SAT®/ACT Test Prep in Central Long Island

Our Programs Include:

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  • Advanced, customizable programs
  • Advice on when & how often to take the tests
  • Personalized, in-home instruction
  • Continuous help from test prep experts
  • Test taking strategies & methods
  • Proctored practice tests to match live exams
  • Detailed scoring and breakdown of results
  • Practice with pacing & time management

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When it comes to your child’s future, don’t take any chances. Our Plainview, Syosset, and Huntington tutors have the experience and training to guide all our clients through the test taking process. We work with real course materials that accurately represent what will be on the test. By breaking down the exam, strengthening test taking skills, and learning to manage their time, your child can see marked improvements.

Partners in Your Child’s Academic Success

At Tutor Doctor Central Long Island, we understand how important laying a strong academic foundation is. SAT® exams and ACTs are the stepping stones into prestigious colleges and universities. With our effective test prep classes in Central Long Island, your child can shake off their fear and walk into the test room with confidence. We take the time to assess each student’s test-taking styles and recommend which test will be better for them to take.

We believe that to succeed, tutor and student need to form a relationship grounded in mutual respect and trust. Each client is paired with a tutor who complements their personality and academic needs. Together, they set realistic expectations and create steps to achieve those goals. Individuals who partnered with our dedicated Central Long Island tutors saw their ACT scores improve by 3-11 points and their SAT® scores improve by 100-300 points.

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