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John Hooi founded Tutor Doctor in 2000. He realized that the educational system did not accommodate everyone. Students who learned in a different manner than the norm were often left behind. That’s why he created a tutoring service that customizes our services to each client’s needs. At Tutor Doctor West Boca Raton, our private tutors in Boca Raton work individually with each student to ensure they understand the material and regain their confidence in learning.

Looking to fight Summer Learning Loss? Check out our special offers below!

Summer Jr. Support Grade 6-12 - 12 Hours @ $579 Summer Kids Support - K-5 - 12 Hours @ $579

What else distinguishes Tutor Doctor?

  • Our proven strategies for optimal academic performance
  • A 60-day money back guarantee
  • Tailored lesson plans to accommodate all educational goals
  • 17,000+ tutors in 15 countries who’ve helped 200,000+ students

At Tutor Doctor, our Boca Raton private tutoring services are geared to empower students take initiative over their own education. Whether your child needs help mastering the Pythagorean theorem or constructing a fine-tuned argument, we’ve got you covered. We’re almost as invested in their success as you are!

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