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  • My daughter looks forward to meeting with them (she's 13). Her competency and confidence in all subjects has improved.

    Michelle T.
  • We have been very happy with tutor and services.

    Amos B.
  • Our tutor is very sweet and warm, My son is comfortable working with her. She's professional and keeps us informed on his progress.

    Edith M.
  • I like the evaluation process and that the tutors come to our house.

    Adriana M.
  • the tutor is very patient with Amir and shows a genuine interest in helping my son succeed.

    Shanel S.
  • The tutor we have now is perfect. He's polite helpful and the kids think he's cool. He goes above and beyond to see that my children are learning.

    David H.
  • professional approach, punctuality , knowledge,

    Boris K.
  • Excellent tutors. Reliable. Focussed. Good pace. Easy to get along with.

    Anthony S.
  • I love the personal response I get and the ability to talk to somebody about my concerns.

    James Y.
  • The staff have been very friendly and knowledgable, and the process has been effortless on our part.

    Megan B.
  • Personal interaction

    Loc D.
  • Our tutor was wonderful!!! Matthew did GREAT on the ISEE exam!!!

    Jennifer S.
  • I love that it is done in my home.

    Shawn D.
  • The initial evaluation of my daughter and placing her with a suitable tutor has made a world of difference in her grades.

    Billy D.
  • Our tutor is very reliable, prompt and committed. Happy with her work.

    Preetha S.
  • Tutor comes to my home. Works on current assignments instead of using a separate curriculum

    Terri S.
  • We really like the tutor that was picked for Faith.

    Wendy R.
  • The fact that you customize the tutor to the student. That makes a big difference in the effectiveness of the tutoring. Thanks for that!

    Vicky S.
  • The Tutor assigned to our son is very kind and exceedingly patient for he is not one to grasp mathematical concepts easily. I commend her perseverance as she repeatedly works through the same type of problems with him until it clicks. I believe his confidence will increase and hopefully this leads to success in other subjects, as well.

    Dave K.
  • I like that there is a range of possibilities with tutors for my children. Staff is very friendly and easy to work with. I love that I can pick my day and time and the tutor comes to our house.

    Angie R.
  • Flexibility of tutors to work around students schedule. In home support/instruction. Tutors are familiar with school objectives

    Caroline M.
  • How hard you worked to find someone perfect for Braten and close to home

    Lori G.
  • That you teach privately, not as a group, and can provide individual attention. and the best thing is that you come to our home!

    Valerie J.
  • Tutor has great knowledge about subject, my daughter has her confidence back. She is much happier that she understands what is going on in class.

    Irma B.
  • The tutor given is very good and is very patient with the kids

    Atis S.
  • Convenient and very effective!

    Lisa T.
  • the services are at home.

    Susana C.
  • promptness. Tutor is great!

    Heather M.
  • in house tutoring - very satisfied with the progress my son has made with the tutor.

    Ruben F.
  • At home, one to one, very good tutor

    Dina K.
  • I like that you make sure the tutor working with the student is well matched so that the student will feel comfortable.

    Elizabeth B.
  • The owner is very caring and conscientious about my daughter's needs. She matched my daughter with a perfect tutor that was able to reach my daughter and pull her out of the hole she was in for so long. The tutor breaks down the concepts in a fun and easy to understand way. My daughter's grades have greatly improved, and her self esteem and confidence have shot through the roof - that in itself is ...

    Tunya J.
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  • The convenience of them coming to the home as well as there being flexibility.

    Lynn B.
  • did a good job of matching a tutor to my son's needs

    Mary M.
  • Attention to detail, the quality of tutors and the follow-up.

    Louise B.
  • Personalized service. Attention to specific student's needs.

    Colleen M.
  • The services, while broad in scope, seem to be very personalized which is very nice.

    Michelle S.
  • Convenience and follow up - the child is getting the required backing in the subject. thank you

    Anupama S.
  • The one on one interview before a tutor is selected so you know exactly what's needed.

    Jeri B.
  • Tutor Doctor strived to find a good match Tutor, even thought it took some consideral time to do so. My son is making great progress with his English while at the same time improving his knowlodge with Math and Reading. I have started the tutoting for my son only for a month as trial and after experiencing the quality of the service, I decided to move into 96 hours which is about a year of tutorin ...

    Andre S.
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  • The tutor knows the subject extremely well and is very relatable to our student. Very impressed that they were able to re-arrange their schedule in order to accomidate our student in preparing for a final exam.

    Bruce P.
  • Prompt attention, courteous staff, attentive sessions

    John F.
  • Very efficient with great results.

    Paige O.
  • Provision of quality and seasoned teachers

    Abiola O.
  • The flexibility of having the tutor come to our home. Also enjoy the match of the tutor with my son. She has been wonderful.

