Blog Posts in March, 2017

  • Homeschoolers Still Fighting for Acceptance

    Homeschooling is a fairly well-established phenomenon. At present, over 1.5 million students are educated at home, which is double the number estimated in the late 1990s. These youngsters account for ...
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  • A look at China's version of the ACT/SAT

    Admission to university in China depends on scores in a nationwide exam called the National College Entrance Exam (NCEE), or Gaokao in Chinese (literally, “high test”). It is hard to underestimate how ...
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  • More Tips For High School Introverts

    It can be hard being introverted, especially in as social a setting as a modern high school. There are so many groups, so many friendships, so many relationships that begin, that grow, that change, ...
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  • Tutor of the Year Award 2017!

    Nominations and voting for our 2017 Tutor Doctor Tutor of the Year Award opens on March 7 - we will begin receiving nominations from our customers right here . Every year Tutor Doctor picks a tutor ...
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