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How to Make the Most Out of Your Summer Break

Spring semester is one of the fastest times here at Tutor Doctor. March goes by in a blur, April in a flash, and May in a moment. We can’t believe we’re here at the end of the semester already, and you’re probably feeling the same! But then those three quick months arrive, where every student gets his or her much needed break on summer vacation. Summer vacation is a time where students can take a breath, enjoy the Tulsa sun, and catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation.

And while we completely advocate for this break in school time, many studies have come out with evidence that show summer break can create problems for students.

Here are just some of the problems:

  • Students score lower on tests at the end of summer vacation than at the beginning.
  • Students will lose about TWO MONTHS of math computational skills over the summer.
  • Student lose about ONE MONTH of reading and spelling knowledge too.
  • Teachers spend about six weeks RE-TEACHING material that was forgotten over summer.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Mind Active?

With these issues, we also wanted to provide some solutions!

Here are some of our suggestions for helping you keep your knowledge above water this summer while away from school:

  1. Join a book club: If you have a hard time with reading comprehension and don't want to get behind in your next English class, find a community book club at your reading level! The interaction with others reading the same material and discussing it helps overall comprehension and you will learn more vocabulary and spelling through each chapter!
  2. Take a class: Look into taking a class online, on YouTube, or at a local community college to stay on top of your game.
  3. Keep a summer journal: By writing in a journal you keep your brain active and ready for new information when school hits, and you also get to remember your memories of summer!
  4. Look up next year’s syllabus: Check out what your teacher will be going over, such as books, concepts, arithmetic, and skills. You can work ahead and be extra prepared for an excellent start to your school year.
  5. And lastly, our best suggestion, GET A SUMMER TUTOR! Having someone work with you one on one throughout the summer will not only keep you accountable, it will keep you ahead, keep your brain active, and your memory engaged. Our Tulsa tutors will customize a program for you over the summer that fits your needs precisely, so you don't have to feel overwhelmed on where to start.

How Learning Hits Home

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