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Tutor Doctor Spokane & Wenatchee: Meet our Tutors!

Kathleen McNalty

Kathleen McNalty

Hello, my name is Kathleen McNalty. I am the owner of Tutor Doctor Spokane and Wenatchee. We have been tutoring students since 2016.

My background is in social work and health care. I decided to start Tutor Doctor because I had trouble finding quality tutors for my own kids and wanted to solve that problem for others.

Now I have the great privilege of managing a team of talented tutors who are improving the lives of students and families in the Wenatchee Valley and Spokane by providing them with knowledge and confidence.

Nikhil K

Hello, I'm Nikhil. I earned a Master of Engineering degree (MASc) at University of Waterloo, then completed the Master of Business Administration (MBA) EM (Executive Program, Management) at the Rotman School, University of Toronto and am a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation (CFA charter # 202044). I enjoy tutoring students especially in economics, finance, math, SAT and ACT prep and history.

I specialize in online tutoring.

Kelsey A

Hi, My name is Kelsey. I am a graduate of Whitworth University with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry and minors in biology and music. During the day I am a scribe for a local medical facility, assisting multiple physicians in record taking, chart review, and other pre- and post-clinical tasks. In the evening I tutor!

My experience with tutoring includes being a college chemistry tutor and a biology lab teaching assistant at Whitworth. I have also been employed as a nanny.

I like to stay busy and my interests include performing in a women's choir, volunteering at a local hospital, and leading a group mentor program for college-aged adults.

I am excited to work with your student to find the best path forward to improve grades and study habits.

I tutor in person in Spokane and online for all other locations.

Arin M

Hello! My name is Arin Mitchell and I’m very excited to help tutor your student! I really enjoy learning and studying, but I understand how difficult school can be. In middle school, my learning style often didn’t match with the way I was being taught, and school was frustrating for me. Luckily, I had a tutor who showed me how to learn in a way that fit my needs and interests. I hope to have the opportunity to do the same for you!

In addition to tutoring, I spend my time as a graduate student and teaching assistant at Washington State University. My studies are focused on global politics, philosophy, and political psychology. For my undergraduate studies, I attended Gonzaga University and majored in political science. While at Gonzaga, I developed a passion for community engagement and justice.

I tutor ELA, Japanese, math, ACT and SAT preparation. I mostly tutor online from WSU campus but do in person tutoring in Spokane during the summer.

Jennifer H

Jennifer H

Hello Friends! I am Jenn, a recent graduate of EWU with a Bachelor of Science of Biology, minor in chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Education, Secondary Biology and Chemistry. I am a mother of 3 under the age of 7 years old. I love science of all kinds as well as math up to pre-calculus. I would be of no help in calculus though. :)

I am currently a substitute for all the local districts.

If I could pick a fictitious character to be, I would be Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus and bring students on exciting adventures while learning!

I tutor elementary and middle school science and math in Spokane.

Eva M

undefinedMy name is Eva. I attend Whitworth University earning a degree in education. I am majoring in elementary (k-8) education with an emphasis on reading, special education and athletic coaching.

I love working with kids and seeing them blossom as they begin to understand concepts and grow in self-confidence. Each student learns in their own way and that is why I enjoy one-on-one tutoring. It gives me the chance to personalize the learning approach for each student.

I tutor all subjects for elementary students in the Spokane area.

Sarah P

Hi, my name is Sarah. I have been an educator all my life, without knowing it. I am the oldest of 8 kids, so storytelling and teaching was always something that I loved doing for my younger siblings. I always love bringing the best out in children along with the reward of having the lightbulb go on when someone gets something they have been struggling to figure out. Just four years ago my husband was the one who saw the gift of teaching in me and felt strongly that I should go back to school to become a teacher. This past December I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, giving me the ability to teach ages Kindergarten through 8th grade. During my time in college, I worked part time as a substitute teacher for Eastmont School District, teaching Kindergarten through High School ages. It only solidified my knowledge that teaching is my passion. I am happy to be able to get connected with this opportunity to help support parents in their children's love of learning.

I tutor in the Wenatchee Valley.

Jennifer C

Jennifer C

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in Social Work. I currently am working on a second master’s degree in Elementary Education.

