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Tutor FAQ

Tutor Doctor Summerville FAQ

Q: How flexible are the hours?

A: One of the things we offer our families is that they can receive tutoring on THEIR schedule. That means I look for tutors who can work different times and days of the week. As an independent contractor, YOU determine when and what days of the week you are available and I offer clients that fit your other skills sets and interest along with matching availability. As in independent contractor, you also have the right to turn down an offered client without any effect on future offerings.

Q: what are the benefits of using you to find students?

A: Because I go into the home and evaluate the student’s needs, interest and learning styles, I will only offer students that meet your skills sets and interest. I try to keep the student match within a 20 minute drive of the tutor’s home (or work place if they prefer). My evaluation also allows me to make sure the home is safe for a tutor to provide services in that home. Administratively, I keep record of hours worked, provide direct deposit payments once a month, hold entire responsibility for collecting tutoring fees, and provide a 1099 at the end of the year for your tax records. This allows you to focus on the student and helping them grow.

Q: Do you have to be a certified teacher?

A: While certification does help and puts you at the top of my pay scale, it is not a requirement. The primary focus I have looks for expertise in a given academic area, an understanding the education is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, creativity to be able to change approaches when one way does not work, and past experience working with tutoring / teaching / mentoring students. College students may be considered but must be at the top of their class, have tutoring experience and be recommended by their professor.

Q: How does the required background check work?

A: Even if you are actively employed by a local school district, my insurance requires that I conduct a background check. This is typically $19.99 and I request the applicant pay for this in check format so that I also have their banking information to submit for direct deposit payment for services.

Q: What subject do you provide services for?

A: Once the student’s need is evaluated, we provide the subject and level according to the specific need. That means constantly seeking tutors who can teach any of the different academic subjects including reading, writing, math, sciences, social studies, and foreign languages. Even though elementary teachers are typically expected to be general subjects, we try to break them down and address the specific skill the student is struggling at the level they are developmentally on. This means that we look for reading specialists, writing specialist, etc. to work with our students.

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