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Meet Azita Assmar- Owner

AzitaFrom the age of 16, Azita embarked on a journey to Art school where she learned about drawing, painting, graphic design, computer-automated design, fashion, and interior décor. Following her passion, in 2006, after earning her Montessori credential, Azita became a teacher for kindergarten and elementary students and therefore has many years of teaching experience.

Today, Azita is the owner and education consultant of Tutor Doctor Irvine. As a parent, she understands the complexity of stress caused by children’s academic challenges. As an educator, she is dedicated to supporting families by sharing her expertise, knowledge, and experience through tutoring and academic coaching services. It is her utmost passion to help individuals achieve their goal of reaching their highest potentials. She values imagination and creativity in her students when exploring new concepts and ideas.

Azita enjoys serving her community, spending quality time with her family, fine Arts, music, hiking, yoga, writing and mindful walking in nature. She strongly believes in honesty and ethics. Azita’s guiding principle is that “Good Deeds Reflect Good Character”.

Meet Dr. Cheryl Ed.D. – Education Consultant & Tutor

Dr. Cheryl D. Lampe, Ed.D.With more than forty years of educational experience, Dr. Cheryl Lampe has taught students in grades 4-8 and has been a learning coordinator, a school improvement coordinator, a compliance coordinator, and a middle school principal. Dr. Lampe has been a professor of education at Pepperdine University and Concordia University, supervising

students in student teaching and administrative practicums and has been actively involved in the CTC and WASC accreditation process. She has also worked at the Chancellor’s Office for the California State University system, working with schools of education to impact teaching and learning.

Her educational research has focused on divorce and the impact on children in schools, the leadership qualities of superintendents that demonstrate site-based management techniques, and the digital divide in our schools.

Meet Ava Ph.D.– Education Consultant & Tutor

Ava Zandi.  Ph.D.– TutorAva has been a tutor since the age of 18, during her first year of her bachelor’s degree. At the time, she tutored subjects such as science, mathematics, and physics to high school students.

During her stay in Paris, France, she began teaching English to those who were interested to learn the language and thus began her focus on ESL. She has experience working with children and adults, helping them learn English as their second language. This experience taught her how to approach and engage my students with empathy and compassion. She has two graduate degrees in Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering. On top of her academic knowledge in Neuroscience, she received an additional graduate degree in the French language.

Meet Erica

 Erica HernandezErica has a Bachelor of Science and is a former private school teacher, currently a full-time data analyst & private tutor. Her interests include nutrition, meditation, hiking, and running. She loves being outdoors whenever she can. Lastly, her family is everything.

Valid Certifications:

  • Adult & Infant CPR/First Aid/AED
  • COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Subjects she tutors include Math (Algebra, Calculus, Data Management), English Language Arts, Spanish, Anatomy, Chemistry, AP programs, SAT, Nutrition, Social studies, Computer Science, and Special education such as ADHD and Dyslexia.


stress management, resume review, life skills, job applications, mock interviews, life coaching, & college research/education

Meet Seema

Seema WadhwaniHer name is Seema and she has a great fondness for the outdoors. Her favorite activities are trail running and growing crops in her backyard.

She also loves helping people, including students! After graduating in Biological Sciences from UCI in 2004, she has consistently tutored and been a sub instructional aide since 2015, and has extensive experience in guiding students inside and outside of the classroom in all academic subjects through 9th grade, and in math and science up to 12th grade.

As a former AP and IB student, she knows how overwhelming school can become and how easy it is to fall behind. When she was in high school, her best teachers were her tutors. She thinks tutors are such an excellent resource because they assess where you get stuck and teach you the tools to solve any problem.

To Seema, every student has potential, but no two people learn the same way. Sometimes, to get better grades, you need someone who will be a better teacher just for you. Her job at Tutor Doctor is to

  • be a resource for extra practice to get back on track
  • make the material easier to understand
  • increase the overall understanding of difficult concepts

No matter who the student is and what limitations he or she has, Seema is there to support every step of the way and create excitement for the learning experience!

Meet Robert

Robert LoustaunauRobert is a highly motivated individual who is passionate about learning and committed to finding innovative ways to educate tomorrow's leaders. With over 5 years experience teaching privately and in small groups he has developed a range of teaching strategies that make learning both fun and rigorous.

He has had a lot of success working with ESL learners and students with special needs such as ADHD and Dyslexia.

He is TESOL certified and licensed to teach the ACT and SAT.

Meet Soheil

Soheil EslamizadehSoheil is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student at University of California, Irvine (UCI) with more than 3 years of extensive teaching experience in all levels of math. His major is a branch of engineering dealing with the design and manufacture with emphasis on physics, statics, dynamics, thermal laws, pressure, electricity and advanced college calculus. Soheil's passion for teaching stems from his love of education and a burning desire to spread his mindset to his body of students. Soheil is willing to communicate with different types of people and his goal to help his students improve their learning strategies is the most direct route to promoting independence and empowerment.

Soheil's hobbies include traveling, swimming and also reading novels; however, school and studying have always been his first priority. Soheil's objective for his students is to learn concepts from a perspective that promotes critical thinking and also allows for students to ask questions without feeling restricted or overwhelmed. Soheil enjoys working with students very much, he has a positive attitude and a passion to assist and motivate struggling learners. He finds, from his own experience, that people learn things differently and at different paces; when students struggle with a subject, it’s usually because their learning style conflicts with the style or pace with which it is being taught. Tutoring one on one gives the opportunity to learn at the student’s optimal pace.