I served in the Army, the Air Force, and the Public Health Service as a Social Worker where I focused on domestic violence cases and worked with service members returning from Afghanistan. I was Director of Social Services for a children’s hospital in Montana that treated behavioral health issues. Recently, I worked with clients of Catholic Charities in Wenatchee, providing Applied Behavioral Analysis with autistic children ages 2-5. I was employed with the Wenatchee School District this past school year in a special education classroom, working with students with challenging behaviors.

I have tutored students as well as my own children. My greatest strengths are in English, history, social studies, finance etc.

I can be very goal-oriented and am comfortable setting expectations for students and providing the supportive encouragement they need to meet those expectations. I love coaching kids on organization and goal setting.

I tutor in the Wenatchee Valley and online.

Vanessa K

undefinedHello! My name is Vanessa Kaufman. I am a math and secondary education major at Whitworth University. I am currently studying to be a high school math teacher. I love to teach math and absolutely love to help kids achieve a better understanding in the subject area.

I am passionate about teaching and always try to bring helpful resources for the student when I am tutoring that they can keep and use on their own. I also make myself available so if there is ever anything the student has a question on, they are free to text me and get a quick nudge in the right direction. I tutor math at all levels. In Spokane I do tutoring in person but for other students I can tutor online.

Paul V

Paul V

Hi, my name is Paul. I was born in Wenatchee but grew up in Vermont and Rhode Island. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Gordon College in Wenham Massachusetts and then moved back to Washington State. I met my wife while pursuing further studies in Canada. We now have three sons.

My wife and I moved to China in 1996 when an opportunity opened for us to teach English at the Chinese University of Science and Technology. We spent most of the next 22 years living in Asia. During that time, we studied Chinese and were heavily involved in education.

We returned from China in the summer of 2018 due to family needs. After moving back to Wenatchee, we found employment with the Wenatchee School District and have worked as substitute teachers mainly for elementary and middle school students.

Both my wife and I love learning and we love passing on that excitement to students of all ages. I also enjoy hiking, studying history, drawing, and playing board games.

I tutor in person in the Wenatchee Valley and online for any location.

Bill W

Bill W

I am a retired engineer with over 37 years of engineering expertise having worked daily in mathematics and the sciences. Since retiring, I have amassed over 3000 hours in tutoring students of all levels, from elementary through high school, from college and university to adults and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve tutored Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, ACT prep (math), Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics including honors level and AP classes.

I last worked as an Associate Technical Fellow and Technical Lead Engineer for the Boeing Company and worked as a Senior Systems Engineer, Manager of Engineering, Senior Principal Engineer, Senior Program Manager, and Electro-mechanical Design Engineer. In addition, I was a Key Engineer for Boeing Design Manual and Boeing corporate level employee of the month.

I have proven expertise in teaching, mentoring, and working with students of all ages, and combined with my extensive engineering background, I am able to mix practicality, scientific principles and mathematical theory, and education skills to help students achieve an understanding that might otherwise be missed. I am an experienced, patient communicator with abilities to motivate individuals and optimize learning through focus on students’ unique characteristics and learning styles.

I tutor in person in Spokane and online for any location.

Mikelle B

Mikelle B

Hello, my name is Mikelle! I am originally from the Sacramento area in California. I am currently studying at Gonzaga University. While in high school, I really enjoyed the subject of math, especially calculus. However, since attending college, I have chosen to study biology with a minor in sociology. When I am not focused on schoolwork, I love to venture outdoors and stay active. This includes playing volleyball, tennis, and taking on challenging hikes. However, my absolute favorite activity includes watching the sunrise and sunset. I really enjoy the city of Spokane, and I look forward to spending the remaining years of my college experience here.

I tutor in Spokane and work with students K-12 in math, science, and English.

Kati V

I am a certified Washington State Teacher with endorsements in History, Social Studies, English and English Language Learning. I enjoy teaching all ages and have had experience teaching pre-school children, second grade, high school, and junior college. I also enjoy teaching students with special needs. I like varying my tutoring style to the individual learning style and needs of each student. I am comfortable teaching Common Core through 5th grade. I can teach basic literacy as well as advanced composition. My family lived in China for many years and I became fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

I tutor all elementary school subjects, ELA for all ages, ESL and Mandarin. I tutor students in the Wenatchee area in person and online for other students.

