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  • Teacher (Nadia ) is very good

    Alex P.
  • We love our tutor. She is perfect for both our girls.

    Sarah G.
  • That they paired my daughter with the most amazing tutor (Alissa ) in the whole word ! This young lady is amazing. Brilliant and fantastic with my daughter. My daughter struggles with severe anxiety and our tutor helps her through it.

    Judika T.
  • Homework is done in our home. It's a fresh face (other than mom or dad) for homework support GÇôusually better received. Sessions got started right away, and they worked right up until the end on things that were releavent.

    Erin F.
  • The tutor, Karen! Very patient. Uses every last minute. Brainstorms on different ways to help our son learn.

    Natalie & Ryan T.
  • Very professional.

    Carol & Dave R.
  • The weekly reports are amazing, the flexibility of the tutor to accommodate our schedules, the custimized tutoring to help with problem areas in school, the extra support and readiness of the tutor.

    Mukta R.
  • like the personalized approach to teaching, the learning style assessment

    Nancy M.
  • Our tutor, Michelle Kirk is incredibly professional and very in tune with our sons needs. She is kind, yet very aware of how to teach to our sons learning style and is able to gently refocus him when needed. She offers wonderful suggestions for us to work on in between her sessions with our son and she is very receptive to working with us when we offer suggestions to incorporate into her sessions. ...

    Beth & Jay G.
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  • Matching between student and tutor and how knowledgeable the tutor is

    Kathy S.
  • The tutor we have is wonderful, knowledgeable and personable. We also like the convenience of being in our home and our schedule. The kids really like her and look forward to having her come.

    Michelle & Blair J.
  • I like the fact that the tutor comes to your home and they are very patient with my kids.

    Silvia F.
  • I love that it's in-home, and has a personal feel. It was very important to me that my daughter's tutoring session be tailor-made to strengthen her specific weaknesses - I don't believe in generic programs, because sometimes those are hit and miss. You can waste a lot of time and effort trying to help your child improve while not seeing results because the program isn't customized to your own ...

    Marci P.
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  • In home tutoring, hours vary to accommodate student. Prompt replies to inquiries, knowledgeable tutors that are also friendly.

    Heather S.
  • Tutor Doctor has professional and well qualified tutors. We have been very happy with the service and even if there are personality conflicts Tutor Doctor is very accommodating and puts the student and their needs first.

    Elizabeth J.
  • Rachel has been wonderful with my daughter. She works on the current unit and if time permits teaches the next unit, so my daughter is prepared when it is taught in class. We have seen an improvement in Meighan's marks!

    Andrea S.
  • The fact that they come to you! Friendly, flexible, being able to share hours between children, hours do not expire

    Lisa B.
  • The quick response to requests and the quick replacement when there isn't a fit between teacher and student.

    MaryEllen H.
  • One on one teaching

    Tracey B.
  • Our tutor Bianca is exceptional. Great with my son and very accomodating to his ever changing hockey schedule. We have seen a noticable improvement in his work habits and grades since Bianca started tutoring him.

    Joy S.
  • The Tutor you have matched our daughter up with is a perfect fit. You can tell that they both enjoy working and learning together. Thank you

    Angela & Mark N.
  • I love that the tutor comes to our home and that it is worked around our schedules.

    Patricia & Maurizio G.
  • Professional attitude and willing to really help our child get confidence in discipline needed._x000D_ Professional service excellent tutoring! _x000D_ Thank you!

    Janna & Serge T.
  • I like the tutor._x000D_ She works very well with my son._x000D_ They seem to be able to cover a great deal in each session ._x000D_ We can see his convince building.

    Mike & Barb T.
  • The attention the tutor has given my daughter has be outstanding.

    Karyn T.
  • Your staff, they have always been a fit. My daughter has had nothing but good experiences.

    Ligia C.
  • It gives me some peice of mind to know that my children are receiving knowledgable support in areas where I can no longer assist them.

    Rachel S.
  • Convenience of coming to our house._x000D_ Ability of tutor to make a connection with my daughter.

    Lee-Ann & Roif L.
  • Excellent Tutor- prompt, connected well with student, responsive, provides report on each session

    Dave S.
  • Convenice and great tutors

    Lauren S.
  • I really like the relaxed atmosphere of the tutor coming to our home, the one on one relationship and how they work on exactly what my daughter needs help with.

    Julie M.
  • Shawn is an amazing tutor. He is gifted as a teacher. Emily's marks have improved and she relates to him.

    Cindy R.
  • I find that the children do not feel intimidated by their peers when they are able to ask to have something explained again. They are very comfortable with their tutor.I am sure this will help build their confidence for this new critical school yr. I love the feed back reports from the tutor and am looking forward to see how they improve once back at school as well as how the teacher/tutor ...

    Sylvia S.
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  • Very friendly; professional; actual teachers as tutors; sessions catered to address needs; willingness to work with school teachers to address other areas which require attention.

