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Tips for Getting Deals on Back to School Supplies in the Tulsa Area

Back to school shopping can get a bit crazy if you’re not prepared for it. We recommend searching your home and taking note of each and every school supply you already have before you go shopping. This will keep you from buying school supplies you already have. You should then create a list of items you and your school-aged kids are in need of for the upcoming school year. This will help you make a list of the items you want when you go shopping for back to school supplies. Once you’ve made a list, we suggest shopping at these stores for the best back to school deals:


Target has a great selection and prices on everything from pencils to pants. You can also find awesome school supplies in Target’s dollar section, which the first section you see when you walk into Target. Keep an eye out for Target’s Weekly Ad, where you will be able to see exactly what’s on sale the time you plan to go back to school shopping. We also have Target’s Cartwheel app downloaded on our smartphones for instant in store savings on specific products.


Kohl’s is a good place to shop at for back to school clothing. They also have a great selection of backpacks available! Kohl’s has great deals year round. You can often find coupons for Kohl’s (and a lot of other stores) on the RetailMeNot app. You can also sign up for the Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards program to continue getting great deals at Kohl’s.


Walmart is known for having low prices all the time. You can definitely expect to find cheap prices on their back to school supplies. We recommend downloading their app, where you can upload your receipts from your purchases at Walmart into their Savings Catcher. The Savings Catcher searches for competitors’ prices of the items you bought and gives you money back if another store has an item you bought for a cheaper price.

Woodland Hills Mall

Many Tulsa residents will find themselves at the Woodland Hills mall for back to school clothing shopping. We suggest looking at the Woodland Hills mall’s “Deals” page before you go. All of the malls’ current sales are listed on the Deals page.  

We think the best time to shop at the stores we listed above is during Oklahoma’s Tax Free Weekend on August 5 – 7. Not only will you be getting a great deal from the store, but you’ll also be getting an even bigger discount by not having to pay taxes on what you buy. What stores will you be shopping at this back to school season?