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Trusted In-Home Tutoring in Nanaimo & Victoria, BC

At Tutor Doctor of Nanaimo, we believe that everyone can learn with the right approach. That is why our tutors customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of every student. We work together with the family and teachers to not only identify the right learning strategies, but to also find the perfect tutor for each student. By finding that “magical” tutor / student connection and personalizing our curriculum to each student’s needs, we are better able to fill in their knowledge gaps—helping them not only catch up but excel in their courses.

Our platform provides many advantages over traditional “learning centre” tutoring models:

  • We provide a student to tutor ratio of one-to-one.
  • You don’t have to fight traffic to get to our facility on time.
  • Parents don’t need to sit in the parking lot waiting for a session to be over.
  • Our rates are affordable and our tutors are highly-qualified.
  • Our tutoring programs are personalized to every single student.
  • Our scheduling is flexible to meet the needs of every family.

Convenient. Comfortable. One-to-One.

We've helped over 200,000 people gain the skills they need to learn.

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We are proud to help both students and adults. When we work with a student, we find their personal strengths, help provide motivation that they need, improve their time management skills, teach them techniques to improve concentration, help them learn better test preparation skills, teach them how to take better notes, and improve their research / writing skills.

Our team pairs academic foundation building to increase confident in the classroom with academic discipline so that our students can achieve true academic success. If you are interesting in learning how we integrate our Academic Game Plan (AGP) into all of our tutoring sessions, or if you would like to schedule your free consult, we encourage you to get in touch with us today.

Simply fill out our online form or call us at (604) 256-5569!