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Spokane SAT® Tutors

Effective College Entrance Exam Tutoring Services

Every day, Tutor Doctor Spokane pairs professional, experienced tutors with local students of all ages, tackling a variety of tutoring services. One of the most popular tutoring subjects for which students seek our help is SAT and ACT preparation. We provide help with every subject you will find on the SAT.

The subjects our team helps students master include:

  • Math
  • Writing and language
  • Reading comprehension

With these important tests standing as a gateway to future college success, we understand how important – and difficult – these entrance exams can be. The Spokane SAT tutors we work with are ready to meet the challenge of helping you see results on your SAT or ACT score. Not only will your tutor focus on the academic material covered on the test, but they will also focus on “X-skills,” which include test-taking strategies, helpful study habits, and time management skills, among other things. This ensures your child has the skills in their toolbox needed to achieve success—not just on a single test, but throughout life.

At Tutor Doctor Spokane, we are dedicated to helping your student reach their full potential when it comes to their entrance exams. With our complimentary assessment, our team will discover your student’s unique needs and approach to learning, which will help us develop a learning plan that actually works. Give our team a call to get started today!

How Do You Prepare for the SAT?

If you plan to submit your SAT or ACT scores with your college application, they can absolutely impact your chances of being accepted – no matter the university. Because of this, it’s important to start on the right foot when it comes to mastering this test.

Some of the best ways to prepare for the SAT include:

  • Start Prepping Early – One of the best ways to prepare for your test is by starting to study for it as soon as possible. While juniors and seniors in high school can become busy very quickly, it’s important to begin planning for the SAT or ACT as soon as possible. Usually, most students give themselves around 2-3 months to prep beforehand.
  • One-on-one Tutoring – Tutoring can prove to be the exact tool students need outside of the classroom. Utilizing our time-tested methods and commitment to results, we provide an effective and custom approach to ensuring your student has all the information they need to do their best on the test.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice – As will be discussed during your tutoring sessions, practice makes perfect! While an SAT tutor in Spokane can help ensure your student is focusing on the information they really need for the test, regular practice can help your student succeed at getting the score they want.

Private In-Home & Online SAT Prep

Tutor Doctor has always strived to deliver more than basic tutoring services serving as another classroom but rather providing personalized tutoring services that take each student’s unique learning and test-taking styles into account. From our tutor-matching process to our custom learning plans, our unique approach is seen in everything we do.

Our team is committed to providing your student with reliable SAT prep in Spokane and the surrounding area in a convenient and accessible way. With 100% online tutoring options currently available, we make it easier than ever to get access to qualified tutors who can actually make a difference in your child’s life. With our regular progress reports, we give you unprecedented access to understanding your child’s challenges head-on, as well as updates on your child’s success.

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  • 12 Hours

    Recommended For:

    • Students want to focus on 1 section,
    • Received acceptable scores but want to improve,
    • Have busy schedules or little prep time,
    • Have less than 1 month until their exam date.

    Packages Includes:

    • Continuous online support
    • Customized online quizzes
    • Accurate scores & results
    • Progress reports in your inbox
  • 30 Hours

    Recommended For:

    • Students who struggle with test taking strategies,
    • Have never taken either the SAT; or ACT,
    • Need in-depth reviews of all sections,
    • Have at least 3-4 months until their test date.

    Packages Includes:

    • Continuous online support
    • Customized online quizzes
    • Accurate scores & results
    • Progress reports in your inbox