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Keeping your High School Student Organized

Keeping a high school student organized can be hard work! Between all of the homework, extracurricular activities, sports, and family events, it can be hard for your high schooler to stay on top of everything. We’ve listed our favorite and most effective ways to stay organized. Check them out below!

Encourage your Student to Use a Planner

Notebook planners are a great way for busy high schoolers to stay organized. They allow students to keep their to-list in a one convenient place. Students can carry around their planner during school time and write down their homework assignments and other school-related assignments in it. They can also use the planner to map out their agenda for the day. Using a planner is a great way for students to learn how to schedule and manage their time effectively.

Create a Routine

Routines are a great way for all people, especially high school students, to establish good habits and an effective use of time. Get your high school student into a routine that best suits their schedules and needs. Whether it be dedicating a specific amount of time during the day to complete homework assignments or dedicating time to creating a list of goals for the future, routines are a great way to establish healthy and time-saving habits.

Take Note of the Syllabus

Teachers generally hand out a syllabus at the beginning of the semester that outlines the topics that will be covered and the work that will be assigned in their class throughout the semester. While it is easy for students to misplace the syllabus throughout the craziness of the first week of school, it is important for your student to know how important the syllabus is. We suggest carefully looking at each syllabus with your student and writing down the due dates of each assignment in their planner.

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