Subjects: All levels of Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Geometry, Honor Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Statics,Dynamics, Thermodynamics and fluid Mechanics

Meet Yoseph

Yoseph KimYoseph is a tutor, special needs provider, and a youth group teacher. He provides tutoring services under Tutor Doctor for a couple hours a week as a way of helping students academically. His primary job is a special needs provider for Irvine Unified School District. He helps students with autism and other developmental disabilities. He has immersed himself in both public and private settings. This allowed him to teach students in all backgrounds and settings. He is able to learn swiftly and articulate materials in a creative way. He has nothing but a passionate heart to help students learn.

Meet Richelle

Richelle - Ann CabaticRichelle is happy and eager to mentor and tutor in many subjects. Her most common subjects are Science and Math. She has a bachelor's degree in Physics, with a minor in Computer Science, but she is passionate about a lot of things such as Earth/Planetary Science, Animals, Art, and learning Russian.

She is originally from Oahu, Hawaii, and has lived in a number of places during recent years, including the Pacific Northwest and New England. As someone with a huge Filipino family, including five younger siblings, she loves to connect with people and be a role model for younger students. She hopes to connect with every client and their families in a positive and helpful way. She believes every student can love learning if they find the right motivation and stick to an effective schedule. She is a very patient and kind tutor, who is always willing to adjust to a student's needs and learning style. She also currently works in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and as an online conversational English tutor, for Russian native speakers.

Meet Lea

Meet Lea SchafferIn high school Lea had occasion to use tutors for several subjects, so she knows first-hand how important it can be to have individual support not only for academic reasons but also to handle stress and time management. She learned that a good tutor helps students understand the subject matter, but a great tutor provides them with skills and self-confidence that extend far beyond their formal education.

Currently Lea is on a yearly leave from Hokkaido University, Sapporo Japan, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Laguna Beach High School, where she took and passed exams in six AP courses: French, Physics, US History, Biology, Art History and Calculus AB. She feels confident that she can tutor students in a wide range of subjects including but not limited to French, Biology, US History, Algebra I and II, and English.

Because she spent a portion of her childhood in France, she has had the benefit of attending schools in three countries. In a way, she was both an insider and outsider at her schools and this sharpened her observation of the different styles of teaching each system uses. From this experience she believes she has developed a good grasp of different ways of teaching and learning.

Lea believes it is said that we learn best through teaching and her experience tells her this is true. Whether she was in the classroom or simply explaining to her younger brothers what she learned that day, helping others understand and become interested in a subject is the best way to achieve trust in your own abilities. Lea says: “This in turn helps you become an even better teacher”. Consequently, the tutor she would like to be would be one who listens to the student, helps them organize their work and time, and encourages them to know that they know more than they think they do. In this way, she hopes to boost their confidence and as well as giving them the skills to achieve their goal.

Meet An

An VuAn (pronounced just like "Anne") is a Southern California native, born and raised in Orange County, where she attended public schools through high school. After high school, she went to college in the purple hills of Western Massachusetts, where she experienced many "firsts" such as her first snow storm. She lived and worked in Boston for a year after graduation, then she moved to New York City where she taught for several years in NYC public schools as a special education teacher. She recently moved back to California to enjoy the weather and be closer to family. In her time teaching, she has worked with all types of students and learners. Although she has been a teacher, she will always continue to search for new ways to learn, explore, and grow as a student. In her free time, she enjoys watching nature documentaries, doing needle arts, exploring the outdoors and spending time with her family.

Meet Oluseyi

Oluseyi OjuriOluseyi(Seyi) has been tutoring K-12 math, physics and test prep, as well as mentoring, since attending college. Ever since then he has really enjoyed working with students to help them better understand challenging topics. His background includes two masters degrees from UC Irvine in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning and experience working as a civil engineer consultant in the Huntington Beach area.

Seyi loves the feeling of being able to help others, especially when it comes to frustrating topics that we've all experienced at some points throughout our academic journey. His goal when working with students is to make learning as clear and stress-free as possible by sharing his own studying strategies. His teaching methodology focuses on critical thinking and internalizing concepts rather than memorization.

Meet Kareem

Kareem WassefProject coordinator for a structural engineering firm working in an office environment Mon-fri 8-4. Kareem received his BS in biomedical engineering; pre-medical from the University of California, Irvine in 2014. While in college he used to tutor math, science and English in a one-on-one environment with much success. He grew very close to his students becoming their cheerleader in succeeding. Kareem looks forward to sharpening his math skills and spreading his knowledge of study skills/habits to growing students.

Meet Saba

Saba Haji GhassemiSaba is currently a Senior at Chapman University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with an Emphasis in marketing. She is also on track to obtain a Bloomberg Certification of Applied Statistical Analysis by the time I graduate. She has taken multiple Advanced placement classes throughout highschool such as: AP European History, AP world history, AP US History, AP Psychology, AP Economics, AP Government. Throughout her experience at Chapman, she has volunteered for the Admissions team at events geared towards guiding prospective students and their parents during the difficult transition from High School to College.

She has always been the student who asks a lot of questions. By having this opportunity at Tutor doctor she wants to make sure that students feel that they can ask questions without feeling intimidated or restricted. She believes that critical thinking, asking the right questions and getting those answers leads to a much more comprehensive understanding than if someone merely memorizes a set of facts. Her goal is to help students improve and adopt different learning strategies in a way that they will remember longer than the duration of class.

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