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Arizona ESA

The Arizona ESA ( Empowerment Scholarship Account) has helped thousands of families in Arizona.

At Tutor Doctor of Tucson we have helped or are helping numerous students. We estimate that 40% of our business is from the regular home school community who needs help with difficult classes and special needs homeschoolers with ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Global Impairment, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Reading /Writing Disabilities and many more conditions.

Tutor Doctor of Tucson is referred to by the Autism Society of Southern Arizona and (SANDS) Southern Arizona Network for Down Syndrome because we have demonstrated our success to them. It is an honor and a privilege to have their respect.

Our Story

What we learned as parents of a special needs daughter could not be learned in any book. What we went through to navigate the system was astounding. It took many years, wrong diagnoses, and eleven years of school to have a clear understanding of our daughter’s special needs. As parents we put all we knew into helping her succeed. She holds a BS Degree and is employed full time in her field. She is now studying for the GRE and plans on attending veterinary school. We know that she will be successful because she has confidence and determination and the right tutors to help her with GRE preparation. She turned her disability into ability because of what we instilled in her; never give up, repeat several times until you get it right, and believe in yourself. She could not have succeeded without Tutor Doctor in college.

We love to share our experiences and help families who chose to opt out of public schools for numerous reasons. The ESA has helped our students grow at their own speed and experience a sense of achievement and success. Non-readers can read, Autism kids can public speak, all our students have grown emotionally, educationally, and allowed the tutors we work with, our academic coaches, to become mentors and friends. That is what Tutor Doctor brings to the table

That is what Tutor Doctor brings to the table.

Current Work

Our special education, reading, life skills, and early intervention tutors are professional teachers who love to work one-to-one with students to see how they can succeed. Each of the tutors we work with gives so much of themselves to the families we serve. We are working with two Down Syndrome 7th graders who never learned to write their name or count in their school. Both are achieving great success in reading, writing, and math. Our tutor and the parents take the boys to Pima Animal Care Center to “Read to the Dogs” monthly where no one judges how they read and the dogs have the human interaction they need and love.. We have adult students with Down Syndrome who are learning to enjoy reading, doing math, and learning to become independent adults to live on their own.

Autism Spectrum Program

Our Autism Spectrum Program works with everyone on the Spectrum. We meet the student where they are in their learning and help them conquer their anxiety by leading them to learn and achieve that which was not obtainable in the school setting. One of our students is an 18 year old who has tutors for four subjects. He has been with us since we opened in 2014 in Tucson. His mom cannot believe how far her son has gone with our mentors. Another is studying for the ASVAB military test to try to get into the Air Force. Another student was so enthralled by his tutoring in plant science that he volunteers at the garden for the food bank and is amazed as each seed grows and matures into a plant that provides food for our less fortunate neighbors in Tucson.

Our Goal

Our goal at Tutor Doctor of Tucson is success. And success is measured not only by testing but by the smile on the faces of the children who have just understood a concept for the first time. The laugh when they are engaging with the tutor in fun activities of learning, the time the ADHD student sits still and is involved in the activity. And most importantly success is measured by the small steps, the incremental increases of knowledge, the building of confidence, and the feeling of accomplishment.

We meet each student where they are. We understand that learning is not a one-size-fits all proposition, that all thinking caps can be tailored. We take the time to understand how your student learns and customize that learning experience for them. We bring a unique, holistic approach to educational success. And we empower each student to achieve their full potential-at their own pace, in their own time, in their own home.

For more information about how the AZ Empowerment Scholarship Account can help your child please visit the links provided.

Learn more at the Arizona Federation for Children.

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