    Eva I.
  • I love that actually they care about my daughter and her needs! First, they carefully chose the tutor that filled all of my daughter's needs. Then, our tutor is always involved and really cares about my daughter! They have immensely help us, not only with school subjects but also helping her develop into a more secure, confident person!

    Veronica T.
  • Flexibility, getting a great match tutor-student. In home tutoring.

    Sarah J.
  • Everyone has been very nice. My daughter looks forward to her tutor coming.

    Royce N.
  • I like the one one one with my son. I also love that they come to our house so we don't have to go anywhere.

    Jennifer C.
  • Love it

    Yvonne E.
  • We received results! Our tutor was very professional and so was the owners of tutor doctor.

    Christene M.
  • personalized service, tutors knowledge of the subject matter

    Themba T.
  • The tutor comes to your house and they can prepare the student before a quiz or test.

    Samual C.
  • Professional and knowledgeable tutors.

    Ann C.
  • Patience of the tutor, professionalism of both the tutors and the management, usage of the relevant curriculum that is specifically tailored to individual needs,great knowledge of teaching concepts and friendliness of the tutor.

    Victor O.
  • nice, knowledgable,always on time, reliable

    Maria P.
  • One on one, flexible scheduling, comes to my house

    Jeff H.
  • The at home service

    Yvette F.
  • Our tutor is wonderful. I love the session reports after each tutoring session.

    Jill H.
  • Very professional and dedicated tutor.

    Mona S.
  • Very good

    Hong D.
  • The tutor we had was excellent and flexible

    Ginny S.
  • Personal and very accomodating

    Richard R.
  • You provide us with very good tutors

    Supree W.
  • 1) The Pre assessment meeting with the parents, students and your rep. before matching them to a tutor. 2) Paying attention to the academic needs of my children. By matching the right tutor to meet the specific needs of my children. 3) The quality of the tutors.

    Yelema A.
  • Individual tutoring at home.

    Jane C.
  • Quality of tutor! Ease of scheduling.

    Kim K.
  • Reliable--quality tutors.

    Margo C.
  • The tutors did a great job plus they come to you so it is not so difficult to schdule.

    Susan S.
  • I like our tutor. I like the professionalism and the feedback reports.

    D'Aun D.
  • They will come to our house. Also there are a lot of tutors to match up with.

    Debbie A.
  • You are caring and understanding. You provide tutors that accomodate to what my children need. Thank you.

    Sophia V.
  • Our tutor is so good and aalways on top of everything.

    Sonia N.
  • Very organized, provide immediate feedback.

    Michelle G.
  • convience of coming to our home.

    Stephanie A.
  • I like the flexibility in scheduling weekly tutor visits directly with the involved tutor. While it's nice to have some sort of schedule, it's also nice to be able to switch days around if it meets the schedules of all involved. So far, a very good experience for our son.

    Eric A.
  • We used Tutor Doctor this past summer to build up some math skills for my son. We were very pleased with the service. The owner met with us to talk about my son's needs and to ask exactly what we were looking for in a tutor. By the end of the meeting she already had a tutor in mind. The tutor called me within a day or two to introduce herself and confirm our first session. She worked with my son ...

    Happy Customer
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  • My experience with Tutor Doctor has been phenomenal. The consultation service made the process seamless. My son was able to excel in his AP courses, thanks to Tutor Doctor! Highly recommended.

    Happy Customer
  • We love Tutor Doctor because of the flexibility and their willingness to help us find the right tutors to work with my kids. If there is an issue, there is no push back, it is just taken care of. We love our current tutor!

    Happy Customer
  • The owner really takes time to pin-point what each child needs and what tutor will be a "magical-match" for them. Each session is openly communicated and reported with the parent and the company to ensure transparency and clear communication. Session times are generally made possible based on the clients time, and the in-home tutoring saves time and money for the parents! The tutor really cares ...

    Happy Customer
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  • Overall, we are already starting to see improvement in grades & attitude about school work! We couldn't be any happier with our tutor as his match. He really enjoys his time with her, and its starting to show in how interested he is in reading & school work again! She is a perfect match for him -- very patient with lots of ideas of how he can improve how he does his work. She also does a great job ...

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  • I just want to say ‘thank you.’ Our tutor is a perfect candidate for Carter. He’s calm and has high expectations which doesn’t allow Carter to bluff his way through. Tonight, he spent nearly 90 minutes with us and we plan for a second tutor session this Saturday morning!

    Darlene B
  • We are very pleased with our tutor. He is soft-spoken, very clear on instructions and a great personality. We appreciate the smooth transition!

    Happy Customer
  • Both tutors are wonderful! Kenzie loves them. She looks forward to her sessions, is working hard, and responds so well to them both. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Lisa R.
  • Our tutor is patient, quiet, mannered, focused, and a great teacher for Kate. We absolutely request use Tutor Doctor for the fall semester and beyond. Seriously, Kate has struggled all year but has done an amazing job getting through the tough times thanks to the tutor and her positive attitude. She has made such a difference to Kate!

