic with all its’ social and psychological implications has been remarkable. His ability to understand and relate not only to the academic aspects of his role, ...

    DF, Sudbury
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  • Our son Daniel is a pupil of Tutor Doctor. His ability to excel in school has been fueled by his tutoring sessions. Our tutor has made consistent efforts to challenge and inspire him. He sees where his academic strengths are and works to build on those strengths. Our tutor has not only inspired my son, he has inspired our family with his understanding and passion for children. It is clear that ...

    SF, Sudbury
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  • “Tutor Doctor is a highly professional organization committed to the education of your child. The staff are friendly and courteous. They go out of their way to find the best tutor for your child’s needs. I have used their services, for over 15 years, in the subjects of Math, Science and French. Not only did my children’s school marks improve, but their confidence and self esteem improved also. It ...

    Mrs. Debbie L, Sudbury
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  • I am very thankful to Tutor Doctor for providing a great tutor for my daughter. Nobody in our family understands French language but with the help of her tutor, my daughter was able to advance her French speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. Her tutor has also trained her how to further understand and analyze Math questions. Now that my daughter has switched to online session due to ...

    Anna O., Sudbury, ON
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  • All of the staff have been excellent from quick responses to a variety of courses and level to different online methods for both our high school and university freshman during a year of uncertainty!

    Katie J., Sudbury, ON
  • When my daughter entered Grade 11, I knew she wouldn’t be able to keep going without a tutor. She has always struggled with Math and it was to the point where she was scared and anxious about Math class. She had just passed grade 10 (barely) and she came to me saying she wanted a tutor. Her past teachers had always helped her but it wasn’t enough. She needed extra one-on-one time. I started ...

    Heather M., Sudbury, ON
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  • Our experience with Tutor Doctor for our daughter has been nothing short of amazing. Our tutor’s ability to accommodate the needs of my daughter as she tries to navigate transitioning to high school during a pervasive and far reaching pandemic with all its’ social and psychological implications has been remarkable. His ability to understand and relate not only to the academic aspects of his role, ...

    DF, Sudbury
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  • Being a tutor for tutor Doctor is the most rewarding job ever! The bond with the kids and family I work with are very special.

    Natacha N, Sudbury