SAT® Preparation

SAT® Preparation

SAT® prep provides students with the one-to-one attention they can’t get from high school classes or over-the-counter test prep guides. Our tutors guide students through the concepts and strategies that maximize score improvements.

Maximize Your Score Improvement

We analyze your student’s initial diagnostic SAT® test to identify the areas of greatest potential improvement.

Instant Feedback and Support for Students

Our online system provides students with instant access to video solutions for every SAT® problem in our workbooks. That's more than 50 hours of video solutions that students can use to review their homework between sessions!

No More Grading Homework During Sessions

All assignments are graded and analyzed before the start of each tutoring session. So we never waste time grading homework during a session. This enables tutors to answer questions more quickly and cover more new material at each session.

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Target the Areas of Potential Growth

Once a tutor identifies a concept that your student needs to work on, our system enables the tutor to create a 100% custom quiz. Every question on every quiz is chosen specifically for your student with the goal of maximizing his or her SAT® score.

Real Results on Real SAT® Tests

Other companies may inflate their results by measuring score improvements on tests they wrote. Obviously, that’s not a valid measurement. That’s why we only use real SAT® and ACT tests to evaluate our results.

Email Progress Reports

We’ve learned that communication is an essential part of holding students accountable their SAT®​​​​​​​ coursework. That’s why we offer a number of opt-in email alerts to help parents keep students on track.

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