Conquer Conflict with Structured Conversation

Conflict occurs in the workplace, and Tutor Doctor – Saint Peters can help you to sift through potentially messy situations in structured and succinct ways. Utilizing a variety of conversational structures meant to harness the wisdom in the room, our Business Tutors create an environment of shared voice that allows participants to truly collaborate, often generating ideas to resolve conflicts that were not previously considered.

A conversational structure often begins with a focusing question. Too often, the question that really needs to be answered is at the root of why conflict exists. One person or group might be focused on answering one question while another person or group may be focused on an entirely different question. After getting to the root of this question, a conversational structure aids conflict by creating space for each individual to speak, allowing other participants to craft clarifying questions, but postponing the tendency to proclaim any thought or idea as irrelevant. Professionals often have good ideas when presented with any dilemma, but collaborative wisdom cannot take shape until true thought has been given to multiple ideas. The goal of a conversational structure is to give time and structure to wisdom as it is taking shape.

If your business is wrestling with hard dilemmas such as how to increase revenue or how to divide and conquer responsibility, Tutor Doctor can help. Similarly, if your business is thriving and encountering “fun” conflict such as which next steps would be most effective, consider Tutor Doctor – Saint Peters as a source for your conflict resolution needs. 

To discuss how Tutor Doctor – Saint Peter’s can design an Alternative Conflict Resolution training for you, contact us at (636) 544-0403.