    Taline & James K.
  • * The teachers were very good with my son_x000D_ * A reasonable price_x000D_ * The home tutoring sessions were very convenient

    Michelle M.
  • That you provide in-home services.

    Lorna H.
  • Nadia Bedok is very knowledgable, friendly, and professional. We've seen a definite improvement in our son's written output.

    Cindy T.
  • That you were able to match up the perfect tutor for my daughter.

    Donna P.
  • My son's tutor has been very helpful and reliable.

    Debbie & Robert C.
  • The Tutor Doctor administrative team has done a great job in matching my son Luc with Alex, his tutor. Luc looks forward to his weekly tutor sessions. _x000D_ I really enjoy and appreciate the receipt of the weekly session report from Tutor Doctor. Thank you!_x000D_ Chantal

    Chantal D.
  • The support of scheduling unexpected and last minute requests to accommodate the children.

    Lara & Fred F.
  • That you make sure to choose the best person that is best suited for my son.

    Ann & Bill P.
  • In home tutoring is ideal for a busy family and the tutor is excellent

    Laurie & Paul L.
  • Prompt, efficient, polite and understanding in-take service. The care that was taken to ensure that we had a tutor that best suited our needs was impressive. I am more than satisfied with the tutor that was picked for us. She is a gem.

    Lena B.
  • you come to the house, and very friendly and the tutors are very well informed.

    Michelle T.
  • Our math tutor was incredible. She was dedicated, punctual and always gave that little bit extra. My teenagers loved her. She motivated them and celebrated their every success. Thank you Aya!!!

    Silvia & Robert P.
  • In home services are perfect for my son. Our Tutor is on time and I get my full hour. I am seeing results. I did refer your service to a friend I don't think she was ready to move ahead but I would refer anytime._x000D_ _x000D_ Regards, _x000D_ Lori

    Lori & Kevin M.
  • You customize to the person that requires the lessons. The methods that you have used have been successful, and my child has improved greatly in a small amount of time._x000D_ _x000D_ I am very pleased to be using the tutor doctor, and would highly recommend to any needing a tutor for their child.

    Kyle & Yvonne T.
  • Everthing was handled professionally.

    Diane O.
  • Tutor is very educated and able to help out with all aspects of math or son receives

    Catherine G.
  • Times are personalized to individual student. Very professional and reliable.

    Janet S.
  • Awesome teachers,! Both Patricia & Lindsay totally relate to my daughter and have kept her interested and invested!

    Catherine & Stephen B.
  • Tutor is very knowledgeable and helpful. He worked around our schedule. He is very friendly and has greatly helped my daughter

    Wendy S.
  • We only have Imran to go on in terms of our satisfaction level with the actual service. I found the company got back to me quickly and was able to size up the right fit for the right issue. We still have 3 hours to go but I think I waited too long to reach out for tutoring help and thus my daughters mark did not reflect a higher grade.

    Maureen A.
  • I liked how there's an assessment session to get information about my child's needs._x000D_ _x000D_ Progress reports are helpful in keeping track and I like the pre pay program banking hours so there are no surprises about payments. We just have to track the hours. _x000D_ _x000D_ Our tutor is always prompt and notifies me if there's a change in scheduling.

    Linda M.
  • The fact that a tutor can come to the house is so much easier. And,there are lots of people to choose from so the tutor and child match.

    Tammi J.
  • The tutor herself and how she fits so well with our family and our daughter. The flexible schedule

    Richelle B.
  • Excellent tutor selection

    Diana B.
  • The teacher my kids have now actually dowing good thx

    Rajitha S.
  • I like how easy you make it by coming to our house. It help because we have another small child

    Michelle J. & Darren L.
  • Very convenient. Our daughter's skills are improving and she enjoys her sessions.

    Stephanie B.
  • It is very good and very helpful, thanks a lot!

    Wan H.
  • You are very convenient for my schedule

    Ewa K.
  • The tutor provided was exceptional. She gave clear and detailed math instruction re-teaching the course in a way that my daughter was able to understand. Our tutor was punctual, professional and most of all had a lovely personality that made learning math enjoyable for my daughter. Thank you Tutor Doctor.

    Lorna B. & Mark B.
  • Tudor is very flexible and knowledgeable

    Philip E.
  • I like the in home service and the attention my daughter gets on a one-to-one basis

    Irene S.
  • The process of assessment was booked quickly and the assessor made Gabriel feel comfortable with the idea of tutoring. _x000D_ A tutor was found quickly and was able to start immediately. This was very important to me as the decision to go ahead with getting an assessment in the first place took a lot of thought and contemplation, so once I had made the decision to go ahead, I didn't want delays ...

    Maranda L.
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  • The tutors are matched perfectly to each student.

    Wendy T.
  • Our tutor is amazing, coming to our home and on our time needs/

    Tina B.
  • Organized, responsive and professional. In our case the company has assigned an individual who actually can teach and is able and willing to modify materials/lesson plans to meet my son's particular learning requirements

    Alison M.
  • I like the flexibility of booking a certain number of hours and either sharing them across family members or across subjects. Both the tutors we have used so far have been well qualified and were able to relate well with my son.