    Diane G.
  • First, I can not compliment you enough on both of the tutors you have assigned to Trey. They have found a way to get him engaged with the subject that he struggles with the most in such a positive and nurturing manner!! Trey is very impressed with the tutor's mastery of the subjects and the calm, respectful and supportive manner in which they tutor.

    Theresa U.
  • I would like to follow up with you about Trent. I received his first report card of the school year, and he has a 91 in reading and a 93 in English. We are all so happy with Trent's great progress after working with Tutor Doctor Katy over the summer. He is much more confident in his reading comprehension skills now. Thank you so much!

    Shannon A., Katy, TX
  • The tutor is doing an incredible job with my daughter. She is so easy going with her and very good at making every minute count. She is very positive and my daughter really connects with her! We have had multiple subjects and the tutor is ready and very productive! Job well done!

    Diane G.
  • Nice tutor, coming up with lots of activities, I like how the hours are transferable to any student in the household.

    Jenny B.
  • The tutor was great. The kids really liked him!

    Pam M.
  • This is my first experience with Tutor Doctor Katy and I want to say we've got an awesome tutor. My kids love the way he teaches them.

    Nikki I.
  • Excellent services. Our tutor is the best!!! I would highly recommend Tutor Doctor Katy.

    Tiffany D.
  • I am very happy with the service and my kids enjoying working with the tutor.

    Martinho F.
  • The whole process is easy. I like the fact that tutor doctor does all the administrative work such as background check and matching my child with the appropriate tutor. I also like that the tutoring hours can be used by any family member. I also like the session report emailed to me at the end of each session.

    Bana J.
  • The tutor has been wonderful! The very first time she met Dane she took the time to find some common interests that she and Dane was the winner!!! This process relaxed Dane and subsequently has made him much more open to and comfortable with tutoring. He has just returned to school and he was very proud of himself for scoring 100% on the first test. He is happy and confident going to ...

    Michelle K.
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  • The tutors are great and I like your willingness to find the perfect student/tutor match.

    Janice T.
  • The tutor is very professional and my son enjoys the time spent with her. He often says he can't believe the time went by so quickly. The tutor also provides feedback reports and lets me know what was done during each session.

    Liz F.
  • We've tried many tutors over the years and our new tutor knocks it out of the park!

    Crystal R.
  • The tutor made a difference in preparing my son for the ACT. She is professional and my son was always comfortable with her.

    Funmi A.
  • The tutor we have works well with our child. We saw great improvement with her work and her confidence level has risen. We are pleased with the service.

    Norma F.
  • Appreciate the willingness to find the right match: tutor / kid.

    Lola P.
  • I like the progress report stating what was worked on. We also really like our tutor. The fact that my daughter's grades have gone up speaks to the quality and attention our tutor provides.

    Teana P.
  • I really liked the punctuality, the speed with which my call was answered, the convenience of receiving tutoring at home, and finally how fast they got my son started working independently. Carolina (First Grader Mom)

    Carolina F.
  • I like that our tutor is very interactive with my kids and offers a lot of good feedback.

    Stephanie W.
  • Convenience of schedule and at home tutoring.

    Peter L.
  • The tutor has been a great fit for Ben, making his learning experience enjoyable :).

    Kelly M.
  • The quality of the tutor and the relationship she has formed with our child.

    Wendy H.
  • Prompt replies - honesty and integrity of owners and tutors. Results from services. Thank you.

    Roslyn D.
  • Committed to find the right fit for my child.

    Nichelle N.
  • The tutor really gets to know the child as an individual and tailor lessons based on their personal strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

    Nikki W.
  • Individualized, comprehensive, professional, friendly, determined, flexible, honest. I am very satisfied with this tutoring service. In today's hectic world of busy schedules, you continue to flex with our schedule and my child's ongoing needs. Thank you so much for your diligence and determination in helping to create academic opportunities from what was once stagnant academic roadblocks. My vote ...

    Dinah H.
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  • I like the convenience and the consistency of the in-home tutoring.

    Margaret L.
  • Professional and easy to work with. Also, you take your time to find the right match for the student and to make sure that things are going well.

    Helen K.
  • I like the convenience of having a tutor come to my house. I like that I can hear from the next room what lessons the tutor is going over with my child. I also like getting the reports emailed shortly after each session, so I can refer back to what was worked on and also help track our tutoring hours.

    Heather R.
  • Our tutor is very good with our son. She is patient but yet is able to get him to concentrate and do what he needs to do. She is actually getting to know who he is as a person. My son looks forward to her coming!

    Amanda J.
  • Results! Our child improved tremendously.

    Vicki H.
  • I love that your services meet the individual needs of your clients. Thanks so much for listening to my concerns regarding my child's educational performance. The tutor you provided is an excellent match!

    Twana G.