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  • Our tutor is such a good fit! The reports are helpful too!

    Todd & Deidra
  • Both of Piper's tutors have been very very helpful!! Very friendly which helped make her feel comfortable. They have helped become much more organized as well as taught her so much!!

    Darren & Melissa
  • We have been SO pleased with the amazing support and help that our daughters have received with their Math tutoring! Thank you so much!

    Amy & Adam
  • Igor is fantastic and working miracles with our daughter.

    Rusty & Nancy
  • Algebra tutoring has greatly improved confidence on quizzes and tests! Igor does an outstanding job!

    Victor & Leanne
  • We love our tutor Jono. He is the best!

    Richard & Katy
  • Rachel B. is #1 in our book. Also, Sal Ferro's willingness to consider our situation as totally unique has been wonderful!

    David & Rachel
  • I love that the tutors come to our home, and the price is very reasonable.

    Phu & Deborah
  • Our daughter was perfectly matched with a tutor and really feel that she learned exactly what we were looking for.

    John & Jennifer
  • I really like the fact they put in the time to find a tutor that fits with your child.

    Brian & Courtney
  • Rebecca - she is awesome

    David & Catherine
  • Amazing tutors and amazing ability to place the perfect tutor with the students. We have loved both tutors that our son Jake has had...first tutor was in middle school and she was fantastic. Our current tutor for high school is incredible...I can't think of a better tutor for Jake. We are truly so grateful to tutor doctor for their help in assisting Jake get the extra math help he has needed ...

    David & Melissa
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  • One-on-one approach and making sure that student to tutor and vice versa comfortable with each other.

    Rey & Glendalyn
  • The tutor you matched with my daughter was perfect for her. Rebecca was very encouraging while staying on task and getting Katie to do more than she thought she was capable of. Our experience was so positive from start to finish.

    Tom & Vickie
  • I am impressed at how my grandson is picking up skills he has missed along the way. His 'can do' attitude has improved. His teacher says she can see a big change. He now goes to the board, asks questions, and volunteers. I am impressed with the tutor, she has lifted his confidence to another level.

    Melvin & Cheryl
  • Great Results with tutors who really care about the students. Our tutor has been with us now for 2 years. Ms. Vicki is the best and i don't know where we would be without her!!

  • The efficiency of the Tutor doctor was impressive. We needed a tutor and within a day Sal had us fixed up.

    Darrel & Yvonne
  • My son's ease of understanding the tutor's instructions/method, quick receipt of session report and status of hours spent/remaining, direct contact w/tutor and availability of owner/representative. The results were successful. It was more than we expected. Very satisfied.

  • Your tutor works with our son's curriculum to help him know how to study for the material he is using. The tutor has helped assess strengths and weaknesses. He ALWAYS encourages our son, but pushes him and sets realistic goals. He is even willing to meet with our son's teacher.

    Joseph & Tara
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and prompt services from the national as well as local people.

    Rick & Sara
  • My daughter's tutor is very involved all around. She helps with all subjects and she goes to conferences at the school. She is always on time and always presentable. She makes sure my daughter understands the work on her level and takes her job seriously. I know that she really cares about helping others. I love that she let us know exactly what we need to work on with my daughter so that me, my ...

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  • In-depth evaluation of student for best possible partnering with tutor

    Joel & Tracey
  • The convenience of having the tutor work with my child at home is a huge plus! The tutor we used was absolutely wonderful! Now that our tutoring sessions are completed, I'm observing to see how my child uses what she learned with the tutor's help.

    Stephen & Diane
  • Excellent communication and the tutor was an excellent match.

    Steve & Tina
  • The teachers at Tutor Doctor are the best!

  • Tutor Doctor was quick to find not one but two tutors for my daughter. She was being tutored within a week of the request and the tutors were a perfect match. They were also very flexible on short notice.

    Samantha & Thomas
  • Personally, I like it because Linzee enjoys having her tutor come and help her. She is exceptionally increasing her chances to enrich her education due to the connection that they possess. Her tutor comes and helps her greatly by comparing the questions to softball in any way, shape, or form. Linzee greatly appreciates her time and effort to help her on the ACT.

    Robert & Tonya
  • I like the thoroughness of the tutor and the sales person.

    Peter & Erin
  • The one on one attention my child receives from her tutor is amazing. The tutor is strictly focused on my child so she gets the help that she needs.

  • From the intro of services to the communication with school teachers about their mutual student to the unorthodox and relaxing way to learn. It made study time better.

    James & Rochelle
  • What I like about Tutordoctor services are able to come to our home

    James & Karrie
  • The tutor - Matt Manes - does an excellent job with Josh

    Lisa & Todd
  • The flexibility has been wonderful for our family. Working on line seems to be working for our student

    Elizabeth & Timothy
  • Outstanding!

  • Very professional and they really tailor according to the need of learns. so happy with their communication and fulfill expectations.

  • Customer service. You get back to me in a timely manner. The tutors are good.

  • I liked the flexibility we had with our tutor. He was able to work with us at different times based on need. My son loved the way he taught and said he understood the tutor's teaching better than the teacher he had at school. We were very pleased.

  • Brittany comes to the house, eliminating the need for us to get out when we are tired. More importantly, Brittany is very compassionate while being very efficient with Joshua. We are very pleased.

    Spencer & Kimberly
  • I like that you come to my house, or wherever we decide to meet up...we meet at the park on Saturday and it was so nice!

  • Tanner is available, committed, and he's just a great guy. We hope we can have him as a tutor and friend for a long time .

    Mike & Lindsay
  • My daughter's confidence has risen 10 fold. She has learned a lot from the one on one instruction and it has given her a great deal more confidence which is half the battle. Thanks you very much!