    Janice W.
  • The tutor makes the difference

    Judie S.
  • Very easy to set up and convenient because its in my home

    Vicki T.
  • Convenience of having someone come to my home is so important in our busy lifestyle .It would only work well if you have a tutor that works well with your child. We have truly been blessed with a great tutor.

    Karen L.
  • The one on one and the teacher are great

    Lucy K.
  • Our daughter likes her tutor and is truly learning. We have had tutors in the past but none that have been able to actually TEACH our daughter how to solve math problems effectively.

    Diane E.
  • You have exceptional tutors who are extremely knowledgable, caring and excellent communicators.

    Tom G.
  • i really liked how professional and prompt Tutor Doctor was in responding to my request and finding highly skilled tutor to meet my son's specific needs.

    Karen P.
  • Tutor Doctor was very efficient in finding the right candidate for my son's specific subject needs, as the tutoring was required in more than just one subject. I was well informed as to the progress on potential candidates. We were very pleased with the tutor selected.

    Connie B.
  • I like the one to one help based on the needs of help._x000D_ The teacher is very good teacher.

    Yirgalem A.
  • The care you take to individaulize the programs to each student and the time you take to make a prefect match!!!

    Alexandria M.
  • I liked the approach to the tutoring and the promptness with which my needs were met. I did refer one of my friends to you.

    Suzanne M.
  • in home service and the tutors have been matched perfectly to my children's personalities!

    Goulbourne P.
  • Experienced tutors that are friendly and matched to their student.

    Antonita & Andrew A.
  • Caliber of tutor's is great.

    Kim B.
  • Great customer service. In case of issues team members are ready to help till client is satisfied.

    Pam K.
  • Personality taken in to account _x000D_ Make a person comfortable before you start _x000D_ Being able to prepare you for next assignment

    Michael T.
  • Very happy with the service we are getting g.

    Shelley S.
  • Cheerful, on time and knowledgable!

    Nicole & Peter C.
  • the one on one tutor with the student. _x000D_ the comfort of having tutor come to the home

    Lucy P.
  • As a single mom having the Tutor Doctor come to our house makes it very convenient and manageable, otherwise I wouldn't be able to fit it in with all the other activities that go on. I can also pick the day and time that works for our schedule and our last tutor has done amazing work with my son!

    Kim M.
  • Tanya was amazing for the kids. She is flexible and adapts to their age needs. She was able to increase frequency for finals and at the end the results were amazing. Andrea did great in her final exam and passed Math with success (initially she was almost failing) so a tremendous result. _x000D_ _x000D_ My son, grade 5, since the moment he started with Tanya, his attitude towards math changed and ...

    Maria G.
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  • Tutors connect with the kids

    Fotoula S.
  • I love that they come to the house

    Lorna M.
  • nice staff

    Alexis & Alicia A.
  • Very flexible and tailored to individual needs!

    Darlene N.
  • It is convenient, the tutor comes right to you house.

    Samira A.
  • Always on time, Reliable and Competent.

    Kathleen & Patrick K.
  • Very knowledgable resource assigned, flexible arrangements and easy to schedule changes and updates to planned tutoring

    Karen H.
  • The tutor is excellent, can relate with my son and is flexible, when needed.

    Arlene T.
  • Tutors are extremely professional and very reliable.

    Celia & Peter E.
  • One on one teaching and ability to taylor to kids needs.

    Antonia Young P.
  • She is more than a tutor. She is family

    Linda K.
  • The tutor has been doing a great job. My son feels very comfortable with her.

    Dave & Sheila M.
  • Very attentive

    Silvana & David H.
  • Reliable, perfessional, our tutor is very knowledgable, polite, caring.

    Christine A.
  • Tutors come to your house_x000D_ Ability to focus the tutoring on areas of greatest need

    Michelle L.
  • Tutoring at home and time flexibility works very well for my son's busy schedule.

    Mayrose G.
  • The administration is great in terms of setting up the tutor and making payments. They are always very responsive and flexible to accomodate our busy schedule.

    Cathy G.
  • Flexibility and breadth

    Cheryl B.
  • Professional and friendly. The communication that you provide from the tutor is great, the feedback keeps us in the loop. Your approach to scheduling appointments is great from beginning to end. The only concern is pricing in comparison to sourcing a tutor directly however I realize that with service comes extra fees. :)

    Brian M.
  • The service offers a guaranteed match to the students learning style and needs

    Cindy C.
  • Access to tutors when we were pressed for time.

    Colin C.
  • my tutor is what makes the tutor doctor awesome!!!morgan casement has brought my sons math grades from a C to a B!!!!!

    Cindi M.
  • This service makes it much easier to manage my family's schedule. With the tutor coming to the house we are spared driving to one more place in our already hectic days.

    Sarah R.
  • Profesional and fun.

    Johni D.
  • In house service. Punctual, very knowledgable teachers. Status report update.

    Shalini S.