Meghan T

Meghan T

I am a recent graduate of Whitworth University. I graduated with a B.A. in Elementary Education with endorsements in Reading Instruction and English Language Learners. I am working on a math endorsement. I've wanted to work with kids ever since I was a Kindergartener assigning homework to my stuffed animals. Aside from three incredible field placements in the Spokane School District, and the Central Valley School District, I have had the incredible opportunity to counsel kids ages 6-18 years at summer camp three summers in a row. I know that I will never tire of the creativity, bravery, and humor kids bring with them to every situation.

I tutor elementary math and reading in Spokane.

Gitta B

Hi, my name is Gitta. I am a Cashmere High School graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. I have a background tutoring elementary and junior high school students and have completed multiple college courses in early childhood education and psychology.

I love literature, learning, and communicative behaviors. I have a passion for helping students create success for themselves while growing their studying and test-taking skills. It’s fun to create connections with students through activities. I enter every tutoring session with the student's confidence in mind. Every student has different goals and skills and I enjoy creating individualized plans with each family and seeing the smiling faces of happy, confident students.

In my free time I take advantage of reading, writing, and all the recreational activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

I tutor elementary and middle school math and English in the Wenatchee Valley.

Carol A

Carol A

Carol has a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, both from Washington State University. Carol pursued her college education after raising her son in Centralia, WA. She worked for Centralia College as an assistant teacher in its special education unit. She has taught ESL and Adult Basic Skills at the Wenatchee Valley College. Recently, she was an AVID tutor at Wenatchee High School. Currently, she is a substitute teacher in the Wenatchee School District, teaching all subjects. Carol is especially fond of teaching math and can teach math to students of all ages.

Carol was born in Portland Oregon and has lived in Centralia and Wenatchee. In her spare time, she likes to sew, read and knit. Her favorite author is Laura Ingalls Wilder. She has a sense of humor and loves to watch good movies, especially those with Tom Hanks as star.

Carol tutors elementary through high school students in all subjects, including math. She tutors in the Wenatchee Valley.

Barbara S

Barb loves reading and writing and especially enjoys teaching English. She is also adept at teaching elementary and middle school math, using games and examples to inspire students.

Barb has an undergraduate and a master’s degree in English. Most recently, she was an English adjunct faculty member at the Wenatchee Valley College. Prior to that she taught at the University of Idaho for three years, two of those teaching English 101/102 and one year teaching business communication. While at the University of Idaho, she served as academic coordinator for the athletic department where she was responsible for the tutor program. Barb also taught at Lewis Clark State College where she led classes in English 101/102 and developmental English. In addition, Barb taught K-adult English in South Korea for over three years. She spent several years as a vocational coach and a manager of the Wenatchee branch of SL Start which provides vocational services for children and adults. She also enjoyed time as a wife and stay at home mother.

In her spare time, Barb enjoys reading and writing. She sings with the Leavenworth Village Voices. She gets her exercise through swimming and yoga. She is a fabulous cake baker and decorator. Barb resides in Wenatchee, WA where she shares joy and learning through her tutoring.

Barb tutors elementary reading and math in the Wenatchee Valley.

Niles D

Niles has worked with Tutor Doctor for more than two years. He helps students with math and sciences. Niles graduated from Gonzaga in 2014 with degrees in Mathematics and Biology. He has worked at the Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center, Brookfield Conservation Park in South Australia, and the Institute of Bird Populations in Point Reyes, California.

Niles has experience tutoring at the Wenatchee Valley College and the Spokane Community College. In addition, he participated in Science in Action at Gonzaga, a science outreach program designed to set up science experiments in the elementary class setting.

Niles is an exceptional athlete. He is a long-distance runner (for fun) and an avid skier.

Niles tutors advanced math and sciences in the Wenatchee Valley and online.

Allison C

Allison C

Teaching is a passion and dedication that I began 25 years ago. Upon graduation from the University of Washington-Seattle, I began my own school with the desire to create a program centered around cross-cultural communication and global citizenship.

As a student of French and Spanish and Linguistics, I've developed teaching techniques that incorporate a multilingual, multi-level, and/or cross-curriculum engaging all students to learn to their best advantage using a visual, audio, linguistic, and tactile approach to English, Math and French.

I am confident that because of my passion and enthusiasm for helping students from K-12 to adult, my years of teaching experience and my qualifications [International Teaching Certification, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)], we can build a successful road to learning.

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