Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • 5 Things that make high school sports awesome

    Many people tend to take a fairly limited view of high school athletics. The risk of injuries, such as concussions, tends to generate a lot of attention, not to mention headlines. Other aspects draw ...
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  • Homeschooling continues to grow

    The number of children in the US being homeschooled has doubled since 1999, with almost two million kids now getting their education from home. The US Department of Education’s National Center for ...
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  • Study: Young brains physically affected by stress

    Surely by now everyone is aware of the effects that stress can have on the health and minds of young people. Already there are common physical symptoms associated with sleep, ranging from high blood ...
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  • Daring ideas for school reforms

    School reform has been hotly debated in K-12 education circles for some years now. Mostly, however, the resulting efforts have focused on structure, for instance funding charter schools and reining in ...
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  • Questions to ask at a job interview

    When applying for any sort of job whether a part-time job, a summer job or even just an internship, it’s standard practice to prepare to answer questions. But in truth, it can really help your ...
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