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Tutor Doctor Video Transcription

*Video Transcription: Meet Liam Walker. Liam is in 10th grade, finding his courses harder than in previous years. Now he’s worried he won’t be able to get into the school of his choice. His parents know he’s smart and capable and his teachers feel he has promise, but Liam isn’t achieving his full potential. His issues aren’t strictly academic. Liam doesn’t seem to be able to stay focused on his schoolwork and sometimes doesn’t follow through on his assignments. Liam won’t admit it but he’s frustrated; he’s overwhelmed, feels like he’s falling behind, and his lack of success has affected his self-confidence. Liam’s parents are frustrated too. They want to help him but they know there is more to academic success than studying longer. They want Liam to work with a tutor, however, it can’t be just any tutor. It has to be someone who can help him manage his time, prioritize his tasks, and turn in his assignments. They want someone who understands that Liam needs support with his academic discipline, not just academic coursework.

Mrs. Walker discovers Tutor Doctor. It’s exactly what she’s been looking for. Tutor Doctor’s academic success formula addresses Liam’s needs. Their philosophy is that academic knowledge plus academic discipline equals academic success. Tutor Doctor assesses Liam’s personal challenges and underlying issues, his academics as well as what Tutor Doctor calls X-skills which include focus, prioritization, time management, organization, and more. They customize a plan for Liam to become more focused, perform at his best, excel academically, and meet his true potential. Tutor Doctor sets up specific goals and expectations and creates a plan for Liam to achieve them. They hand pick a local tutor who is both a curriculum expert and expert in developing these core life skills. Liam is conveniently tutored at home, while his parents observe the process. Liam’s tutor helps him meet his goals, boost his confidence, and unlock his true potential. Liam feels less pressure, has a positive outlook on his future, and his grades are soaring.

Would you like to join the Walkers and have your child develop their full potential? Would you like to reduce your family’s stress? Contact Tutor Doctor today for trusted in-home and online tutoring. We don’t just provide tutoring, we are your partners for success in education and life.

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  • Our Tutor was very knowledgable about the subject and provided good tools to my daughter. Also, our tutor was very prompt and courteous
  • Wow is all we can say! ACT went from 21 to 32!
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