Our ACT/SAT® Test Preparation program includes:

  • Opportunity to take a pre/post practice exam that provides a full diagnostic assessment to gauge strengths and weaknesses
  • Dedicated Westlake and Parma tutors that provide test taking strategies on time management and pacing
  • Current study guides and prep materials for the ACT & SAT®
  • Full-length practice tests
  • Worksheets, assignments, and practice tests
  • Specific strategies for each type of test question
  • Overview of score reporting policies
  • Recommendations on how often to take the ACT or SAT® exams


What is the difference between the ACT and the SAT® exams?

The ACT is accepted by all colleges/universities. The ACT exam seems to be the exam of choice with students in the state of Ohio. The exam allots 2 hours 55 minutes to complete the exam plus 40 min for the optional essay. It consists of four sections; English (75 questions/45 min), Math (60 questions/60 min and calculator allowed), Reading (35 questions/40 min), and Science (40 questions/35 min), with an optional Essay section (1 question/40 min). Each section is scored and then those scores are averaged together to provide a composite score. The highest score possible is a 36.

The SAT® exam is also accepted by all colleges/universities. The exam allots 3 hours to complete the exam plus 50 min for the optional essay. It consists of four sections; Reading (52 questions/65 min), English (44 questions/35 min), Math- with calculator (38 questions/55 min), and Math- with no calculator (20 questions/35 min), with an optional essay section (1 question/50 min). The highest score possible is 1600.

Experienced Westlake & Parma ACT Tutors

Tutor Doctor provides experienced Parma ACT tutors who have helped hundreds of students just like your child—in the comfort of their own homes. We reinforce your teen’s content knowledge, filling in any gaps he or she might have in the four main areas. In addition, we provide students with test taking strategies that will improve their test-taking fluency, boost their confidence, and reduce their mistakes—resulting in a higher score!

Upcoming ACT Test Dates

  • July 14, 2018

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  • 1-on-1
    In-Home Tutoring

    • Most focused
    • Most popular
    • Most convenient and flexible
  • Small Group
    “Boot Camps”

    • Least costly
    • Ideal for interactive learning
  • Special

    Flexible schedule for groups like:
    • Athletic Teams
    • Church Youth Groups
    • Community Organizations

Our Individualized One-To-One Test Prep Programs

  • 12 Hours

    Recommended For:

    • Students that are 1 month away from their exam date

    • Students who received an acceptable score but want to improve

    • Students who have busy schedules or little prep time

  • 36 Hours

    Recommended For:

    • Students who did not achieve the score they wanted on the exam

    • Students who have never taken the ACT or SAT® exam

    • Students who need an in-depth review of all sections

    • Students who struggle with test taking strategies