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Books Your Tulsa High Schooler Should Read

During high school, there are a number of textbooks that a student will read. They often get a book for all subjects to help them learn and study. However, there are some other books that would be beneficial for a student to read during the course of their high school career. This is because these books have great stories. They have become literary works of art, making them even more of a great reading tool.

Some of these are on a required reading list that many high schoolers will utilize during their time in high school, all recognized for one reason or another. Here are some of the books your Tulsa high schooler should read.

  • The Iliad – While many will find this book unappealing, it is quite enjoyable for a number of reasons. The Iliad is more like an action movie than it is actual poetry, making it popular for many high schoolers.
  • Crime and Punishment – This book is a classic that takes you to a different perspective regarding a number of things. It has the potential of causing daydreams and taking you to another life at times to gain that new perspective.
  • Frankenstein – Many have seen the movies and seen the Halloween costume adaptations of Frankenstein, but in the book, there is so much more horror. There is a monster who is more interesting, more troubled, and more articulate.
  • The Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger captures a truly compelling story of young man and his struggles going through life and growing older. It is a great read that everyone should take advantage of at least once.

These books are not only compelling and articulate, they are great ways to learn. They teach lessons and new perspectives, as well as show the true meaning of literature for high school students. If your student is struggling with reading, you may want to consider a tutor who can help. This is what our team at Tutor Doctor of Tulsa can do for you.

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