ACT/SAT® Test Preparation

Our Programs Include:

  • Comprehensive breakdowns of test scores & reports.
  • Counseling on which test to take and how many times
  • In-depth diagnostics before test preparation lessons
  • Practice with time management & pacing
  • Proctored practice tests to match live exams
  • Effective, customizable programs
  • Help with test-taking strategies & methods
  • Current test guides and prep materials
  • Regular check ins with test experts

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Empowering Students, Garnering Success

The SAT® and ACTs exams are important exams that can affect the course of a child’s academic future. Almost all colleges and universities in the United States use these exams as a metric to measure a student’s readiness for higher education. With so many individuals applying to colleges, doing well on the SAT®s or ACTs exams can give an advantage during the application process.

What you can expect from our SAT®/ACT exam program:

At Tutor Doctor Redding, we don’t give our students false hope. We carefully review their practice tests and tell them the areas on which they need to work. Those who follow our comprehensive lessons often find their SAT® exam scores improving between 100-300 points and their ACT scores improving between 3-11 points.

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