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Meet Our Supertutors

meet our supertutors

our supertutors

Every month we select a Supertutor that has shown exceptional dedication towards their student’s goals. They have demonstrated that they understand that learning is not a “one size fits all” and has incorporated different learning techniques that are able to transform knowledge into learning for their students. Our Supertutors go above and beyond and also help students with their executive functioning skills like critical thinking, planning, organization, prioritizing and task initiation.

SUPERTUTOR october 2021: CarolinaCarolina supertutor

My name is Carolina, a senior at UTEP majoring in physics with a premed concentration. I have been a tutor for Tutor Doctor for about 2 years now. I have tutored a wide range of high schoolers and some younger students in all math and science courses. I have been extremely lucky to receive so many amazing students, for they have all been hardworking! In my sessions I always come up with some sort of fun/funny way to learn topics, which they end up not so easily forgetting, leading to better grades. Working for Tutor Doctor has been such a great part time job because of the flexibility, the extra practice I receive for school topics and having such a great boss, Raquel.

SUPERTUTOR September 2021: Javier javier, tutor

As an undergrad in mechanical engineering, I have a clear understanding of the challenges that any student can have during his/her academic career. I wanted to find the right way to use my skills and knowledge to help any student, and Tutor Doctor gave me that way. Not only does Tutor Doctor help its students with school, but they also emphasize on caring about the students, and mold to every student’s specific needs. This helps students to be successful inside as well as outside of the classroom. This is what makes Tutor Doctor special, and the reason I would choose it over anything else.

SUPERTUTOR AUGUST 2021: Greciaundefined

She has excelled in tutoring math subjects like algebra 1 and 2, pre-calculus, geometry, SAT and ACT test prep. She also helps students with science subjects like chemistry, physics, and biology.

Hi everyone, my name is Grecia and I have been working with Tutor Doctor for the past 2 years! Working with the company has been one of the best opportunities I’ve had as an undergraduate and graduate. Being a tutor has been such an enriching job full of challenges and rewards. I consider myself to be a life long learner and I know for sure that I learn something new everyday. Making me feel a bit smarter! I never thought that I would be helping students with their classes and non the less forging beautiful connections! I love working with Raquel and being part of her team. I am thankful for the opportunities and for the amazing families I’ve had the pleasure to meet and tutor.

SUPERTUTOR JULY 2021: Rebeccaundefined

She has excelled in tutoring math subjects like pre-calculus, calculus, SAT and ACT test prep and more. She also helps students with college level engineering subjects.

Hello! My name is Rebecca! Just to begin with a little bit about me, I am currently a second year PhD student at UTEP working in a Materials Science and Engineering. Throughout my academic career I have been a tutor independently, but I have had the pleasure to work for Tutor Doctor since February of 2021. Since I began it has been nothing but a welcoming experience. Raquel has always been there to help and support me anytime I have needed it and I have already had the opportunity to work with some incredible students! In my time with Tutor Doctor I have worked with wonderful students who are always appreciative. They have truly made me feel like I am making and impact on them, and it has been so rewarding. As a student myself, I understand how difficult online schooling has been this past year and it has been great to see all the students I‘ve worked with succeed and grow!

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