Our Tutors In Roswell

Learn More About our Qualified Tutors at Tutor Doctor Roswell

No two students are alike, and neither are two tutors! Our tutors are unique,
coming from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds with a wide array
of interests and hobbies. They use their individual talents – be it their
creativity, patience, or organization skills- to cater to the learning
styles of each student they work with. Why? The one thing all our tutors
do have in common is a passion for helping students feel confident and
happy, and ultimately, thrive.

Our tutors have experience at a range of grade-levels and are carefully
matched to meet students where they are. Many of our tutors have experience
and enjoy helping to tech students with learning disabilities such as
dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and Autism, among others.

Many tutors on the Tutor Doctor Roswell team are current or former teachers,
while others are professionals who specialize in a subject matter or executive
skills. We assess tutors on a number of factors during the hiring process,
but highly value individuals who have a proven track record of helping
students achieve their goals and often have achieved high levels of accreditation
themselves. We also are proud to have tutors who are a part of the community
here in Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Cummings, and Atlanta—which
often lends to a critical understanding of the local curriculum.

How do our tutors work with students?

In order to ensure the academic success of our students, our tutors introduce the

student to the following skills:

  • Time management skills
  • Organization
  • Task completion and prioritization
  • Study skills including developing study guides
  • Sustained focus and mindfulness

Our tutors are an important member of any student’s support team.
They work closely with parents and share a session report—designed
to be useful to both parents and the student’s teachers alike—after
each meeting. Tutors don’t just put students on a rote and rigid
track, they continue to be on the lookout for learning gaps and help come
up with long-term academic plans.

Our tutors are able to provide this hands-on, holistic approach to education
and tutoring in the following subjects:

Math- all grade levels including college

  • Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Cal, Calculus and AP

English- all grade levels

Reading- all grade levels

  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Word Recognition
  • Phonetics

Writing- All levels

ACT and SAT Test Preparation


  • Spanish

Sciences- all grade levels including college

  • Chemistry- High School and college level
  • Physics- High School and college level
  • Anatomy
  • Biology, Microbiology
  • Bio-chem
  • AP