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Tutor Doctor Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how the review process works for your local Tutor Doctor? We are happy to provide the answers! Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our customers, which is why we have provided this breakdown on how reviews are obtained for each location and where you can find them!

If you would like to discuss your questions with Tutor Doctor, we encourage you to call (888) 718-8832 today!

Where do Tutor Doctor reviews come from?

All our reviews are written by real people who have used our services. We don’t write them ourselves, don’t hire anyone to write them—in other words, they’re reviews you can depend on.

Which countries do Tutor Doctor reviews come from?

Tutor Doctor is currently operating in 16 countries: The USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, , Nigeria, Tunisia, and South Africa. In every nation where Tutor Doctor operates is a deep dedication to the universal betterment for learners. We have reviews from all of these countries because our reviews are written by real people who use Tutor Doctor.

Who writes Tutor Doctor reviews?

Our reviews are written by parents whose children have been tutored by Tutor Doctor. Others are written by adults who have used our services. Some are even written by kids! Research has proven that 95% of clients would recommend tutor doctor to others. We work hard to attain that level of customer satisfaction.

How do I know Tutor Doctor reviews are real?

We would never distort or falsify our reviews. Not only would doing so be unethical, but there would be no point, because anyone working with a member of the Tutor Doctor team will always see the truth. Our reviews are a real reflection of that reality, and we’re proud to post them online.

Where can I find Tutor Doctor franchise reviews?

You can find reviews of Tutor Doctor from real franchisees at our franchisee opportunity website. We also have video reviews.

Where can I find a Tutor Doctor review of my specific tutor?

Go to our main Tutor Doctor website and perform a search of your area or zip code. You’ll be taken to a local Tutor Doctor website for your area. That local site will have reviews as well as links to Google+, Yelp and Facebook for independent reviews.

Why are Tutor Doctor reviews important?

Tutor Doctor reviews are important because tutoring itself is important. At Tutor Doctor, our goal is much more than just boosting grades; we’re dedicated to the betterment of human beings. By reading reviews of Tutor Doctor, you are not only finding out what people think of us and the work we do, you’re seeing the real-world results of our hard work. You’re seeing lives that have been improved, higher levels of achievement brought to countless learners. That’s why we’re glad to ensure that all reviews are genuine and unbiased.

When were the Tutor Doctor reviews written?

Each review is date-stamped, you can clearly see when the review was created. We also regularly update our reviews to make sure they’re current. Reviews have been a part of our system since our founding in 2008. They help our customers know that we are committed to excellence, and they are also play a role for Tutor Doctor, ensuring we know we’re on the right track.

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