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STAAR Test Prep

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Tutor Doctor has been helping students prepare for a variety of exams for the past 18 years, and we know what it takes to help you get the score you want. If your child is preparing to take the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test, we can provide the in-home and online tutoring solutions they need to raise their score.

What’s on the STAAR Test?

The subject matter of the STAAR test depends on a child’s grade level:

  • Reading: Grade 3-8
  • Mathematics: Grade 3-8
  • Science: Grades 5 and 8 only
  • Social Studies: Grade 8 only
  • Writing: Grades 4 and 7 only

What Students and Parents Need to Know About STAAR Testing

From 3rd grade onward, Texas students are required to take the STAAR exam in order to assess their current academic progress, as well as their readiness for college and higher education. High STAAR scores can bolster your child’s academic record and help you gauge their potential for success in college and thereafter.

However, STAAR testing also serves as a radar for potential issues your child may be having in school. It can reveal learning problems in certain subject areas and allow you and your child to pursue additional academic support where necessary. Even if your child is proficient in mathematics, science, and other core subjects, they may struggle with test anxiety. If you catch this early on, you and your child can work with an experienced tutor to help them adopt test-taking strategies that will set them up for future academic success. If your child speaks English as a second language or is currently in coursework above or below their current grade level, they may also need additional, personalized help to ensure readiness for STAAR exams.

Tutor Doctor’s in-home and online Test Prep Has Helped Hundreds of Thousands

Whether your child is facing challenges with the subject matter, trying to improve on past STAAR scores, experiencing test anxiety or frustration recalling information they’ve learned, Tutor Doctor can help. We have served our fair share of clients and our methods have proven effective for over 200,000 test-takers. Our personalized approach to test prep and tutoring makes all the difference for students and test-takers of all ages, grades, and difficulties.

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