About Tutor Doctor Sudbury

Trusted Tutors in Sudbury

Since 2000, Tutor Doctor has been the trusted name in tutoring services across the world. Founder John Hooi revolutionized the meaning of tutoring by giving it a personalized twist. Since then, we have helped over 200,000 students in 15+ countries. At Tutor Doctor Sudbury, we follow this legacy of success by providing customized lesson plans and personal sessions.

How Learning Hits Home

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What the Tutor Doctor Process Looks Like:

  • Assess – We carefully assess each student to determine their strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles to find a tutor that’s a good fit.
  • Match – Each Sudbury tutor is hand-selected for the clients based on how well they match their personality and educational goals.
  • Tutor – We create customized lesson plans that incorporate the student’s current curriculum and coursework for maximum effect.
  • Support – Parents receive weekly progress reports to help them keep track of their child’s success. This way they can play an active role in their child’s education.

*When it comes to education success, Tutor Doctor has been a trusted in home tutoring service since 2008. We understand that life happens and we are always there to help you conquer any challenge that occurs. With nearly 10 years of experience at all levels of education we provide professional at home support on a schedule that supports your life. We are there for when you need us, and we listen to your needs and goals. We deliver professional instruction, practical application , and focus on the bottom line – results. Education is the foundation of future success – trust our family to get your family back on track.

Give your child the tools he or she needs to succeed – call (705) 230-0967 to schedule a tutoring session in Sudbury.