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Apps that Can Help Your High Schooler

It can be difficult to find a time when high school students are not stuck with their nose in a phone or tablet. This makes it more difficult to steal some time for studying. However, with many educational companies and providers taking advantage of the technologies afforded to them, studying may not even take the student away from the phone. Some helpful apps can be used to help your high schooler.

  • Daily Practice for the New SAT: Did you know that there is a new SAT test? With so many high schoolers set to take this exam, preparation is very important. This app can help the student get a jump start on their studies, giving them a chance to answer an SAT question each day and learn from their selection. The app also allows for grading a practice test.
  • Google Drive: Because many students like to study together or share notes, Google Drive is the perfect app that allows students to create documents on an internet browser or on their smartphone. They can then share these documents with others, allowing each person to edit and add notes or change up things that may not be accurate.
  • Evernote: This app is a popular note-taking tool, allowing for uncomplicated use by students. This app allows the users to take notes, set reminders, add files, create agendas, create to-do lists, and more. It can also be associated with the camera, allowing students to save photos, documents, post-its, or any other information they need.
  • Quizlet: Students get the opportunity to learn and test themselves on the go. The user has access to thousands of flashcards created by other user, or can create their own flashcards. They can then study them and test themselves with games such as Gravity or Scatter to see what they have learned.

Any steps parents can take to help their student study should be considered. At Tutor Doctor of Tulsa, our team is dedicated to providing students with the information they need to succeed.

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