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Tutor Doctor Franklin knows this is a confusing time with SAT & ACT cancellations and school closings. Take advantage of this time at home to take a practice exam and map out a plan with our testing experts.

There is simply no better way for you to keep your momentum going, to increase your confidence, and pinpoint how to improve your scores!

Our FREE SAT & ACT proctored tests include:

  • Live proctors to keep you engaged
  • Detailed score reports that identify your areas of need
  • One free private strategy session to review score results, provide a few tips, and to map out a testing plan.

About the Program

  • Exams are offered multiple times each week
  • Tutor Doctor families may register for unlimited SAT or ACT practice tests
  • Not a Tutor Doctor family yet? You may register for one complimentary exam and strategy session!

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